Bing Crosby Fall Season at the Del Mar Racetrack

Bing Crosby Del Mar

The Bing Crosby race season runs from October 29th until November 29th. Even though there are only another two weeks of race days, those two weeks are packed full of special occasions. My fiancee Patrick reserved lunch at the Turf Club this past weekend, so we spent the day there and had the most fun time! I had never been to the Turf Club before. I remembered Opening Day in July and how fun that was, and was excited to see the horses again, and of course, dress up and wear a fun hat! This past  weekend I made sure to spend a little extra time getting ready, and I invited a friend to come too! She had never been to the Del Mar Racetrack before and I wanted her to get the full experience.

We valet parked as we arrived and headed into the Turf Club. It was “FREE Fleece Pullover Giveaway” day, so we were handed a yellow ticket as we passed the gate. I love little extra things like that, so I couldn’t even get to the Turf Club elevators before wanting to go claim my free gift. I headed over to the giveaway tables with my friend and we got our fleece pullovers! It felt like it was about 90 degrees as the man handed them to us, so I laughed and made a joke about how they waited until mid November to give them out, and then it was too hot to wear them. We were just happy to have them, and we headed to the Turf Club to meet Patrick. (I got him a pullover too!)

Bing Crosby Del Mar

We took the elevator up to the fourth floor where the main restaurant is. There are two more floors above this restaurant where they host private events. We sat down at the edge of the upper rail overlooking the racetrack, and we could see everything!

The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club is unique because when you’re sitting in the stands (or at a Turf Club dining table) you can see the ocean! It is one of the best views in all of San Diego. If you are a Diamond Club Member and have the Del Mar Mobile App, you can bet on any race you’d like right from your phone! It saves a lot of time not having to go back and fourth to bet between races. We bet on almost every race, and although we didn’t win money, we won enough to cover our losses. We had a ton of fun, which is even more important. We walked to the patio on the fourth floor that overlooks the Paddock before the second to last race, which was the highlight race of the day. It was the Bob Hope Stakes race, where the winner took home $50,000! We made sure to bet on that race but didn’t pick the right horses that time.

Bing Crosby Del Mar

If you haven’t been to the racetrack yet this fall Bing Crosby Season, make sure to check out some of the events coming up! November 21st the Del Mar Racetrack is hosting a College Tailgate Party. After the races that day there is a Reggae concert featuring “Iration”. On Sundays, come for “Free & Easy Sundays” where they have FREE stretch run admission, program and seat along with half priced domestic draft beer and hot dogs!
They also have Bing, Bubbles and Brunch on Sundays with chef Brian Malarkey. The menu is transformed to one prepared by one of San Diego’s best chefs.

Thanksgiving morning is special at the racetrack. Starting at 8am, the Del Mar Family Mile Fun Run takes place where families can run around the track to raise money for charity. Then for $100, spend the day at the track with a three course Thanksgiving menu and bottomless mimosas. I almost canceled the plans we already have to go to this, but if you don’t have plans yet, you should definitely go to the track for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.

Bing Crosby Del Mar

By the end of the day, I was pretty chilly and pulled my pullover on to keep warm. I laughed at the fact that I never thought I would wear that fleece earlier in the day, and then I ended up wearing it! Life is funny like that. I am enjoying every minute of it and going to the Del Mar Racetrack was a highlight of my year! Have you been to either summer or fall seasons? How was it? Did you go to the Turf Club or just walk back and forth from the paddock and the stretch run? Let us know!

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