I wanted to reach out to personally invite you to an event that Amira Alvarez is hosting next week, The Unstoppable Woman Summit. It’s coming right up on December 5th – 7th in San Diego and Amira has shared with me that the content is going to be unlike anything she’s ever created before.


When you attend the Summit, you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize and break through your most engrained blocks that stop you from living an abundant life and having financial freedom.
  • How to finally get out of your way so you can get traction and scale—without the burnout and overwhelm.
  • The key to unlimiting yourself—no more playing small, being invisible, or holding yourself back from the life you know you were meant to live.
  • How to tap into your innate confidence and commitment so you can actualize your full potential, achieve your dreams, and live a life without regret.
  • The essential element required to go from good to great in your life.Hint: it has to do with living your purpose, being of the highest service in the world, AND making all the money you desire!
  • Plus, I’ll take you through The Complete Manifestation Process step-by-step so you’ll walk away with the ability to create exactly what you want in all areas of your life with more ease than you could ever imagine. (This isn’t just theoretical—we’re getting “down and dirty” and workshopping every step so you’ll know exactly how to work the entire process.)
  • Understand exactly what it takes to become truly unstoppable… and turn your life into work of art!

Amira Alvarez San Diego

You’ve got ONE LIFE here.

I want you to get really honest, who owns this one life of yours?

Do YOU own it? Or does everything else own you?

Are you owned by money, and your fears about not having enough? 
Are you owned by what you believe others are going to think about you? 
Are you owned by your fear of failure?
Are you owned by always wondering if you’re doing the right thing?
Are you owned by your fear of making mistakes and not being good enough?
Are you owned by time, and thinking you don’t have enough of it?
Are you owned by your own beliefs that you can’t be, do, or have what you want? 

This isn’t freedom. This is the prison of your mind.  

To become unstoppable, you have to look at what’s owning you.

And must break free of the prison of your mind.

You can live a whole life compromising, diminishing your wants, doing what you think is right, being responsible and good, and living within the prison of your mind. And guess what? 

The outcome will be a life lived small and full of regrets.

Never being who you truly are or getting the results you truly want… and certainly not making good on your God-given purpose for being on this here earth.

And if you’re honest, is that okay?

You can’t be unstoppable unless you own yourself and your life.
You can’t be unstoppable if you don’t know how to create your own freedom.


Amira Alvarez San Diego

About Amira:

Hi, I’m Amira Alvarez founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Woman.

I help the ambitious, Spirit-driven, Unstoppable Woman create financial freedom and live an uncompromised, unstoppable, delightful life.

If you’re interested in permanent shifts so that you’re no longer stuck in patterns that keep you earning less than you desire, being overwhelmed, not getting what you want, and not living up to your potential, and feeling “lesser than” even though you know you’re incredible, you were meant for this work. Listen up, I’m talking to you!