Family Friendly Fun Found in Las Vegas

With Rides, Games, Shows, and Disney Characters to Meet, Las Vegas Everything a Family Could Need

“Man, I really like Vegas.” -Elvis Presley

las vegas family vacation

Smokey casinos, all-nighters & bus loads of strippers! That’s typically what someone thinks of when the word VEGAS pops up, not necessarily your ideal family vacation destination. But is there a G-rated side of Las Vegas that is great for those who aren’t looking for the “lets-pop-a-roofie-and-party-till-the-sun-comes-up-and-possibly-get-hitched-at-a-drive-thru” experience?? I’m happy to report back that the answer is — YES!!

las vegas family vacation

I recently had my second baby & was faced with the dilemma of my company’s major annual convention being held in Las Vegas just 6 short weeks after my little boo boo was born. My husband and I had already paid for the trip and planned to bring the new baby (I was breastfeeding) and leave our 4 year old home with my mom to care for. But as the trip loomed closer we felt less and less like taking the road of “divide and conquer” and more so like making a family trip out of it and bringing my oldest daughter and my mom along as well. So we did and it turned out great!

las vegas family vacation

Short Drive From San Diego

Since Vegas is just a short 5 hour drive from San Diego, it’s common for San Diegans to head to the desert for a fun weekend to let loose & be wild. With a very different agenda and a couple of teeny tiny minors in tow, we loaded up our car and off we went. The drive was smooth and it’s so cool to watch the landscape change from lush greenery to dry desert as you head further and further away from the ocean. There are plenty of places to stop for cold drinks & snacks along the way & we arrived in the early evening feeling ready to relax in our hotel room.

las vegas family vacation

Hotel Family Fun

We had stayed at the Mirage once before which was a great hotel but this time we booked at the Venetian and WOW it was truly a step above. Even the basic rooms are suites. I was worried about the heat for the baby but the hotel was kept very cool through-out the day and night with AC on blast. The glitz and glam of Vegas decor is actually super fun for kids, even palace-like for them.

las vegas family vacation

My 4 year old had so much fun walking around in the hotel making wishes in the fountains and “ohh and awe-ing” at the painted ceilings and gold plated details.
Although the reputation of Vegas is party-party-party, there’s plenty for a young family to enjoy!

las vegas family vacation

Other Fun Family Activities in Vegas

We went swimming in the pool during the day & dined at nice restaurants in the evening. My husband and 4 year old caught the Michael Jackson ONE Cirque du Soleil show on our last night which was a total hit. My daughter is in dance classes and was hypnotized by the incredible talent of the dancers and acrobats of the show. She can’t wait to go back to Vegas next time because we promised she could go to another show!
It’s nice to go on walks once the sun is down because it cools off a bit in the summer months and the kids love to see the different movie characters walking around the Las Vegas strip, and get their picture taken with them. We saw Dora, Elmo, Princess Jasmine and some Brazilian Samba girls.

Another hit is to walk by the Bellagio water fountains and catch the amazing display of water works which are keenly choreographed to music playing loud enough for all to hear. The shows run every 15 minutes from 8pm-Midnight, and every 30 mins otherwise.

las vegas family vacation

Another great place to spend some time is by the new hotel The LINQ which happens to have the world’s largest ferris wheel called the “HIGH ROLLER.” Each ride is about 30 mins and each pod can fit up to 40 people inside. It offers an amazingly gorgeous 360 view of the Vegas strip like you’ve never seen it before. No need to worry about the heat in there either as each pod is air conditioned. You can grab some dinner and do some shopping at The LINQ Promenade before hand (or after) and spend a full evening enjoying this area.

las vegas family vacation

So as you can see, there is SO much a family can do to enjoy the “softer” side of Vegas. It’s a short and easy drive from San Diego, making it a great weekend getaway for San Diego families. 🙂 To conclude in this case, what happens in Vegas, CAN indeed be posted to Facebook! Have you been to Vegas with your family? What fun things did you do and see? I would love to add to my list for next time I head back to visit.

xoxo, Chels


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