Secret Button at the West Highlands Pacific Children’s Pool

Recreation Center For Residents Offers Clubhouse, Multi-Purpose Room and Pool/Spa

Pacific Highlands Ranch Pool

Pacific Highlands Ranch is an area of Carmel Valley that is growing and flourishing. (Read all about PHR here!) Owning a home in this part of Carmel Valley is a dream come true for many homeowners here, and comes with some really great advantages like a village just 2 minutes away with grocery stores like Trader Joes and restaurants like Dolce at the Highlands, Crudo, and Westroot. Pacific Highlands Ranch also has very walkable streets, top-rated schools close by and a wonderful community pool at West Highlands Pacific, the recreational center nearby.

Pacific Highlands Ranch Pool

West Highlands Pacific is a private rec center for the owners of (and those renting) homes in Pacific Highlands Ranch. Paid for by dues to the West Highlands Pacific Homeowners Association, this rec center provides a pool and spa, clubhouse, and multi-purpose room which can be used for community events or rented out for pool parties, birthday parties, or other neighborhood events. The gym has treadmills, other cardio equipment, free weights and machines. The pool is large and has two laps for lap swim, but the most exciting area in my opinion is the smaller water park for younger children. Families love bringing their young kids to this water park to splash and squirt their friends with the water guns available, but many residents are confused…

How do you turn the water on?!

Pacific Highlands Ranch Pool

Many times my son and I get to the pool and look over to find the kid’s area completely dried up like a desert landscape. We always thought it was a bummer when the “water wasn’t on” UNTIL the other day when we discovered a secret that we want to share with you! Watch this clip:

This crazy button (that doesn’t look anything like a button) is actually the switch/sensor to turn on the entire water park! We couldn’t believe it! I must give credit to my son; if it weren’t for his creative thinking, we would’ve never found this button. We wanted you as neighbors to know about it so that you aren’t confused if you’re trying to enjoy the community pool. Hope this has helped!

Pacific Highlands Ranch Pool

Have you been to the community center? Which area do you like best? Have you hosted an event here? We’d love to hear your experience!

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