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As the famous Bing Crosby song eludes, when people around the country and around the globe think about Del Mar, California, they think about the Del Mar Thoroughbred Horse Racing Track . Until the introduction of the “Bing Crosby Season” in the Fall last year, the horse race season only lasted a short 40 days a year.  That leaves 325 days of other stuff.  I think that is why many athletes and retired athletes, and wealthy individuals live in Del Mar, California and love it.  Except for those 40 days, and the preceding month of the San Diego County Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar is a pretty sleepy town.  There are well-off people that choose to live in various beach areas in Southern California, like Malibu, Santa Monica, and Manhattan Beach, which are all in LA county.   Their residences that are in the entertainment industry, which is hardly low key, heavily influence all of those neighborhoods.  Newport Beach, in Orange County, is also really nice, but in my experience is it a bit more of a yacht community, and a bit more superficial than Del Mar, California.

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Del Mar

Best of Del Mar, California 

As a part of the “ranch and coast” community, since we live in Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar is one of our main hang-out spots.  One of the coolest things about Del Mar is that it is really a walking village community, with lots of shops, restaurants, parks, and the beach.  I love that!  I have only been to one other place that rivals it, and that is… Read More>>

Flower Hill Promenade Del Mar

Top 5 Reasons I Love Flower Hill Promenade 

The Flower Hill Promenade in Del Mar, California offers a wonderful duo of shopping and great eateries. It is a small shopping center right off the I-5 freeway and has entertainment as well as a variety of boutiques. There are always fun activities to partake in like ping pong and there’s also a small playground for kids to enjoy. Here is a… Read More>>

San Diego County Fair

San Diego County Fair Delivers Fun & Entertainment

My fiancée and I try to get to the Fair at least once or twice a season.  One day with the kids, which is the type of ‘fun’ that I can tolerate for about three hours, and then we try to catch at least one concert at the Toyota Concert Series as well… Read More>> 

Del Mar Fair

Top 9 Things To Do at the San Diego County Fair 

The San Diego County Fair has officially begun and this year the theme is “Where the West is Fun.” There are Wild West decorations everywhere, and fun to be had almost every single day for the next month. Make sure to park at the Del Mar Horse Park and ride the double decker bus over to the entrance. Our family does it every year and parking in this area is so much easier! Here are the top 9 things you should do at the San Diego County Fair this year… Read More>>

Sbicca Del Mar

Sbicca: A Staple of Del Mar Dining

Sbicca is one of our family’s most favorite restaurants in Del Mar. It’s a wonderful place to go for a drink with friends or for dinner with someone special. Sbicca is known for their farm-fresh California cuisine, and it is very well known around the neighborhood of Rancho Santa Fe and Del Mar. I had the opportunity to sit down with managing partner Amanda Smith to talk more about the restaurant, a few signature dishes, and what makes this location extremely special. Here’s what she had to say… Read More>> 

Tasting Room Del Mar

Tasting Room Del Mar

Tasting Room Del Mar is a restaurant (closed now) located in the heart of Del Mar, on the corner of 15th Street and Camino Del Mar, just caddy corner to L’Auberge and across the street from Del Mar Plaza.  It is truly the “hot corner” of Del Mar.  But this restaurant concept is more than just location.  The bar and restaurant are the culmination of a vision held and honed by owner David Taylor over the last two decades, which initially started when… Read More>>

del mar dog beach

Del Mar Dog Beach is an Amazing Place for Your Furry Friend

Del Mar Dog Beach, Ca. is one of the most fun, entertaining places to go in San Diego…even if you don’t have a dog! Our two Labradoodles (Read more about them here!) have been down to Dog Beach with my fiancé, Patrick, on several occasions, but last week was my first visit with them! Check out this website for more information about Dog Beach, officially known as Del Mar‘s North Beach. There aren’t… Read More>>

Rancho El Camino Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding at Rancho El Camino 

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved riding horses. From the carousel at the mall to pony rides at the fair and anything in between, I found every way I could to be around horses as much as possible. I took some time off of riding to focus on high school and college but ever since my son started elementary school, I decided that I desperately needed to ride again. I looked at many stables in San Diego, and finally found Rancho El Camino… Read More>>

Del Mar Horseback Riding

Three Differences Between Leasing and Owning a Horse 

After a few years of leasing a horse, I decided that I wanted to own my own horse instead of leasing or taking lessons. This was a big step that I’m not sure I was ready for. As an eleven year old, I had no idea what the difference was between owning and leasing a horse. (I have a much better idea these days!) I really didn’t know which was the better option for me. All I knew at that point was… Read More>>

Del Mar Family Fun Run

How to Have a Guilt Free Thanksgiving by Entering the Del Mar Family Fun Run

Enter the Del Mar Family Fun Run online. There is an easy sign-up page where you can order your T-shirt and register for the 1 mile run that happens every Thanksgiving morning at the Del Mar Racetrack. Friends and family (along with some racetrack jockeys) gather together to jog or walk around the actual racetrack, that way they won’t feel too bad eating until they are stuffed later on in the day. I registered the three people in my family that would be in here in San Diego Thanksgiving morning, and… Read More>>

Opening Day Del Mar

One Big Party in San Diego – Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day Preview

Del Mar Opening Day is coming July 16, 2015.  This is one of the biggest annual parties in San Diego, with people coming from Arizona, Nevada, LA, OC, and the Inland Empire.  The capacity for the track is 44,000, and track officials expect more than 40,000 race fans to attend this year… Read More>>

del mar racetrack

Opening Day at Del Mar Racetrack Did Not Disappoint

The crowd was big, but generally polite. Everyone seemed to be having a really wonderful time enjoying one of the biggest events of the year in San Diego! It was a little hot in the early afternoon, especially if you wore a long dress or a sport coat.  The hats and dresses were spectacular as always.  Near the paddock and next to the track, the fashion ranged from high fashion to grunge.  It was difficult to find any place to sit, especially a spot with shade, but we were able to periodically find spots which was nice. It was a long race day and by the end of it… Read More>>

del mar racetrack fall season

Bing Crosby Fall Season at the Del Mar Racetrack

The Bing Crosby race season usually runs from around October 29th until November 29th. Even though there are only another two weeks of race days, those two weeks are packed full of special occasions. My fiancee Patrick reserved lunch at the Turf Club this past weekend, so we spent the day there and had the most fun time! I had never been to the Turf Club before. I remembered Opening Day in July and how fun that was, and was excited to see the horses again, and of course, dress up and wear a fun hat! This past  weekend I made sure to… Read More>>

del mar concert series

The Wailers and Other Artists of the Del Mar Summer Concert Series

The 2015 Del Mar Summer Concert Series lineup is a great one! Featuring The Wailers, Ziggy Marley, Weird Al Yankovic, Paul Oakenfold, Weezer and some other amazing artists, this concert series kicked off July 17 and ends September 6. There are so many artists to be seen and good music to be heard. I urge you to put at least one concert on your calendar now for the summertime. The concerts are right after the last race at the Del Mar race track, which… Read More>>

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Elementary Schools

Ashley Falls School
13030 Ashley Falls Drive / San Diego, CA 92130
voice 858.259.7812 / fax 858.259.1828 /

Carmel Del Mar School
12345 Carmel Park Drive / San Diego, CA 92130
voice 858.481.6789 / fax 858.481.7418 /

Del Mar Heights School
3555 Boquita Drive / Del Mar, CA 92014
voice:858.755.9367 / fax:858.509.1412 /

Del Mar Hills Academy of Arts & Sciences
14085 Mango Drive / Del Mar, CA 92014
voice: 858.755.9763 / fax: 858.755.6107 /

Ocean Air School
11444 Canter Heights Drive / San Diego, CA 92130 voice: 858.481.4040 /

Sage Canyon School
5290 Harvest Run Drive / San Diego, CA 92130 voice:858.481.7844 / fax: 858.481.7949 /

Sycamore Ridge
5333 Old Carmel Valley Road / San Diego, CA 92130 858-755-1060 /

Torrey Hills School
10830 Calle Mar de Mariposa / San Diego, CA 92130
voice 858.481.4266 / fax 858.481.0344 /

Middle Schools 

Earl Warren
155 Stevens Ave. / Solana Beach, CA 92075
Phone: (858) 755-1558 / Fax: (858) 755-0891 /

High Schools 

Torrey Pines
3710 Del Mar Heights Road / San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: (858) 755-0125 / Fax: (858) 481-0098 /