The Bridges Nine and Wine Golf Tournament

If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt. ~Dean Martin

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One of my favorite things about living in The Bridges is having easy access to a world class golf course. Ever since I moved here and started golfing a year ago, I have wanted to play in a tournament. This is the only course I have ever played on, so when The Bridges sent a “Nine and Wine” tournament sign-up flyer in the mail, I knew this could be my chance. I asked my fiancé who had been golfing for a few years already if this was a good idea, and he said, “Of course! Sign us up!” So I did!
The Bridges Nine and Wine Golf Tournament is an event you do not want to miss if you are a member of The Bridges and like to golf. This tournament requires no skill, only a basic knowledge of the game and some golf clubs. The tournament consists of one nine-hole round of golf with three pairs (6 people total) golfing together on each hole. It is named the “Nine and Wine” because on a few of the tees there are appetizers along with a selection of different wines to choose from. It is a great way to meet new friends and try some tasty beverages. The tournament structure has a different format for each of the nine holes. Every hole is different, and very entertaining!

The Bridges
On one hole we had the opportunity to pick up and throw our ball once. My drive was pretty decent and my next shot was a good one. By the time I was on the green I had only hit 6 shots, but I still had my free throw, so I decided to use it then. I figured my toss would be better than my putting ability, but I was strongly mistaken. I tossed it a lot farther than I wanted to and it went right past the hole about as far as I had already been standing away. Oh well, at least I tried. On another hole (that started with a variety of white wines paired with tuna on cucumbers) we each hit a ball, and then went to the closest ball (picking our own balls up on the way) and hit again from there! It felt really great getting to play in that format because I was usually hitting on easy, flat areas!

The Bridges
The toughest hole was number nine, where we had to pick which club we would use at the beginning and stick with it the entire hole. Then we had to rotate through all the players, each hitting once. Our first player’s drive was great but the next three shots were not the best and landed our ball in the sand trap. I had to try to hit the ball out of the sand, but it did not work. I hit the ball, but it landed farther down, still in the sand. Another player then had to try to hit it out of the sand, with their driver since we were back to the beginning of our rotation! Hole number nine stumped our team, and took us out of the running for the win, but it was on that hole that our group actually talked the most and bonded. It was nice having the opportunity to have more of a conversation with someone outside of just asking their name. Plus, women who golf are just, down to Earth and refreshing!

The Bridges
Overall my putting in this tournament wasn’t too bad, I hit it out of the sand 4/6 times the entire day (which is still really good for me) and my drives weren’t terrible. The appetizers were delicious throughout the course and I had so much fun playing with the two other couples. My favorite appetizer was pita bread and hummus. The pita bread was done perfectly, and they paired it well, of course, with a complimentary wine. I will never forget my first golf tournament, and I will definitely be sure to keep an eye out for another tournament like this! I found out that here at The Bridges, they have the Nine and Wine tournament often, so I’ll be sure to let you know how I do in the next one!

Have you played in a golf tournament? Was it scary? Were you nervous? Let me know!

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