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Looking to travel but don’t know where to start? Check out this incredible travel site that can assist with basically every aspect of your travel, and find out more about the woman behind the marketing of it all, Alyne Tamir! Alyne is 26 years old and has visited or lived in over 50 countries since she turned 18. She enjoys getting to know the people and cultures of the places she visits. Half Israeli and Half American, she is fluent in Spanish and Hebrew and has studied French and Arabic.  After studying History in college, she started working in International Marketing and Media producing viral videos for companies like Turkish Airlines, Sony Studios, and Pizza Hut. She now works in Digital Media for great companies like  Travel Experts Vista, a boutique travel consultancy based in San Diego, CA. She enjoys talking business and having picnics in old cemeteries. Let’s get to know her on a bit of a deeper level, and find out all about her travel business.

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San Diego Lifestyle: Alyne, it was so nice to get to talk to you on a more personal level. What made you interested in travel?

Alyne Tamir: Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of the pyramids of Egypt and decoding ancient Mayan Hieroglyphs. I just wanted to see and understand all the ancient cultures and what they were doing and why! I remember going to the Mayan Pyramids in Mexico when I was 10, and I was just fascinated by the Mayan Calendar, the museum, the pyramids. I still remember it all to this day! I guess Ancient History was my “gateway drug” to the travel world! I was hooked ever since!

San Diego Travel Expert

SDL: Where are some of your favorite places you have traveled to and why?

Alyne: I really love Slovenia! I am always surprised at how BEAUTIFUL it is. Really, gorgeous lakes, forests, and mountains, and the water is so blue in the rivers there! You can just relax or there is hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking. It’s also centrally located, right by Italy and other gorgeous, more traditional European destinations. Though they have the Euro, it’s also an affordable alternative than many locations in Western Europe. Of course it’s also close to Croatia which is just breathtaking, with some of the most stunning beaches, waterfalls, and islands ever.

The thing is, once you go to one country, you keep discovering more and more gems, and you never want to leave! You just want to go from country to country seeing more and more! 😀 The owner of Travel Experts, Dotschi Schloh, knows all about this feeling. Dotschi has specialized in international travel since 1981, and she is a native German (Deutsch) speaker. I love how Travel Experts embraces this love of many different countries, and I am so happy to be a part of a website that makes it easier for travelers to see the world in the most fun ways possible.

San Diego Travel Expert

SDL: What does it take to plan a trip?

Alyne: It takes a lot of time and effort to plan a trip! With Travel Experts, a travel consulting group in San Diego (Vista area) we provide an ultimate resource for planning more COMPLICATED trips with multiple destinations, international, cruises/ tours/ going to a resort etc.  We already know most everything and it saves so much time, versus googling one thousand things yourself. If I’m planning a solo trip, staying with friends or something, I normally use Skyscanner for flights (always use the fare calendar for the best rates). I also use for flights within Europe. There are a lot of bloggers that are great resources as well, such as TravelFreak, TravelTall, Alyssa Ramos, and many more!

SDL: What is your most helpful packing tip for travelers?

Alyne: Pack LIGHT. So light. A.k.a. only use carry ons. This way the airline will never lose your bag, and you don’t have to waste your precious vacation time waiting for it to arrive at the baggage claim. Even if you think you will wear a different outfit everyday, you won’t. Just pack what you need, and let the rest just happen. No lost luggage always makes for happier travelers!

San Diego Travel Expert

SDL: Do you prefer traveling in luxury or “roughing it”?

Alyne: Ugh, I used to be so earthy and loved roughing it. Now I LOVE finding unique hotels with private outdoor shower areas, infinity pools, etc. Luxury is nice!! I would definitely say gorgeous views, nature, and connecting with people are my priorities! There were some amazing and memorable boutique hotels in Helsinki, Finland that I really enjoyed staying at!

SDL: How cool! But traveling is expensive right?! How have you learned to budget for trips?

Alyne: I personally budget for trips by living a frugal lifestyle overall. It’s probably a bit extreme for some people, but then again, I get to travel every summer so it works for me. As for budgeting during a trip, I honestly don’t! I’m so good at being “budget minded” constantly that I don’t need to budget, because I don’t ever really buy frivolous things. I worked full time while I was in college and never went to movies, out to eat, etc. I biked everywhere (no car) and took on extra shifts. Then, I got to travel for 3 months out of every year. My advice, once you’re out of college, is to live the most simple lifestyle possible. If you make 2k a month, make sure at least 25% is going into savings if possible. Try to live off half your income, downsize, wear the same clothes, etc. A trick that helped me save money was multiplying everything by a month, then a year. If you spend $10 a day on random instant gratification things you won’t even remember (coffee, snacks, whatever), that’s $300 a month or $3,600 A YEAR!!! Isn’t that crazy how it adds up?! Think about it!

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SDL: Do you prefer immersion traveling or resort traveling?

Alyne: I prefer immersion traveling. As I write this, I’m sitting with my new Macedonian friends in Skopje, Macedonia. Sure, I sometimes get less sleep because I have to be flexible to schedule with people, but I also make friends all around the world and get to hang out instead of just going from site to site. You can definitely do immersion traveling in luxury though, you’ve just got to hang out with other luxury travelers or locals. 🙂 When I need space though, resort travel is the way I go for sure! I LOVE a nice unique hotel. I used to scoff at them but now…I think they’re super nice! 😀

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SDL: Does speaking multiple languages help with traveling?

Alyne: I speak Hebrew and Spanish fluently. I also studied Arabic and French in University, and picked up a bit of Italian with friends in Italy, and a bit of Portuguese from living in Brazil. It DEFINITELY HELPS. When I was in Albania, almost no one spoke English, but because of it’s proximity to Italy and Italy’s occupation there, many people spoke Italian! So I was able to make friends and get directions because of my broken Italian. Every little bit of a language you learn can help! Even 5 words. “Avash Avash” as they say in Turkey (slowly slowly!).

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SDL: Which worldly culture have you enjoyed most?

Alyne: I love Albanian culture. It’s such a strange place and it’s such a strange time for Albania. It’s changing from its communist past, and trying to come to terms with the future. Everyone is so nice, and so eager to be hospitable and talk to you. They’re very curious people, kind, and helpful generally. The coast is gorgeous and undeveloped, but the cities are kind of ugly at first glance (sorry guys it’s true). The beauty comes out as you get to know the people and life and the gorgeous nature! Same with Macedonia, unique beautiful place if you know where to look.

Of course, I also love French culture. Such healthy lifestyles, so well rounded, educated, beautiful. Excellent architecture, food, beautiful language. Just wonderful overall. They take such pride in everything they do, and it shows.

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SDL: How exciting! Any special tips on traveling for our readers?

Alyne: 1.)  Be flexible with your plans for more affordable trips! Travel off-season, or on the cusp of the season, to get better prices.
2.) Contact a travel consulting group so you don’t have to worry about all the small details. Having a consultant will save you time and stress. It’s super nice.
3.) You need to make sure you know the visa rules for the country you’re going to, as well as any rules for travel within certain countries. (Travel Experts can help with this!)
4.) Make sure your layovers and connections are not too short!! Sometimes search engines will sell you flights with very short connections, and if there is ANY delay in your flight (and trust me, there probably will be) then you’ll miss your connecting flight and then you’re in trouble.
5.) Remember to smile! You’re on a trip, doing something many people only dream of!

San Diego Travel Expert

SDL: Thanks so much for talking with us today Alyne, I can’t wait to learn so much more about travel destinations that you recommend for San Diegans. Where can we learn more about what you’re doing?

Alyne Tamir: Thanks for asking questions! I, and everyone at Travel Experts are just so in love with travel, we’re always excited to help anyone with their next trip! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re looking to book a trip soon, contact Travel Experts, and we’ll get you on your way! (Travel Experts also has an Instagram!)

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