By now you have probably heard quite a bit about meal prep, or food delivery. Maybe you’ve heard great things about it, such as the convenience of not having to cook dinner, or the delicious tastes of the meals made by a true chef. Maybe you have heard not so great things about it, like that it is too expensive or not as fresh. I am here to debunk what I have learned about meal prep, and recommend to you my new favorite delivery company, CateredFit. I started using them about a month ago for my husband and I because the morning is so stressful for us with the kids and making sure everything goes smoothly. I rarely ever have time to make breakfast, or plan lunch or dinner. CateredFit makes this process so easy! If you have any additional questions, please reach out!! I would love to know more about your specific needs! Here are some common questions people ask me:

Do I have to eat the same thing every single day for a week?

That’s probably one of my very favorite things about CateredFit, the variety in their menu!! They come up with great recipes that are good for your body and taste delicious, but every single day is different! (Although, if you fall in love with something you an certainly request to have your meals changed to all the same for that week!) I have tried several different food delivery companies and this one is the one I keep coming back to for the taste. It’s so crucial to good consistent meals.

Do I have to wait at home all day for the food to be delivered?

With CateredFit I have found my biggest happiness with food delivery. It is DAILY!! They will drop it right off at your door step! It’s incredibly fresh and it comes with an ice pack to keep it cool until you’re ready to heat it up! It really couldn’t be more simple and delicious!!! The weeks that my family is scheduled to have meal prep delivered things go more smoothly and I am a happier mother.

Do I have to spend time every week explaining to someone about how my family likes to eat?

The CateredFit plans are customizable and you can have your account set to auto-renew, so once you start getting foods you like, you know that you’ll, for the most part, be getting food that you love each and every week instead of random food that you don’t even know if you like.

Isn’t throwing away new cartons every day bad for the environment?

Yes, usually meal prep companies are not doing all that much good for Mother Earth by packaging their products in plastics. CateredFit has packaging that is 100% recyclable so you know that you are doing good for the world. You can keep the ice packs in your own freezer and sometimes I even take them with me to work with the lunch or dinner if I will be working late!

How do I learn more and get started?

CateredFit is only in California and Florida right now, but if you’re in those states, head over to their website to start the process! It’s easy and you will be so happy you made the choice to switch to meal prep!! It really is a life saver! I am so happy you’re curious and can’t wait to hear what you think!