I don’t have a regular skincare routine. To be honest, I barely remember to take off my makeup before bed. It’s not that I don’t care about my skin, but there are a few reasons why I don’t use 100 different products. One, because I really have no idea what works and what doesn’t. Everything takes time to try and, who has time for that?! Secondly, because I’m always skeptical of anyone throwing money at a big brand for their makeup or beauty. I’d rather have a product that actually works than something that Kim Kardashian wore (no offense Kim..) And lastly, because I really no not trust what ingredients are in most skincare products these days. Long story short, I just avoid looking into anything, but when I heard about Virginic.com products, I immediately was interested.

Every product they have meets the highest standards of purity. “Purity Perfected” is not just their tagline, it is their philosophy.
Too many products and companies claim to be organic, eco friendly or healthy. However, these claims often do not hold up under scrutiny. All of Viginic’s products have 16 certifications, ranging from vegan, nutrient rich and 100% recyclable, to pure ingredients, no paragons and no harsh chemicals.

Virginic Charcoal Toothpaste

This company really stands out among many others.
The owners of Virginic view their role as producers of pure products and as stewards of Earth’s resources. It was a match made in heaven for me! I started looking at what products they have, and could not decide between about 8 different things! Here is a clip of my top two products, and a list of others I love!!:

Charcoal Toothpaste
I have been hearing about charcoal toothpaste on Instagram for a few months now, and I have been very intrigued. As soon as I started brushing my teeth with it, I could tell it was working. It does recommend doing it only every few months, as to not wear your teeth down too much. Overall, what an amazing product!!

Japanese Peppermint Oil
This oil is very strong, and once you open it in your room or bathroom/kitchen/anywhere you need a fresh scent, it only takes a minute to fill the room! I love peppermint so much, and I bet this oil will be perfect for the living room around the holidays also!

Body Butter – Creamy Citrus
This body butter looks soft and velvety. I love lotion and creams that smell like things I could eat, so this one is just for me!!

Night Repair Face Serum
This mixture of essential oils and vitamins is perfect for a nightly ritual. I cannot wait to receive this one in the mail and try it out! They also have a night cream that I picked up for after I cleanse with the serum. I love creams and serums; I just couldn’t decide.

Sweet Almond Cleanser – 2 Phase Makeup Remover
I love the thought of a natural makeup remover! Every removing cloth has always felt like it is just wiping the makeup around on my face, not to mention I can’t recycle it. Virginic’s cleanser is eco-friendly and actually removes the makeup, without using harsh chemicals!

So, next time you’re looking to buy a product that will add more waste to the Earth, and honestly, not be that healthy for your skin, turn to Virginic and give their website a look! You will find some incredible things on there!

Virginic Vegan Beauty Product

About the Virginic Certification
The Virginic™ Certification brings a universal standard consumers trust. This new standard will inspire other companies to be Certified Virginic.
Virginic’s 16 certifications allow the consumer to understand at a glance just how seriously we take this mission to produce the purest products for you, ourselves and the Earth. Their badges include being eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, animal cruelty free, and vegan. This makes it easy to know that what you’re buying is safe for your skin, and the environment.