What in the World is a Health Coach?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – Chinese Proverb

Health Coach San Diego


WHAT IN THE WORLD is a Health Coach?

How many coaches have you had throughout your life? Sure, you might have had a coach when you played sports in middle school, maybe even in high school and up to college? Or if you’re anything like me, you never had a coach, period.  Not until I met my Health Coach.

According to a recent survey by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), “educated and experienced fitness professionals” now constitute the most important fitness trend in the world, having jumped from third to first place since last year and still 66% of adult Americans are overweight or obese. There seems to be a huge gap between wanting to live a healthy, active lifestyle and the everyday reality of easy-to-grab junk foods, cheaper fast food restaurants, and sedentary lifestyles.

Health Coach San Diego

So, what does this all mean? What does this have to do with a Health Coach?

Think of a Health Coach as a driving instructor, a driving instructor isn’t the one steering the car, right? You steer the car with the guidance of your driving instructor to get you exactly where you need to go.

Michael Lano, MD. Director of the Ridgeview Clinics, a group of primary care facilities in suburban Minneapolis, actually refers his clients to local Health Coaches and says, “I’m a family physician, and I always tell my patients that it’s my job to help them live a long, healthy life, but 98% is their part, and that’s what the life coach helps with—everything from diet and exercise to emotional well-being. It’s the same thing that we [doctors] deal with, but they deal with it from a lifestyle perspective.”

Herbalife (a global nutrition company that has helped people pursue healthy, active lives since 1980 with products and members in more than 90 countries) is a nutrition company that we have partnered with to help people reach their health and fitness goals with one-on-one Health Coaching. We are a support system, not personal trainers or nutritionists. We help adjust and shift unhealthy behaviors, teach the basics of what to eat and when to eat it, how to use Herbalife supplementations, provide one-on-one accountability, save you some money and most importantly create a healthy active lifestyle to obtain forever with a focus on a 100% healthy mindset.

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As an incentive we provide community workouts to our clients to help enhance their results because after all, it is 80% nutrition, 20% fitness.


So, what does this mean for you?

Find a Health Coach who has on-going practice with their personal health results, who obtains professionalism, passion and confidence, who is forever a student of his or her craft. You should be inspired, with lots of “Aha!” moments, as well as motivated about your ability to make needed changes in your life.  Seriously interested in losing weight, feeling great, gaining energy? Wellness Evaluation on the house! Ask about FREE workouts!!



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Ari Campos
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Ari Campos is a wonderful model and health coach who you’ll see photos of in many of our stories. Ari and her husband live locally here in San Diego and would love to talk with you more about changing your health and life for the better!


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