A Baking Tip from Shea

“I think careful cooking is love, don’t you? The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who’s close to you is about as nice a valentine as you can give.” -Julia Child

Baking Tip

Our family loves to cook. We are not the best at it, but we love to do it! We’re all very spontaneous when it comes to the kitchen and usually end up creating something pretty tasty! My fiancé and I, (Amanda) have made a frittata, lasagna, muffins and omelets from scratch with the family. They don’t always turn out perfect but we love to try new recipes and sometimes just put together whatever we can find and see what happens when we put it in the oven. When I moved to California I learned that Mac N’ Cheese cannot be the only thing I know how to cook, so I started watching my fiancés youngest daughter Shea, in the kitchen. Shea is always mixing up some delicious ingredients and I am always amazed at how good it turns out, (compared to how terrible whatever I try to cook turns out.) Finally, after a few months of watching and learning from her, she decided to teach me some tricks in the kitchen! She baked homemade chocolate chunk cookies for this story and they were the most delicious cookies I have ever eaten, no joke!! Here is a secret baking tip from Shea herself!:

Baking Tip

Hi my name is Shea I am 11 years old and I am not like every kid. I have a heart that wants to spread around the whole world and give it a big hug. My heart does not just want to hug the world, but I also want to hug the kitchen! As you saw in the picture I baked cookies. I have a big heart for cooking and I always want to be able to bake; my kitchen is my home. I bake because my mom encourages it and I have some skills up my small sleeves. I am very blessed to live here in San Diego and to be involved in all the activities that I love. I am able to visit all the most popular sites and I always have food on my table. I don’t just like cooking though, I love sports including basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Being able to go outside and do all these things lets me know how lucky I am to live in this beautiful city. My favorite sport is soccer where I can play defense which is a position that I am very good at. I also love acting and singing! I have a very strong voice and I hope to one day change the world. I set very high goals and do my best to accomplish them.

Baking Tip


Baking Tip

My step mother named Amanda did not know that after you put Pam onto the cookie pan, before you put the cookie dough on, you “blot” it. What I mean is that after you put the Pam on you don’t want to taste the Pam. You don’t want it really heavily coated to the pan. You only put the Pam on because you don’t want the cookies to burn or stick, but make sure you blot the excess off, usually with a paper towel, before you put the cookies down to bake so that they don’t taste like Pam and they don’t burn! As I said, I love baking! I made lava cake and pound cake just the other day. What I love about baking is that I not only have fun but I learn a lot too! Let me know what you like to bake and if you knew about the blotting trick! I would love to know!



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Shea Henry
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Shea Henry is an 11-year old, six grade student at R. Roger Rowe Middle School in Rancho Santa Fe. She loves to play basketball, volleyball and soccer. She enjoys singing, baking, cooking and spending time with her family and friends.