Why I Love Vitality Tap

Smoothies, Juices and More at Vitality Tap in Carmel Valley

“If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool.”  -Hippocrates

We all try to live a healthy lifestyle, but as we all know, it is not an easy lifestyle to live. I always try to look for new places that are delicious, healthy, and nutrient-filled to help fulfill the healthy lifestyle I try and live. A new shopping center recently opened up in Carmel Valley, called The Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch. The location is very accessible to where I live, so I tend to go there a lot with friends. A friend recently showed me a place that opened up in the area called Vitality Tap, from the look on the outside, it is not obvious that it is a juice bar, but the place was amazing. Here’s why I Love Vitality Tap in Carmel Valley:

As soon as you walk in there is a great atmosphere, the whole place is clean and fresh. The space is not overcrowded in any way, but it is not empty either, it is welcoming and the employees are kind and patient. Everything is out in the open, they make there juices, smoothies, toasts, and bowls right in front of you, which is very cool. You can see that all the ingredients and produce they use are fresh, organic, and healthy.

Vitality TapThe menu offers a wide variety of smoothies, juices, bowls, superfood shots, toasts, kombucha, and even cold brew coffee. If you don’t know what cold brew is, it is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of being brewed in hot water, the coffee is brewed cold, so it is a cold coffee without all the ice, instead of watered down iced coffee. Vitality also sells juice cleanses, superfoods, and coconut water in the actual coconut (awesome right?!). I’ve had the chance to try most things on the menu and they all are delicious and impressive. One thing I love about the menu is that it is very detailed about what the certain thing you are getting does for you, for example if it is Vitality Tap
an immunity booster, stress relief, energy boost, weight loss, etc. they do a great job explaining what that means.

Vitality TapThe food not only looks amazing, it tastes even better. San D
iego is all hype about acai bowls, pitaya bowls, avocado toast, and all that, but where can we find consistent and reliable food that tastes amazing, without all the sugar and with all the health?? Well now you know, Vitality Tap. Their acai bowls are amazing, you can choose between different toppings, choose between pitaya or acai, and if you can’t pick one or the other, they offer “The Half & Half”- Half pitaya, Half acai. They also make the most delicious avocado toast, with amazing toppings. And something new on the menu and original, almond butter toast- So. Good.Vitality Tap

The atmosphere, the menu, the variety, and the healthy deliciousness is why I Love Vitality Tap in Carmel Valley. This place is truly good and you can really tell that you are getting a healthy and nutrient-filled food or drink. I highly recommend giving this place a visit. Have you gone to Vitality Tap? Let me know what you thought!


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Ella Henry
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Ella Henry is a junior at Torrey Pines High School. She is an honor student and part of student government. She is an avid volleyball player, and enjoys going to the beach and events with her friends. She is driving social media programs and doing freelance blogging in her spare time for The San Diego Lifestyle.