Sometimes the best adventures come from life’s unplanned moments. Our friend Chloe May is a travel journalist and content creator from Los Angeles, Calif. She drove down to visit Carlsbad (read our other Carlsbad stories here) and wanted to tell you her story and experience:

Ever since I was a little kid, the art of visual storytelling has always been my fascination. I would constantly seek out ways to express myself creatively because it was the only thing that allowed me to be myself. When I was twelve I started my own YouTube channel, which became my ultimate outlet of expression. I loved being on camera, entertaining, and making videos from start to finish. It gave me confidence, a voice, and an adrenaline rush like nothing else! 

Up until now, I have been creating content on YouTube for the past nine years, focusing on the topics of lifestyle, travel and music. I have accumulated over 30,000 followers across my social platforms who are all extremely supportive and share my passion for storytelling! A few months ago, I decided to take my channel to the next level. I have always wanted to write, produce and host my own digital series but I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be about. All I knew was that I wanted to combine all of my interests and skills to create a series that would tell stories in a unique and authentic way. Thus, Locationship was born!

Locationship is my spontaneous journey to cities around the world with absolutely no itinerary! I go to one city for one day and let the locals make all of the decisions for me. It’s a hybrid of storytelling, culture, food and lifestyle that reveals a city’s gems through the lens of its locals.

The City of Carlsbad has a very special place in my heart, as I’ve been vacationing here with my family ever since I was a baby. I remember walking through the Village when I was a kid and building sand castles on the beach with my sister and father! I knew that I had to film an episode here to experience the city in a whole new light, and that’s exactly what I did. 

I had the most amazing time getting to know the locals and their stories, while getting their personal recommendations of the go-to spots in the city! From drinking a delicious smoothie for breakfast, strolling through a flower nursery, exploring a pumpkin patch, to enjoying a stellar sushi roll for dinner, I was blown away by what Carlsbad had to offer. I really felt like I was a part of the community, and I have the locals to thank for making me feel so welcome! 

So next time you are traveling to a new place, throw out the itinerary and live in the moment. You will be surprised at how much more authentic and meaningful your experience will be when you connect with others! The less routine, the more life.