OMNIA San Diego Weekly Lineup

OMNIA San Diego Weekly Lineup

This Week at OMNIA San Diego

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OMNIA is a relatively new nightlife experience by Hakkasan Group located downtown in San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter. It is my very favorite nightclub to party at, I even went there on my wedding night! (Full story and video here!) Each weekend there are new artists performing at the club, so I partnered with @drew.omnia to bring you the weekly lineup right here on this page! This gives you an opportunity to grab a VIP table before they’re all gone, and allows you to have the time of your life here in America’s Finest City!

If you’re interested in reserving a VIP table, inquiring about guest list availability for this upcoming weekend, or just have other questions, please call/text Drew at (415) 609-4557 or email


What are the hours of operation?
• OMNIA San Diego Nightclub is open Thursday through Saturday from 9PM-close.
• Typically closing time is around 2AM. Management reserves all rights to change opening or closing times depending on the night.
What is the age limit?
• All guests must be 21 years of age or older (strict).
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• Upscale fashionable attire. Collared shirts are required for men.
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Am I allowed to smoke in the venue?
• Smoking is permitted on the outside Terrace only.
• We do not allow e-cigs, vaporizers, mechanical smoking devices or cigars.
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Business & Pleasure in San Diego: Exclusive Interview with Michael Bosstick

Business & Pleasure in San Diego: Exclusive Interview with Michael Bosstick

I had the opportunity of sitting down to talk to Michael Bosstick, founder of Dear Media, (and husband to Lauryn with about all things fashion, marketing and business! Watch this video to learn how he has built a media company from the ground up and what his plans are for the near future!

Questions I asked Michael:

-How do you choose what you wear, especially in San Diego? (He loves black jeans and sweaters, find out why!)

-Which stores do you shop at most in San Diego? (He does not like going to most stores, beware.)

-Did you grow up here in San Diego?

-Did you used to party downtown a lot? (He loves Bang Bang just like I do!)

-I interviewed your wife Lauryn all about what she loves in San Diego. (Watch that interview here!) Where do you love to eat in San Diego?

-Who as the better diet? You or Lauryn?

-Do you have any special places you take your dogs in San Diego?

-How did you start Dear Media? Tell me a bit about your background in media/marketing.

-How does Dear Media help local email podcasters?

-What’s the biggest challenge you have when hiring new people into your company? (He thinks it’s very important to clarify your message from the top down.)

-What is life like with Lauryn? (He starts this answer with, “She’s definitely not the easiest!” Oh boy!)

-What’s your favorite platform on social media right now? (His answer may surprise you!)

-Do you think one social channel will become dominant? (He is a big fan of keeping control of your audience through blogs, email lists and podcasts.)

Talking to Michael was so informative, and I love hearing about what he and Lauryn are up to in San Diego, and all over the world! If you’d like to keep up with his daily shenanigans check out his Instagram profile (or listen to his podcasts since that’s where he is most active!) What was your biggest takeaway from this interview?

Naked and Afraid Survivor Chance Davis Tells All: Surviving 40 Days in the Jungle, Military Life, & What’s to Come!

Naked and Afraid Survivor Chance Davis Tells All: Surviving 40 Days in the Jungle, Military Life, & What’s to Come!

Lately, my family and I have been binge watching this show called Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel. If you haven’t seen it, they put a man and woman (usually) out in some remote part of the world. They have no food or water. They take them out there for 21 days to see if they can survive. Usually, these people are somewhat of survivalists in real life, so they’ve done a lot of hunting or fishing and they kind of know what’s going on. But, sometimes diseases, animals or bugs get to these people too much and they have to “tap out” on the show, which basically means they have the crew come in and take them back home safely.

Not only did my guest in this video, Chance Davis, survive all 21 days of his challenge, but on the very last day when he was paddling out on a raft with his partner to the final boat that takes them home, they ran into another group of survivalists who were on a show called Naked and Afraid XL, which is where the contestants go out for 40 days and 40 nights. Chance had survived all 21 days, and decided to stay another 19 nights in the jungle with the new group!! I couldn’t believe it. He’s a military veteran. He knows a ton about being outside in the wilderness. But being naked, afraid and with only one item is crazy!! Watch this video interview to see what makes him the most inspiring survivor that’s ever been on the show (and hear about his visit to San Diego!!).

Full Interview:

Amanda: Welcome Chance! Thanks so much for doing this interview!!

Chance: It’s good to be here. Thanks for having me on.

Amanda: When you were literally hours away from a warm blanket and a buffet of food, what made you decide to stay another 19 nights in the jungle?

Chance: For me, it was about the challenge. They started asking me questions like, “Would you stay longer if you had the opportunity?” I knew where they were going with it. It was about day 19 when they started asking. I’ve always enjoyed challenging myself physically and mentally. I like putting myself in situations, testing my abilities and what I’ve learned, and putting it to the fire. That’s more or less why I stayed. I was in a bad situation, leaving a relationship and moving cross country. I had done that shortly before the show. Discovery offered a free hiking trip and all the food that you can gather and hunt. It was an easy choice.

Amanda: That’s crazy. I can’t say that most people would call that an easy choice. You met up with this group of other people. Did you think, “What am I thinking?” Was there any moment when you thought, “I’m going to starve out here. Can I last 40 days?” You said in another interview that you told producers you would stay if you could. How do you go all in mentally and make the choice to say, “This person is going to leave me tomorrow and I’m going to stay here another 19 days?”

Chance: When you’re out there, you’re so far removed from everything. There’s no Wi-Fi. There are no bills. There’s no drama at work. You have the struggle of being tired with no caffeine and no sugar. But you have the simplicity of being out there. It’s beautiful. It’s quiet, when howler monkeys aren’t screaming at you in the morning. I really enjoyed being out there. In the group, we termed it as “beautiful suffering.”

There were days where I would walk out in the jungle for a couple of hours, lay in a thick mossy patch, look up at the jungle canopy and feel blessed rather than soak in the struggle. On day 20, we were on a raft. We paddled from morning until evening to meet up with the group. You don’t really think about much else. You have caiman and anaconda in the river below you. You’re paddling and trying to get to the next destination.

In the military, we always talked about having your next target. You have your 25 meter target, and then your 50 meter target. That’s how it was in the jungle. You didn’t really think about day 21 or day 40. You think about today. You think about tomorrow. That’s it.

Amanda: That day, you went with her to paddle out. I couldn’t believe that. You said, “I’m going to stay with the group another 19 days.” Then you paddled out with her to the boat. You watched her get on a boat. You watched her say, “I’m done. I’m free. I get to go back and eat all this food.” Then you paddled back alone to meet this group. Did you have any worries at that point?

Chance: No. I really felt strong on day 21. We foraged a lot of food at the beginning of the challenge. We ate good. We had a lot of piranha, once we started understanding the lay of the land, where to hunt and where not to hunt. I felt strong on day 21. Both of us did. I knew that she had a family circumstance. That was why she had to go home. I wasn’t going to say, “Paddle yourself out.” It was a closing moment for both of us to be able to share that moment. I was happy to take her back.

Amanda: The producers had it all planned out. They planned out this meeting with the other group. Did they tell you where you had to paddle? How much of it was a surprise meeting this group?

Chance: Paddling out was a complete surprise. If you watch the show, the maps were so rudimentary. They were marked like, “Here are a couple of trees. Here is a picture of a puma and some caiman.” That’s it. With the Amazon, it was straightforward. We were paddling upstream the entire eight hours on our first leg.

Then we saw this cove off to the side as the sun was starting to set. That’s when we saw five naked people splashing around in the water. Everything out there is a surprise. You walk out and see a snake or new nuts to forage. It brings you an excitement to life in that moment. Seeing other people who weren’t staring at us with cameras was refreshing.

Amanda: Most people can get by on 21 days, but this was another thing. What was your biggest worry going into the next 19 days? Were you worried about food, disease or the other group of people?

Chance: I didn’t really know what to expect. That’s what I liked. I hadn’t watched a lot of the shows before. I’d watched a part of Matt Wright’s episode because I met him in Colorado months before. I didn’t know what to expect. That was exciting for me. I wasn’t worried about getting hurt, bugs or parasites. I don’t know whether that’s smart, but it wasn’t in my thoughts.

Amanda: Most people would be absolutely terrified. Let’s work backwards. You spent 21 days with Melissa who is from Michigan. I’m from Michigan. I watched the episodes backwards. I watched XL first. I watched this team fall apart and lose a lot of people. Then you came in and decided to stay. It was shocking because this group was falling to pieces. I only saw that little bit of Melissa. I went back and watched the other episode. I saw that she was from Michigan. She was very outdoorsy. You both found out you were going to Ecuador three days before you went. That’s crazy. How did you prepare for that exact place?

Chance: Google. You search what kind of vegetation is out there and what the locals eat. Everything is pretty basic in survival, like how to build a shelter and making fire. It’s not rocket science. As long as you’re proactive, you’ll be alright. I knew that in the military. If you’re willing to put the work in, things will provide and produce.

I did a lot of Google research, which didn’t really help. When they sent us into the jungle, we stayed at a resort for a few days to get acclimated and learn the lay of the land, which was completely different from where we ended up going. The vegetation and the animals that we saw at our camp setup versus where we inserted were completely different. We ended up being in a swampy area where there was nothing.

Amanda: You said in another interview that you didn’t watch any of the episodes because you thought it would be cheating. I think that most people would see it as preparing the best that you possibly can. What’s the difference to you between cheating and gathering every bit of knowledge that you can?

Chance: I wanted it to be a challenge. In the military, let’s say that you were going to do a shooting competition. Then you watch the stage where you’re about to shoot. You see everyone do it. In the military, they call it “gaming it.” I didn’t want to game it and see how someone else built their shelter, foraged their food and hunted. Looking back, I don’t know if it was smart. It’s my military mentality. I wanted it to be a rugged challenge. If I didn’t make it, I wasn’t meant to make it. That was the thought I had going into it. If I couldn’t endure or survive, that’s what I wanted to know. I wanted that lesson coming out of it.

Amanda: Was there something going into it where you thought, “If I do tap, it’s going to be for this reason?”

Chance: I knew that if I tapped, my Ranger buddies back at home would have joked me into the ground. It was survive or die.

Amanda: You mentioned online that you never applied for Naked and Afraid. You said that you got a phone call from the producers. They saw you on a different show. How did that happen? How were you accepted?

Chance: About six months before Naked and Afraid, I went kicking and screaming on Fox. They wanted me to be an extra for Season 1. I went out to Fiji. The day they started filming, they said, “We don’t need you.” I said, “Okay, cool. Change my plane ticket for a week from now and I’ll hang out here.” I went scuba diving with some of the locals. I went to a local village.

I was the first outsider to ever go to that village. I hung out there for the week with the village elder. He showed me how they built their roof and how they hunted. I enjoyed it there. When I was leaving, they said, “We want to get you on a show. We’ll stay in contact with you.” I guess the same production companies work with Naked and Afraid. Six months later, they called me when I was out on the farm with my Ranger buddy. They asked if I wanted to go to do Naked and Afraid.

Amanda: Was there anyone in your life at that time that was a catalyst for going?

Chance: It was kind of random. I had a lot of change at that point in my life. I had moved from Denver to central Virginia. I was in this transition period in my life. Any new change was welcome.

Amanda: Let’s go back to day 1 when you were with Melissa. It looked like you really struggled. How much of the show was the worst moments? Was it better but they only showed the worst? Day 1 looked pretty bad. You struggled with bugs a lot.

Chance: Day 1 sucked. You’re in a new place, new area, new country, new climate. We didn’t get a lot of time to walk around and get the lay of the land. We ended up going to the highest apex. It was this hilltop. It looked relatively clear. There was a path. There were some trees around, so we figured that would be a good place to set up shelter. We made a raised bed.

Every speck of leaf and grass that we cut, the bugs wanted to eat. By the end of the night, we were covered in bugs. Our shelter fell apart. We had no fire. There wasn’t much we could do. Even if we had overhead, the bugs still would have come. If you watch the XL episode, they entrenched our camp one night. It was a learning curve.

The next day, we moved back down towards the water, which you wouldn’t think would be a good idea. Surprisingly enough, the bugs didn’t bother us much. The key thing was getting fire. Once we had fire, they stayed away. We had the smoke during the day that kept the mosquitoes at bay. It was a learning curve, but it sucked.

Amanda: On day 2, you got grumpy. You said you either like being in charge or you like being alone, which is even better for you. How did you deal with being with Melissa, knowing that you were both trying to survive? Were you thinking about yourself? Were you trying to take her into consideration?

Chance: It’s hard watching the show versus being in the show. In life, we have the luxuries of support from our friends and family, television, podcasts that motivate us in the mornings, coffee and sugar. When you don’t have that, you get outside of yourself. When I get hungry, I get angry. By day 2, all of this anger was setting in. You’re going into that primal instinct of food, shelter, water.

Melissa and I were completely different personalities. I was the reserved military type. She was more of an upbeat spirit. I wasn’t used to being around that. I didn’t know how to respond and work cohesively with her. It was another learning curve. The luxuries and amenities that we have in a normal day, we take for granted how much that buffers who we could be. I work with people who, if you take coffee away from them for a day, they’re Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Amanda: For those of you who don’t know, the contestants on Naked and Afraid get to pick just one item to bring. I did some digging around on the internet. You get to bring four things with you and then the producers pick from those four things. You said you brought four knives and they gave you the biggest knife. Your partner brought fishing line. Is there something else that you wish she would have brought?

Chance: Not for that area. You really needed food. You needed some kind of hunting or fishing device. I wasn’t smart in my preparation. I was over confident and cocky. I think, at one point, I told production that I wanted to bring a six pack of Yuengling and Ranger panties as my survival items. I brought a small knife, a hatchet, a big knife and a medium-sized knife. I felt, being a Ranger in the woods, that a knife would be a fitting tool.

Amanda: That’s the knife that you brought with you?

Chance: Yes, this is the knife. It was made by TOPS Knives. EJ Snyder, another Naked and Afraid legend, worked with them to help design it. I wanted something that would work as a knife but would also help with cutting down trees and looked intimidating.

Amanda: How much firewood did you have to gather every day? To keep a fire going 24 hours a day is so much work.

Chance: We had a small fire starter with a ferro rod. I think we lost the ferro rod on day 7. We thought, “We must maintain fire.” That’s how you procured your water and the food that you ate. Everything revolved around the fire. During the day, everything was soaked and rotten. You would have to take a wet log, place it around the fire and dry that out during the day. It would create a lot of smoke. That would keep the bugs away.

During the day, you dry out everything that was wet. At night, someone had to stay awake. Someone had to sleep. You had to maintain the fire. While one of us went fishing, someone had to stay by the fire to maintain it. It was a constant effort.

Amanda: On day 3 and 4, things got pretty dramatic. You told Melissa, “We’re doing two collective efforts. I need to be away from you right now.” I thought that was funny. How much of the reactions and emotions were real? Did the producers take you aside and say, “Get more angry or say this?”

Chance: They wouldn’t necessarily provoke in that manner, but they would ask questions that at times made me angry. They would ask, “How does it make you feel that Melissa caught that fish?” I would think, “What do you mean, how does it feel? I’m hungry. I don’t care. You’re in my face with a camera. That’s making me angry.”

Then I’d have to go back. Like I said, not having the luxuries that we normally have really shows you how being tired, hungry and low on natural resources can make you. A lot of it was real. If you’re with someone 24/7, whether it’s your spouse or family, at some point you need a break. About day 4 or 5 is when I started feeling that.

Amanda: On day 4, Melissa killed a snake. That was crazy. She pulled it right out of the tree by the tail and chopped its head off. How did you feel when she did that? You said you were afraid of snakes. Are you still afraid of them?

Chance: The way that they piece together the show, that was day 18. I was in the woods chopping down one of the final logs to construct our raft. I saw the snake. No, I don’t like snakes. I was going back to our fire to get my hunting spear. She was more familiar with snakes and wilderness. When she learned what was going on, she said, “I’ll grab the snake.” I said, “Thanks.”

If we were in the military and we had to clear a building with an enemy, someone might have said, “Chance, you take point. This guy got shot in the face and he’s a surgical cric.” She’d probably hand me the scalpel. I have more experience with that. In that situation, she felt more comfortable. It was day 18. You can study as much as you want about the environment. When you’re hungry and tired, can you properly identify what type of snake that is? Is the squeeze worth the juice? She’s a strong girl. She went after it. I was thankful for it.

Amanda: The necklace you wore around your neck was the microphone. You still wear it. That’s crazy. The crew brought in supplies for women, like feminine products. Were there any behind-the-scenes things like luxuries that you got?

Chance: No. I would walk around in the mornings for about two hours, just to clear my thoughts and see if I could find any animals or vegetation. I found a pot one time. They didn’t let me keep it. I found a fishing spear that the natives used out there. It had a metal point. They didn’t let me use that. I found a lighter from production. As soon as I found it, they took that.

Amanda: I would have been digging holes and hiding my random things.

Chance: It’s survival. I was very impressed with them maintaining the integrity of the show. You would think, for them to boost ratings, that they would want to help you out. They did a phenomenal job with maintaining integrity. I was appreciative of that.

Amanda: There are so many dangerous bugs, pumas and wild hogs. What was the most dangerous thing you came across, where you thought, “This thing could kill me?”

Chance: There was not really much. We had the pumas that would come around the camp at night. With the fire there, they didn’t bother us. You would hear the anacondas splash around in the water. When we were building our raft on day 19, there was a six-foot caiman about 10 feet away from us. Production was in canoes around us with their cameras.

They said, “Splash around or something.” I thought, “Grab knife. Splash. Security. Check.” On the 40-day challenge, it was a little bit different. We would be hunting for the wild boar. You’d see these trails of ginormous anacondas. They would grab the pigs and squeeze the life out of them. You’d hear the pigs squealing. The anaconda would slam into the water.

I think you can see it on one of the episodes from the 40-day challenge. I left the jungle with four parasites. I guess that could kill you at some point.

Amanda: You grew up afraid of the dark. Were there any other fears that you had going into it? Have you worked through all of your fears?

Chance: Yes, I think I’ve worked through most of them. The military really helped. When you’re afraid of the dark, when you hunt bad guys in the middle of the night and that’s your job, you get over the darkness quickly. There’s the fear of heights. You jump out of airplanes. That takes care of that.

There’s the fear of death. The military makes sure that you’re not afraid of that. The only thing I was and am afraid of is failure. If you work hard, you don’t have to worry about failure. I guess I’m not really afraid of much now.

Amanda: How many times did you think about tapping out? Were there moments where you thought, “I want to eat a sandwich. I want to be done. I don’t care what people think of me?”

Chance: I think there was one time on the 40-day challenge when they started bickering. It was between days 34 and 36. I said, “If you guys want to continue arguing, I’ll just tap and get out of here.” As far as pain or suffering, I’d rather die than quit and have that stain on my conscience.

Amanda: That’s very inspirational. You have a very unique mindset. During the 40-day challenge, one of the most pivotal moments was when you went out hunting with two of the contestants. One of them went back to camp. You stayed there all the night with this other guy. Part of the way through the night, he tapped out.

He was wrapped in a blanket and left. You were there freezing cold all night. You said in the morning that him leaving was worse than you staying out there all night. How did you deal with that?

Chance: I guess I was lucky. In the military, you’re used to going through selections and people leaving of their own accord. In the beginning of the day, I kind of knew that was the direction he was going based on our conversations. I didn’t want to leave. We had built a bond between the people in the group. That was something that he had to deal with internally. I wasn’t going to stop him. I had to maintain my own composure at that point. Being cold and miserable in the military, you learn that pain is only temporary. Either I would die, or I would die. In that moment, I didn’t worry too much about it. I just had to get through the night and get to that 50-meter target.

Amanda: Is there something that goes through your mind? Do you count to 60 a billion times? Do you think about each part of your body? What do you do?

Chance: The Ranger creed in the military is our ethos, how we operate and live our lives. I would recite that to myself whenever I got down or demotivated. It was a personal mantra. “I will not quit.” I would say that to myself a lot walking around, and especially that night. It was a way of staying mentally engaged.

Amanda: Were there things that you missed so much? Were there people, places or foods that you missed?

Chance: Peanut butter. My wife now, I met her four days before leaving. I kept thinking what kind of dates I wanted to take her on and what she was doing. In the military, I would always look at the stars at night before we’d go on missions. I would do that a lot. With the group at night, we would sit around and go through the alphabet.

We would say, “When I get out of Naked and Afraid, I will eat a…” You would start with the letter A and work your way up to Z. We would do that every night. I had the longest list of foods that I wanted to eat, but it made it worth it. I’ve always wanted things that you had to work hard for, not something that came easy. In the morning, you do a hard workout, and you feel like you earned your breakfast. I wanted to finish the challenge and earn everything that I’d been thinking about.

Amanda: For 90% of the world, people do a 20-minute workout and feel like they’ve earned everything they can eat and drink that day. I think that’s the average mindset. You talked a lot on the show about Oreos and peanut butter. You mentioned that, when the show was over, you ate a jar of peanut butter in 10 seconds. The peanut butter and Oreo companies should be giving you unlimited peanut butter and Oreos for life. If you had a fridge in the jungle and you could have stocked it full, what would you have eaten? I don’t think you would have eaten peanut butter and Oreos every day, right?

Chance: Absolutely. The worst part was being hungry. Being hungry for that long plays on your psyche. I probably wasn’t that hungry. It’s the mental anguish of your stomach constantly talking to you. When I left the show, I felt myself get physically responsive to being hungry. I got angry. I walked around with a food stash in my pockets and the center console of my vehicle.

I walked around with a bag of food. I gained 70 pounds in the month after I left. I couldn’t stop eating. I didn’t want to be hungry. If I got hungry, I got angry. The people around me would let me know that. You eat a big scoop of peanut butter. It gets stuck in your throat. Then you feel full. I wanted that taste and texture of the sweetness, and not being hungry.

Amanda: Do you have a favorite type of peanut butter? Do you like creamy or crunch?

Chance: It doesn’t really matter. They’re all heaven. I love them all.

Amanda: Do you still keep in touch with Melissa or anyone else from the crew? I know that Matt Wright lives in Virginia. Do you see him?

Chance: I was living in Colorado before I moved out to Virginia. That’s where Matt lives. I met him at a gun show and took one of his knives to Fiji. When I was living in the village, I gave it to the village elder. I stay in touch with EJ Snyder. I stay in touch with Melissa. She’s always traveling and busy. I think she just did the latest XL 4. She’s had her hands full. We all stay a pretty tight knit family. Everyone has their hands in other pots and are constantly on the go. We stay in touch as much as we can.


Background & Early Life

Amanda: I want to switch gears and talk about your background and family life. There’s so much depth to you as a person. That little bit of Naked and Afraid doesn’t tell us enough. Tell me about Boys Home, what it is and how you got involved with that.

Chance: It’s a non-profit. More importantly, it was founded in 1906 for at-risk youth in southwest Virginia. I came to Boys Home in 1998. I was 11 years old. My mother was incarcerated at the time and was looking for a safe place to put me. This is a school in the mountains. It removes outside distractions but gives families that are impoverished or dealing with difficulties the ability to place their boys in an environment that will help them grow spiritually, mentally and physically.

I was there for about two years. It was one of the greatest parts of my childhood. I remember people caring about me unconditionally and providing for me. I didn’t have to worry about where my meals were coming from. I was educated. We spent a lot of time in the woods with Boy Scouts and other activities. After I left Boys Home, I was about 13. It was nothing but foster care and group homes until my last few years in high school. As I was moving from Denver to Virginia, I wanted to stop through, visit and see the campus.

I hadn’t been there in almost 18 years. I wanted to get something from my past, something that was positive from my childhood. I stopped in thinking I would stay for 10 minutes. I ran into the associate program director who was also in the Army. He was an infantry officer. He was a student when I was there on campus. We sat down and chatted about life. At the end of the conversation, he asked, “Do you want to work here?” I told him, “I’m leaving for this TV show, but once I get back, I would love to work here.”

After I got back from Naked and Afraid, three months later when the parasites were gone, and I’d put on some weight, I started working there again. It was funny. On day 20 of the show, I said to the producers, “You have to call Boys Home and let them know that I’m still interested in the job.” They called to let them know that I was fine, and that I’d be staying for 20 more days. Boys Home is a school where you can grow and learn.

Chance Davis Boys Home

Amanda: I know you said to Melissa that you don’t really want to talk about it, but I’m hoping you’re more open now. You said that you don’t have to fight for the clothes on your back or worry about food at Boys Home. How was it for you growing up? What led your mom to realize that Boys Home was the best choice for you?

Chance: Before that, my dad left my mother when I was three months old. It was just her and I. Then she remarried a veteran. He was a Marine in the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. There was a lot of post traumatic stress disorder. I lived with him for a few months in Oakland, California before going to Boys Home. My first week living with him, he gave me $10 and told me I had to be a man and make my own living.

I made a lemonade stand. I’d make enough each day to go to a Chinese buffet mid-day and fill up. That would carry me through the day. I’d hang out with the homeless in downtown Oakland. We’d go to the cafes and bakeries that would throw out expired food, and we’d eat that. I didn’t really think about it being 10 or 11, hanging out with them. I had my skateboard.

Going to Boys Home, not having to find my own food, that’s what made it a pleasant experience. Throughout her life, my mother has been involved in embezzlement. That’s why she went to prison. She’s still in prison for embezzling again. My father is serving a life sentence. There was not a lot of parental involvement. I was placed in situations where I had to find my own food. I was placed in dangerous situations where I had to fend for myself.

Not worrying about that at Boys Home and having people who cared about me made it great. I was one of the worst kids there. Even after I messed up, the staff would still love me and care about me. That spoke volumes. It was no so much then. I hated being there then. But leaving and knowing how to do chores, how to make my bed, how to work hard, having those lessons instilled in me, I was appreciative going into the military and as an adult.

Amanda: I had my son young. I went to an alternative school. It was different. Everyone around you had their own traumatic experiences. It’s like a group effort. Their only rule was, if you left for the day, you couldn’t come back that same day. I remember that people would scream, yell and fight. They would walk out the door. The staff would say, “I hope to see you tomorrow.”

That was the best thing. It gave me more respect. You have to make your own choices. They would say, “We understand that you can’t be here today. I hope you can come back tomorrow.” I think that gave people a lot of strength to come back. Did you have other people or friends around you that had bad situations at the time?

Chance: A lot of the kids there were sent by the courts. You had really impoverished families that would send their children there. The parents pay pennies to dollars on what Boys Home provides the students. During my time versus now, I believe it was a lot worse as far as the family situations.

Amanda: Did you learn things there? You said you were a Boy Scout. Did you know things before you started going there that you took with you to Naked and Afraid? Did you learn everything there as a Boy Scout?

Chance: I learned a lot there. We learned knots. We learned how to build shelter and fire. We would camp out a lot. Later in the month, we’re doing a three-day 35-mile hike. We really put the boys to work. The mountains make men. Between that and Ranger school in the military, survival is basic tasks put together with a mindset and the ability and will to survive. I learned a lot there.


Military Background

Amanda: Did you go into the military right when you were 18? Were you waiting for that? Were you excited about that? Was it a random option? Did a lot of the other Boys Home boys go into the military?

Chance: The military was something that I wanted to do. I did a year of college. I was paying for it all on my own. My mom didn’t really contribute to the finances for college. I was working at a group home in Richmond. I was working in a night club as a bouncer. I was working as a receptionist at the college. I took some summer classes that put me over my budget.

As I was going to get a poster board to make a demerit system for the boys at the group home, I ran into this guy. He had a Ranger tab on with a strong chiseled jaw, upright stature. I said, “I want to be like that.” We had a conversation and two weeks later I shipped out as a combat medic. Once I got into the beginning parts of the military, they offered me a Ranger contract for having a really good PT score. It was history after that.

Amanda: How many years did you spend in the military? You said you ended up being a Ranger battalion. What does that mean?

Chance: I did four years active. I was in Ranger regiment, which is a direct-action mission where they do a lot of kill/capture missions. I was a special operations medic for Ranger regiment. After four years, I did security contracting in Afghanistan for about three years. I was a paramedic on a security mobile team. Most of my adult life has been working in foreign countries either going after bad guys or stopping bad guys from hurting good guys.

Amanda: Going into it, did you feel like you were more prepared than other people?

Chance: My childhood definitely prepared me. I did sports growing up. The physical portion wasn’t that tough. Having a strong mindset is what got me through my childhood. It definitely contributed to my success in the military. Learning how to work as a team was a struggle for me in the military, and obviously on the show. You have to learn to use what you bring to the table and help everyone to contribute to the overall mission.

Amanda: You said that the military taught you how to toughen up your feet, walking barefoot, using alcohol on them. What else did the military teach you as far as survival?

Chance: As far as survival, being proactive. You can sit on your butt by the fire and have the comfort and luxuries. The military teaches you how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. If you can do that, you can put yourself in action. You’ll find food. You’ll find water. You’ll build a shelter. If you can take one step, you can make it up the mountain. That mentality isn’t something that you get from a book. It’s not something that you get from a four-day course.

It’s not something you get from watching YouTube videos. You have to put yourself in the fire, in life experiences. You gain it over time. It’s the same as muscle. You can’t just go to the gym for a week and expect to have the body that you want. It takes time to build that. The military is where that started. It helped me in that process. I repeated that process over time. You see people doing Spartan races and different physical challenges. You put yourself in an uncomfortable situation and you learn how to work.

Amanda: On the show, you were still dealing with a lot of the mental demons that you had from being in the military. Are you still working through that?

Chance: It’s an ongoing battle. I had a lot of issues going into the military. I was very aggressive. I was very angry. You’re going after bad guys. I didn’t know how to turn it off after the military. I found myself hypervigilant, aggressive and angry. Leaving Ranger battalion, [0:55:47.1] held that in my heart. I felt guilty. I didn’t know how to release that. I didn’t know how to associate with people who weren’t military and didn’t have those shared experiences. I confined myself. It’s taken a while to learn how to assimilate.

Amanda: Do you see that with a lot of other veterans? How do they come back and get back to normal?

Chance: It depends on your experiences. Combat, in my opinion, is different than just serving in the military. When you’re asked to go out, night after night, to go after bad guys without forethought of your own life [0:56:49.7]. It depends on your experiences. Going out and doing kill/capture missions put you in a very specific mindset. The way you think, the things you think about and how you operate changes. In no other job have I had to take a picture in case I get killed so that they can send it to my family. It depends on your experiences and your mentality. The government is getting better with creating programs for veterans that are leaving the military. Combat experience rewires the way that you think and operate. That takes time and support.


Family Life

Amanda: It’s great that you have support now. You have your wife. You have a baby on the way.

Chance: Yes, a little Ranger. We’re going to call him Colt Stonewall Davis.

Amanda: I love that. How did you meet your wife?

Chance: The week before I left for Naked and Afraid, I did a 12-hour Spartan race. One of my buddies that I contracted with was a former Marine recon. I did that. As I was leaving the race, I met my wife on Tinder. I said, “I know I’ve been blowing you off so I could practice being in the woods the last week. Just meet me for a beer.” We met at a bar and closed the bar down.

As soon as she walked in, I was star struck. We had a couple more dates that week. I told her, “I’m leaving for the jungle. This is crazy. I just met you. Wait for me maybe.” She was supposed to pick me up from the airport after the first 21 days. The producers called her and said, “He’s staying for 20 more days.” She said, “I knew it.” On day 40, she picked me up and took me out to eat. It was magic ever since.

Amanda: What a great story. Going through all of the Naked and Afraid challenges with Melissa, did you come home with a lot more experience of how to deal with women? What did you learn that you’ve taken into your marriage?

Chance: My wife’s pet peeve is people who are passive aggressive. I was very passive aggressive. I got to work through that with Melissa. The girls in the 40-day challenge helped me even more so with not being passive aggressive. I was learning how females think. I hadn’t spent a lot of time closely with females. I was learning how to talk their language.

Amanda: Do you think that she would ever go on Naked and Afraid?

Chance: I think so. She doesn’t have a strong background in wilderness and being outdoors, but she played collegiate sports. She still plays sports now, 26 weeks into the pregnancy. She’s a strong athlete and strong minded. We do a lot of hiking and camping now. I think she’d be fine.

Amanda: With how you’ve grown up and what you’ve learned, what do you think is important that you’re going to teach your child?

Chance: I’m not concerned about what my son wants to be, as long as he’s a man of character. It’s important that I instill values and honor into who he becomes, and that he becomes a contributing member to his nation and country. He’ll go with me when I do things like shooting, fighting, boxing and wrestling. I’m sure he’ll do soccer with the wife. All of those things are little compared to who his heart and character come to be.

Amanda: How old do you think he’ll be before you take him out for a night of survival in the wilderness?

Chance: It depends on when the wife lets me. I’d like to do it early on. I still haven’t figured out if you can put protein powder in formula. I’m sure it will be early on with him strapped to my back, going on hikes.

Amanda: Do you teach survival skills or hold classes?

Chance: After the show, the attention was great, but I don’t like it too much. I stay tight knit with the Boys Home. We go on a lot of camping and hiking trips. We do survival classes and first aid classes. I keep it limited to that. I find so much purpose and passion in my job. I like giving back to them and spending my time there.

Amanda: You don’t want to go on the Kim Kardashian Show?

Chance: What’s that? Who is she?

Amanda: Is there anywhere in the world luxurious where you’d like to travel?

Chance: Brazil, Australia and China.

Amanda: You said you’ve been to San Diego, right?

Chance: Yes, I went to San Diego when I was doing security work. I spent some time on vacation out there. I need fish tacos. I have to get back to Pacific Beach. The nightlife in San Diego is amazing. I had some phenomenal sushi there at the Hard Rock Café Hotel. I have a lot of good buddies in the Navy community that live out there. I’d love to get back to San Diego.

Amanda: Do you remember any of the bars or restaurants you went to?

Chance: No. That’s how good of a time it was.

Amanda: Was there anything that you didn’t do that you want to do in San Diego when you come back?

Chance: No. I would be open to suggestions.

Amanda: You’ll have to check out our website. We’ve just published our 300th story. We’re all about what to do and see in San Diego. We have a shooting range out here. I took my son there for a shooting class and basic firearm skills. I got a lot of backlash for that, for trying to teach my son a new skill. I don’t think we’re the wilderness type here in San Diego. What are your thoughts on taking kids out and shooting?

Chance: You have to start somewhere. We expect our nation to be protected and fend for itself. It starts at the lowest level. You have to bring up the next generation of strong countrymen that will defend. My son will be shooting at about six to eight years old. It’s important to instill firearms safety. I’m all for it.

Amanda: Is there anything else that you want to leave with our San Diego readers? Do you think anyone can do Naked and Afraid?

Chance: It depends on the person. A lot of people want to prove themselves as hunters or survivalists. They want to test their grit. You learn a lot of things in a win, but you learn a lot more in a loss. As long as you can count that loss as a lesson learned, you’re always winning. Coming back from it, I learned a lot of things that I needed to brush up on. It depends on the person and what they want out of life.

Amanda: We’d love to have your family out here in San Diego. We’ll have peanut butter and Oreos ready for you if you come.

San Diego Lifestyle’s Top 300 (Insta-LOVE!)

San Diego Lifestyle’s Top 300 (Insta-LOVE!)

Over the past few years we have been writing and blogging about all of our favorite San Diego people and places. We now have finally come to our 300th blog story, and for this special story, I wanted to do something exciting. I wanted to introduce you to (or remind you of) my absolute favorite 300 people and places here in San Diego! I have broken them down a bit by category, but make sure you visit everyone of these incredible Instagram profiles to learn more about these local businesses!

Hotel Solamar lobby

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@hotelkarlansd – Upscale, yet casual style with #KarlanLife in the scenic foothills of the Black Mountains in San Diego. Hotel Karlan, a DoubleTree by Hilton.

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@omnilacosta – California’s original destination for mind, body + sport, featuring guestrooms & suites, pools, dining, tennis, golf, a day spa and more!

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@lavalenciahotel – Overlooking the Pacific since 1926, La V is a charming boutique hotel in La Jolla, CA. 🌅 Reservations: 858.454.0771 #LaValenciaHotel

@laubergedelmarLocated steps from the beach, L’Auberge Del Mar is a luxury resort and spa overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Del Mar. Offering gourmet restaurants, a lavish wellness spa, relaxing pool, and a private walkway to the beach, L’Auberge Del Mar has something for every traveler. So kick back, grab a drink, and soak in the sun at this seaside hotel. 🌅🌴 Share your time with us: #laubergedelmar

Carlsbad Flower Fields

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@delmarfairgrounds – Home to more than 300 annual events, including the San Diego County Fair & world-class thoroughbred horse racing!

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@crustpizzeria –  @CharlesMeola created Crust w/Italian tastes & aromas, daily hand-tossed crust, local farm to table veggies blended w/quality meat & cheese!

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las olas mexican san diego

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@pacificbeancoffee – 712 1/2 Garnet Ave. San Diego. CA 92109 ☀️ // Ꭰ Ꮢ Ꭵ Ꮑ Ꮶ ☕️ m u Ꮑ Ꮯ h🍴 ᏞᎾᏉᎬ ᏞᎥfᎬ //

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@pacificadelmar – Seafood is our passion 🌊

@solaceencinitas – Modern American Cuisine and Raw Bar by Chef Matt Gordon

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@cucinarestaurants – urbana #CU | enoteca Irvine #CEIRV | enoteca Del Mar #CEDM | enoteca Newport Beach #CENB | SORELLA

San Diego’s Top 23 Restaurants – Still hungry? Add these to your must-eat-at list!!

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@corvettediner – 50s’ fun + rock n’ roll 🎮 gamers garage arcade 🍔 burgers + shakes

@lotuscafeandjuicebar – Dedicated to serving fresh 🌿natural healthy food prepared with love simplicity and a 💗joyful heart. 🙏

@mendocinofarms – Come #EatHappy with us! LA | OC | SD | Nor Cal Spring Menu launches Mon, 4/16!

@champagnebakery – French inspired bakery with locations across Southern California

@eatflowerchild – Healthy food for a happy world 🌻santa monica 🌻del mar 🌻arcadia 🌻scottsdale 🌻uptown 🌻dallas 🌻austin (2nd street now open!)

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@seasidemarket – #shoplocal #seasidemarket #cardiffcrack #ourdelirocks

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@unionkitchentap – Inventive farm-to-table American fare 🍹Handcrafted cocktails 🍷🍺Distinctive wines & local craft beers. 📸 #unionkitchenandtap

Union Kitchen Tap Encinitas

@rsffoodco – Restaurant🍸Bar &🍞Bakery 🌞Bringing Good Living and Great Food to Rancho Santa Fe🏃 Open 7 Days & 7Nights a week📆 🍳☕🍔🍕🍝🍻🍰🍧 Subscribe>

@parcbistrosd – We are a modern French bistro located in the heart of Bankers Hill. Private dining space is available for your next special event! 619-795-1501

@bigjoyfamilybakery – Participating in Street fairs and Farmers markets. 🤗 🍰Create your own desserts table with us! 💓😉 📧 Please, contact us via Email or DM! 🙌 – Located in Carmel Valley: Del Mar Highlands Town Center | Featuring delicious wood-fired entrees and a fun atmosphere | #rimelsdelmar ⬇️

@solaresandiego – Authentic Southern Italian Cuisine in Liberty Station in San Diego – Voted Best Italian Restaurant & Best Chef Accursio Lotà by San Diego

@the_lot_ – Lifestyle entertainment experience. 🎞CINEMA 🥙RESTAURANT 🍷BAR ☕️CAFÉ 👉🏻#thelotlibertystation #thelotlajolla #thelotfashionisland

@jakesdelmar – SEA. FOOD. FRIENDS. Connect with us! @jakesdelmar #jakesdelmar

@brigantineseafood – Point Loma • Coronado • Poway • Escondido • Del Mar • La Mesa • Imperial Beach • Downtown SD (Coming in 2018) Click link below for reservations

@brettsbbq – If it’s not smoked, it’s not barbecue! Located in Encinitas

@jsixrestaurant – Honest Food & Drink in San Diego’s East Village • Executive Chef: Anthony Sinsay • Happy Hour: Mon to Fri 4-7pm 🍻 Weekend Brunch: Sat & Sun 8am-1pm 🍳🥂

@kis_restaurant – Founded in 1980, Ki’s has been serving organic healthy food for 30 years. Family owned & operated, we treat every customer as part of the Ki’s family!

Pillbox Solana Beach

San Diego’s Top 8 Dessert Eateries – Have a sweet tooth? Look no further. Make sure to stop in at these places after dinner for a delicious dessert!

@amamedesserts – Bakery| Cake Designer👩🏽‍🍳🎨| Avid Vegan 🌱🍌🍍🍓Artista👩🏽‍🎨| Dessert Photography📷🍮 |Pure Delicioso!🎂🍪🍩| Follow y Like! ✨

@getfluffedup – San Diego’s first & finest fairy floss. 100% vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo, dye free. Hand crafted & spun with love. 💕💕 #getfluffedup purchase>

@sugar_mamma62 – Since 2009, our founder and confectioner, Nancy Flint, has creating all natural caramels. Now available in 17 flavors!

@dallmannconfections – Handmade chocolates, using the finest ingredients.Working with Hotels, restaurants & gourmet shops. Need a custom order? DM us 📷Tag us: #dallmann

@thebakedbear – Baked from scratch daily. #thebakedbear

@cutecakes_sd – Southern style Bakery and Cafe specializing in custom cakes, cupcakes and pastries. Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers and all life’s special events!

@sandiegosweets – Delicious sweet thangs🍰San Diego!DM me! 📫

@donutbar – Donuts+Beer+Wine+Mimosas! Best Donut -🥇 🍩 Best Chef -🥇👨‍🍳 @donutbar @donutbarlv +Many More Locales 2018 #DonutBar #BestDonutsInTheWorld #ChefSantiago

Pillbox Solana Beach

San Diego’s Top 10 Food Bloggers – Looking for a specific recommendation? Ask these top food bloggers!!

@sandiegofoodgirl – San Diego based foodie bringing you all the best food & drinks in SoCal 🌮🍷 Influencer | Blogger | Consultant New Blog>

@savvysweets – AP SWEET living in a SAVVY way…™ #savvysweets 📸 Lifestyle🍴Food ✈️ Travel 👩🏽‍🍳 Baker 🎥Youtuber 💁🏽Host:@bbbfoodreviewer DESSERT PORTFOLIO 💼

@diningsandiego – San Diego living 🌊🌇 A compilation of some of my favorite places to eat around SD, and some of my home cooking! 📩 or DM

@brunchsandiego – Just eating our way through San Diego one pitcher of mimosas at a time! || DM to be featured! 💛🍳🥂

@boys.that.brunch – Steven & Daniel do BRUNCH¡ Follow for brunch, buffets, general food & some travel adventures in San Diego & beyond! 🍴🥓🍳🥂👦🏻👦🏾💙@zipkick trusted foodies!

@sandiegoeats – Hungry & Happy 📷 Want to be featured? 📧 Email us! 🍷 Use discount code: SDEats>

@sdfoodcritic – Foodie in SAN DIEGO, CA capturing my own food experiences. #sdfoodcritic! Eat well! Other IG: @sushigirl619 @sdfoodpics

@jinxieats – Food lover & chemistry nerd 🤓 | ✈️ addicted to travel and good eats | from San Diego 🏝to DC 🇺🇸| 📷 Sony a7ii |📱iPhone SE |

@bestfoodsandiego – San Diego Food & Drink Guide 📸 #BestFoodSanDiego #BestFoodFeed #MyFab5 📧 🎗 Community Leaders: @olasis and @jonzup

@diningoutsd – USE CODE SDPRE2FOR1 to purchase our new #SDPassbook 2.0 and enjoy 70+ #local spots around town. Josh Kopelman Publisher

donovans steakhouse

San Diego’s Top 20 Bars/Drinks/Nightlife – Heading out on the town for drinks? These top 20 accounts are the BEST places to start (or finish)!

@bangbangsd – Fine tuned sushi, fine tunes & a giant disco ball. HH 🕔 Wed-Fri 5-7 4.21 Chris Liebing Reservations, Private parties 👇🍣🍶

@sidebarsd – San Diego’s sexiest, upscale ultra-lounge & nightclub 💋

@gaslampquarter – The official Instagram account of the Gaslamp Quarter in Downtown #SanDiego, CA. Your resource for all things in and around the

@sdbeertour – Mission: To go to every Brewery and Tap Room in San Diego County, and beyond. Join the adventure 🍻🍻🍻

@residentbrewing – Inside The Local Eatery on 4th Ave Specializing in hoppy styles of beer Food available Kid friendly Mon-Sat:11am-10pm Sun: 9:30am-10pm

@dicksliquorandwine_lajolla – Dicks liquor and wine 737 pearl st, la jolla, CA 92037 858-459-3889 Serving la jolla for over 50 years Thanks for supporting family & small business.

@theoxfordsd – Be Sophisticated, Or Don’t | @theoxfordsd #oxfordsocialclub#NightLife #SanDiego #Lounge #PendrySanDiego

@countrysmooth – Official Account for Country Smooth American Premium Whiskey 43% ABV | 86 Proof | 21+ Only | Whiskey Wisely | To Be Featured #CountrySmooth

@sdbeerrun – If you enjoy an active lifestyle, Love craft beer, & live in San Diego. Then Check out San Diego Beer Run!!! 🍺👟🍺

@thetipsycrow – 3 Levels of the famous Drink Exchange • Live Music • DJ’s • Games • Comedy Shows + more in the historic Gaslamp Quarter. 👻 Snapchat • @thetipsycrowsd

@westrootsd – Located @VillageAtPacificHighlandsRanch📍 🍻Happy Hour | 3-5pm | M-Th {6pm Fridays}🍻 👨‍👩‍👧Family Friendly👨‍👩‍👧 🏀Sports Bar⚾️ 👇Up-Root🌱Food To-Go👇

@lajolla_brewingcompany –  #LJBC #Ale #AleLIfe #Brew #Beer #CraftBeer #Brewery#BreweryLife #SDBeer #Living #LaJolla #SanDiego #Life #Cheers

@omniasandiego – A nightlife experience by Hakkasan Group located in San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter.

@socialtapsandiego – Foodie joint with a variety of local craft beer in the ❤️ of East Village with stunning views of Petco Park. AZ Cardinals • Navy • Notre Dame • Padres

@parqsd – Gaslamp’s most premier nightlife destination. #comeplay

@thelocalpb – M-Th Reverse HH 9pm-Close 1/2 off🍹’s Karaoke Mon 🎤 Taco Tues 🌮 Thursday $5 Beer 🍺 + Shot 🥃 DJ’s Thurs-Sun 🎶 Sat+Sun Bottomless Bubbles ‘til 1pm 🍾

@culturebrewingco – Award Winning Brewery + Tasting Room | Solana Beach | Ocean Beach | Encinitas | Follow the link to find events happening at your Local Tasting Room!

@drinkmagicbullet – The hangover prevention drink that actually tastes good. Own Your Tomorrow. #hangovercure

@stonebrewing – True. Independent. Craft. (Must be legal drinking age to follow.)

@bloodymaryobsessed – Quest for the Best Bloody 🍅 DM for collabs and events 🤝🍩🥂🍽☕️🥑🍳 #bloodymaryobsessed  New Blog Post

The Point Business Networking

San Diego’s Top 9 Business Instagram Accounts – Looking for business on Instagram?! Look no further, these local accounts are all business! (Ok, I admit, they are a little fun too!)

@get_to_thepoint – Not your ordinary meeting and event space, The Point is a California style off-site located in Mission Bay, CA |

@sdconventionctr – IAVM Venue of Excellence Award-winning Convention Center in the City of San Diego. Twitter: @SDConventionCtr Blog:

@sdbusinessbabes – SD community of business women, dreamers, creatives and entrepreneurs! #sdbusinessbabes NEXT EVENT: APRIL 26th 630-9PM Link for tickets >>

@smexaminer – Join us at Social Media Marketing World 2019! Click link to learn more>

@plancommitwin – Patrick Henry: QuestFusion CEO / Serial #Entrepreneur 🎯 Tech #Strategy Expert 👊 #Speaker 👨🏼‍🏫 Award Winning Author of PLAN COMMIT WIN: 90 Days to a Creating a Fundable #Startup 🏆📚

@evonexus_ – EvoNexus is a technology incubator and ground zero for Southern California’s startup community. We’re the fastest way to launch your startup!

@connectinsd – Since 1985, CONNECT has helped create and scale great innovation companies in the San Diego region.

@startupsandiego – Building up 🚀 the San Diego Startup community. Entrepreneurs welcome! #SDSW #StartupSD

@katytemplemediacoaching –

Workout Schedule

San Diego’s Top 15 Fitness Bloggers – Need to find some #MondayMotivation ?! These fitness accounts are highly inspiring!!

@sd_fitlifestyle – Motivating Community of ☀️San Diego to look even better 📌We show you How and Where fit people can Enjoy in ☀️ San Diego

@jannabreslin – Wife | 4x Fitness Covers |6x Bikini Champ Holistic Nutrition | CPT | @ANIBikinis @socalfreshprep @curednutrition @gainzbox Codes “JANNA”

@stephhendel – Grew up on junk food 👉Massive self doubt👉40 lbs overweight 👉Lost 40 lbs in 90 days I 💕when a woman realizes her potential. GET YOUR BEST BODY HERE>

@zengirlmandy – yoga + mindfulness + self love goddess gatherings, healing experiences SAN DIEGO RETREAT JULY 13-15 MEXICO RETREAT OCT 12-16 🔮🦋 @modernhealeryoga

@dietandfries – It’s all about a healthy balance 😊 A place for easy recipes, yummy food and Fry-yay’s 📍SD,CA ❤️collabs DM or email

@kimkellyfit – Whole Body Health Personal & Group Exercise Training Advocare Rep Outdoor Enthusiast TSC Body Guide 2018 📍San Diego #kimkellyfit

@sprinkles_and_sit_ups – Fitness, Food, Fun in #SanDiego 💪Empowering Women Through Fitness 💕 #SweatPink Leader: @sweatpinkSD 💙 @freskincare @furtherfood Ambassador

@absandavocado – Sending You Extra Energy 🌱 Eat Well = Feel Well 🏋🏽‍♀️ Fitness #TFNTeam 🍕 Pizza + Smoothie Biz 🌴 San Diego 👇 shopDYI code:

@so_this_is_50 – Sharing my tips for #fitnessover40💪, health and hormone balance as we age. Holistic Health Practioner and Fitness and Nutrition Coach 🏋️‍♂

@iam.amandanicole – Empowering women to find healing & balance🔥Mental health warrior ✨ Love yourself more 💕 Supporting Survivors 🌈 Phil 3:13-14

@dancetrixfitness – Get tips for your mental and physical health – San Diego Fitness Influencer Giveaways on Mondays @StudioLifted Ambassador @F45_Training_SorrentoValley Ambassador @ZumbaWear and @STRONGbyZumba

@triciainthegunshow – Hi I’m Tricia 👋🏼 I’m married 💍 5+ years of experience I’m a nutrition specialist 🍏 & personal trainer 💁🏻 #personaltrainer #nutrition

@fit4mom_sandiego – Helping Moms Make Strides In Fitness, Motherhood, and Life ® #themotherhoodisreal

@bshirley08 – Writer. Runner. Five-time #BostonMarathon qualifier. Two-time Boston reject (2017 finisher). Traveler. #BalegaSocks Impi.

Fit Athletic Solana Beach

San Diego’s Top 10 Fitness Gyms/Studios – Do you have enough motivation to last you weeks? Make sure to get a workout in at one of these top ten local spots!

@spinofsandiego – Try 2 FREE Classes! @spinofsandiego

@f45_training_lajolla – Team Training ⚪️Life Changing 🔵Train with us! 7 days for $14!! 🙌🏼💪🏼💯

@traditional_karate_san_diego – Traditional Shotokan Karate School. Balmaceda sensei is 6th Degree black belt with 36 years of experience. Please visit our website:

@purebarredelmar – New?? Try our First Week Free! Must be local to San Diego and a new client! Check out our new class EMPOWER! (

@crossfitdelmar – San Diego, Ca All levels welcome 📩

@fitathletic – San Diego’s Premier Athletic Club. – Fit Downtown – Fit Solana Beach – Fit Carmel Mountain . Download a Free Day Pass

@fleetfeetsandiego –

@ilovekickboxing_lajolla – ILoveKickboxing La Jolla offers the BEST in fitness Kickboxing! Visit our website for a stronger, HOTTER body!

@otf_pointloma – Orangetheory Fitness PL : Heart rate based interval training in a fun and motivating environment! BASE. PUSH. ALL OUT. REPEAT. 3980 W. Point Loma Blvd. || (858) 216-2020

@yogaonesandiego – Enhancing well-being since

Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

San Diego’s Top 20 Health/Wellness Instagram Accounts – Learning all about health/wellness? You should always take time to relax, rejuvenate and take care of your body! These 20 accounts can help!

@genetixorganic – Top rated rituals that enhance and transform. 🐰 Made by Women. Vegan. Organic. 🛍️ Featured by Teen Vogue, Women’s Health + Healthline 💗 BIG SALE:

@monica_acupuncturist – Licensed Acupuncturist 👌🏽 Japanese Meridian Therapy 🎋 Kampo Herbal Medicine 📚 Masters of s. in Acupuncture 🌊 Located in Pacific Beach, CA

@melaniemediate – Chef & Nutrition Coach Plant-Based Snacks, Juices, Detoxes *Nationwide Shipping* Gourmet Meal Box Service (San Diego) Paleo+Vegan Plans

@thespicewaysandiego – Spices. Herbs. Teas. Demos. Store hours: Mon-Sat 10-6 / Sun 11-5 #thespicewaysd

@purespa_chiropractic – Full service Spa in San Diego specializing in Massage•Skincare•Waxing•Nails•Airbrush Tan•Lash Extensions•Chiro/Acu & more! #PureSpaSD 858-573-1505

@lovetolivespa – •skincare •lashes •brows •Botox & Fillers 858-242-7008 3790 Via De La Valle #212, Del Mar, CA 92014

@dahmsacu – Sports Medicine • Orthopedics Facial Rejuvenation • Cosmetic Acupuncture

@pacificbeachorganics – Mineral Sunscreen | SPF 32 ☀️ Water Resistant 80 Mins 💦 Broad Spectrum 🌴 Reef-Safe 🐠 Organic 🌿 FDA Approved 🔬 Child Safe 👶🏼

@truerestsandiego – Premier float experience in San Diego. Call us at 619-688-3978

@sparkhealth – Natural medicine that empowers people to perform at their highest level. Naturopathic Dr, IV Therapy, Vitamin Injections, PRP Facials. #SparkHealth

@trilogysanctuary – Organic plant based community space & cafe, rooftop ocean view, infrared yoga & aerial events & parties, eco-boutique @totem_trilogy ✨ Loving life.

@askdrcorey – Athlete, Father, Cancer Survivor, Sports Chiro/Rehab for athletes, active lifestyles, diagnostics, SD Sockers, X-Games,, #drcorey

@dulla_ari – Abdul aka “Dulla” 🇲🇽 Arianna aka “Ari” 👦🏽👶🏽 Familia de 4 📍#SanDiego, CA 🌐Worldwide Coaches|Mentors 🗣 English-Español Goals?>

@cannabus_sd – San Diego’s premier cannabis transportation experience. Private limo bus 🚌☁️🌳🍁#smokeresponsibly. Message us to be added to tour stops!


@holymatchaa – San Diego’s first Matcha Cafe 🍵 Handcrafted #matcha drinks + bites #holymatcha

@ohjuiceco – Certified Organic raw+cold-pressed+No HPP Locations: Carlsbad (5631 Palmer Way ste A) & ENCINITAS😬 Markets: RSF,Vista,Little Italy, Hillcrest,Oceanside

@lovekips1 – GRANOLA BARK #grabyourbark ⭐️FREE of the top 8 allergens⭐️🌱vegan🌱🎉 Shipping 2018 🎉 👩🏼 Jenny Stackle, Founder & food allergy mom❤️

@myfarmersfix – San Diego weekly meal subscription. (Read: the easiest way to eat healthy!) Spend more time doing what you do best, we’ll take care of the rest.

@naturesfusionglow – A world-class nutrition bar. Experience the delicious, distinctive taste difference of gourmet food — no gluten and no preservatives.

Flying Tour of San Diego

San Diego’s Top 10 Adventurous IG Profiles – Looking for an adventure? Find it on one of these top 10 profiles!

@sdpaintballpark – San Diego Paintball Park

@Surfrider – We are dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Join our network today!

@aegis_academy – Building Safer Communities.

@momentbicycles – SD CA Bike Shop – Road | MTB | Tri – World Class Bike Fit, Repair & Rentals – Point Loma & Carmel Valley Specialized Giant Liv Cervélo Felt BMC Parlee

@surfingmadonnabeachrun – Join 5,000 runners and walkers for a 1K, 5K, 10K & 12K low tide beach run on Sun, Oct 7, 2018 in Encinitas, CA.

@everydaycalifornia – Make fun happen, create cool products, and improve the environment. Visit us below! #rootedinadventure #everydaycalifornia

@goldsteingolf – Ball Flight Coach helping people hit the ball better, play the game with more enjoyment and improve scoring using the TrackMan 4 Technology.

@babesgolf – A Social Golf Club For Women

@sandiegoskytours – We just love biplanes and San Diego. Expand your experiences with our 5 person tour plane, biplanes, or thrill rides. Check out our stories!

@sandiegobotanicgarden – San Diego Botanic Garden 230 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas, California. Phone: 760.436.3036. 9:00 am – 5:00 pm daily

Interview Video San Diego

San Diego’s Top 10 Photographers/Videographers/Media Creators – Looking for gorgeous pictures or videos of San Diego? These top ten companies love creating amazing visual content.

@davidamoya – #Entrepreneur | #Video #Coach | #Filmmaker | #Vegan 🌎 🎥

@fox5newsld – Emmy winning TV News Anchor/Reporter @fox5sandiego Mom to @nicholasdunn8 #prayerwarrior #2xcancersurvivor #andwhat #lilrighthook ♓️ NO NEGATIVITY 🇨🇦🇺🇸

@itsjasonkruml – Director of Cinematography at M.B.A LLC 🦏 RhinoVision “Capturing the Perspectives” 🐾 Eva 📍SD | LA 📧

@shay_images – Fine Art Photographer

@dearmediastudio – Dear Media is a leading-edge podcasting network focused on strong female voices and stories. Consider us the new way to podcast.

@kileyshaiphotography – Portrait | Couples | Travel | Lifestyle ☀️Bulldog,Disney,acai & Jesus obsessed 📍San Diego 🌸 @SdBusinessbabes leader

@ariellelevyphoto – email me | San Diego📍 ⚪️ Be Different

@alisonkinsey – Blogging, Community, Entrepreneurship 📝 Sunny Adventures: San Diego, CA 💕🌴 💌 More Real Life, Less Highlight Reel (on IG): ↓ – A place for marketing ideas. Turn on the💡and let the ideas flow. #thethinkbox

@triplepeakmedia – Creating affordable, high-quality #videomarketingstrategies to help you share your message with the world.🌴#SanDiego , CA @thesdlifestyle

Fashion Week San Diego

San Diego’s Top 20 Fashion/Style Profiles on Instagram – Looking for fashion advice? Or just a place to shop? Here are San Diego’s top 20 fashion profiles for your inspiration!

@mybunhead – Here to help you upgrade your bun game. Handmade in Vancouver. Free shipping on orders over $20 ✨ Vancouver Sun feature

@mint_tans – Spray Tan/Teeth Whitening 🍍Natural/Organic Ingredients 🚫Preservatives/Alcohol/Parabens/Glycols 🙈Never tested on animals 🔆ASTP Member 💙💛 UCSD Alumni

@thekarenstyle – Creative Business Consultant 🌎⚠️[4.23.18]⚠️ 💖Founder of @ninasbien_sd 👭🏻 Life👑 | Glam👠 | Places✈ 📽: YOUTUBE & BLOG

@shoprica – ғѧṡһıȏṅ ғȏя ṭһє ṡȏȗʟ ıṅ ɞєѧȗṭıғȗʟ ʟѧ jȏʟʟѧ, ċѧ shop FREE SHIPPING >$100 {We ship World wide} LOCAL same-day delivery available / M-Sat 10-6; Sun

@strawberrydreamssd – We offer Beautiful International Couture, Yoga Wear, Swimwear, Lingerie from Brazil and Europe, Champagne Parties,Eyelash Extensions Eyebrow Threading

@seasidebazaar – Open-air Market EVERY SATURDAY/SUNDAY, 9 – 5 🌞ENCINITAS ☎Vendors Opportunity: 760 753–1611

@lyndellwerling – Personal Stylist to Entrepreneurs & Business Women, USC✌️Steeler 🏈 Sixers 🏀fan! Fashion Blogger & Barre Addict 📍San Diego 📧

@artinthefind – Stylist👗 wardrobe stylist | helping women define and refine their style 👕 closet organizer, stripe addict, 🤱in July 🌴 San Diego 📧

@kasiajewelry – Fine, Custom & Boutique jewelry brand. San Diego showroom by appointment. #kasiajewelry

@shoplajollavillage – Conveniently located in beautiful La Jolla, a shopping destination offering a modern mix of shops & restaurants. 🛍 #ShopLJV

@delmartan – Now located in Encinitas, California 🌴Del Mar Tan offers a heated, customized tan ☀️and a solution with natural ingredients💙

@delmarhighlands – An open-air community center with over 70 boutiques, restaurants, services + a luxury cinema located in San Diego’s Carmel Valley. •

@onepaseo – Come One. Come All. A shopping, dining, working and living destination for Del Mar Heights, CA. Status: Under Construction Opening: Spring 2019

@villageatpacifichighlandsranch – The Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch is the premier dining and shopping destination nestled in the heart of the Carmel Valley community.

@delmarplaza – The “Original Founders & Visionaries” of The Del Mar Plaza. Award winning, Fine Dining built on the corner 1555 Camino Del Mar Ocean Views #DelMarPlaza

@suzans_on_cedros – Elegant🔹Chic🔹Trendy🔹A quaint destination on Cedros, in beautiful Solana Beach, CA. Sterling Silver/Women’s Boutique. Family owned, 30 years ➕

@carlsbadshops – Shopping 👕👠🛍 Eating 🍔🍣🍦Beauty 💇🏼Art 🎨Activities 🎤🍻and more… at the beach in Carlsbad Village (North County San Diego) 🏖

@sdurbanretail – SD Urban Retail

@shopflowerhill – A unique coastal shopping center offering memorable experiences at our award-winning boutique shops, restaurants & specialty services.

@fashionweeksd – Industry recognized & modeled after, Fashion Week, showcasing emerging Designer brands from all over the world.More than a week-a year of events. #FWSD

San Diego Wedding

San Diego’s Top 8 Makeup Artists/Hair Stylists – Once I go shopping, I want to get all glammed up for a night out! These eight experts can help you if you’re feeling the same way!

@makeupbyadrianne – Microblading #PhiBrows ✖️Pro Makeup Artist ✖️Bridal Specialist

@valentehairco – Luxury Salon + Lash Bar 🌟Best Salon in La Jolla, CA 🌟@valenteextensions 🌟@valentelusso 📞858-230-7574

@kelsey_long_artistry – Makeup Artist🎨☀️ 🌊🐬Mermaid🐚🐳🌅 Email me for info and available bookings:

@kalynsieminskihair – Kalyn Sieminski | Owner | Hair Stylist | Colorist | Extensions Appointments 858.792.1985 | @VivaceSalon | Del Mar, Ca

@revivesalonandspa – San Diego’s Premier Beauty Destination #revivesalonandspa📩 📲 Contact us at 619.293.7233

@haimaviara – Haim @ Park Hyatt Aviara: Be your own kind of beautiful. 760.603.6869 #haimangels #haimsalon

@lauraneuzeth – Beauty | Lifestyle | Music EMAIL: ⠀ YOUTUBE CHANNELS ENGLISH: ESPAÑOL:

@lotusdenhair – Our portfolio portraying our stylists skills💫 located in South Oceanside Open

art san diego

San Diego’s Top 5 Arts/Crafts Businesses – Looking for something crafty to do?! These 5 Instagram accounts have all the best details!!

@ceramicafedelmar – San Diego’s Favorite Paint-Your-Own Pottery Studio👨🏻‍🎨🎨👩🏻‍🎨 No Reservations Necessary!

@studiossandiego – We create custom paintings and murals for homes and offices. We host Classes, Art Workshops and Paint Events. Design Consultant

@mintstudiosd – Creativity Studio ➵ Event Space ➵ Workshops ➵ Corporate Events ➵ Collabs ➵ Parties + Decor + Gifts ➵ Creative Offsite Event ➵ Shop Local, We Ship!

@artsandiego_ – Discover Art San Diego—located at Wyland Center on the Del Mar Fairgrounds from Oct. 18-Oct 21. 🎨 #ARTSD

@northparksoapco – Indulging Handcrafted Bars that are 100% all natural. Sat: Little Italy Mercato 8am-2pm & Thurs: North Park Farmers Market: 3pm-7:30pm, or online at:

The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe

San Diego’s Top 9 Private Country Clubs – The epitome of the luxury lifestyle in San Diego is joining a private country club. At these 9 clubs, you can enjoy fine dining, tennis, golf, and fun with friends!

@ccrbevents – Country Club Rancho Bernardo

@sandiegocountryclub – Historic Private Golf Club, founded in 1897. Host to the 117th US Women’s Amateur.

@lomassantafecc – If you like to play golf, tennis, pickleball or relax by the pool, our private club offers leisure activities for everyone to enjoy!

@thebridgesrsf – The Bridges is an extraordinary golf community, located in Rancho Santa Fe. We offer world-class private golf, exclusive amenities, & family events.

@thefarmsgolfclub – A private, member-owned equity club in Southern California, created and built for golf enthusiasts.

@thesantaluzclub – For daily Santaluz golf course updates, follow @santaluz_gcm

@morganrunclub – Club Life, Reinvented. | 858.756.2471

@bayclubs – At the Bay Club, we offer you a place to belong, somewhere apart from work and home where you feel happy and above all welcome 💙 #bayclubhappy

@ljbtc – The La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club has been a treasured beachfront resort for more than 80 years. Share your experience with #ljbtc

West Elm Solana Beach

San Diego’s Top 10 Home/Design Instagram Accounts – Looking for some assistance with a design for your home, wedding or another aspect of your life? These top 10 accounts have some great suggestions!

@le_dimora – Fine Furniture & Interior Design Showroom serving Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, and surrounding neighborhoods in San Diego, California.

@jadekaidesigns – Trucker hats + apparel created with aloha in San Diego. Inspired by the sea, faith, and epic adventures.

@bloombabes – We’re really just mermaids with hearts for pretty flowers💦•floral design for weddings & events •southern CA & far away places✈️• #studiodelaflor🌿🌿🌿

@lauren_weidley – wedding planner + designer San Diego -> Denver // everywhere in between

@andydavisdesigns – San Diego Designer Andy Davis

@westelmsolanabeach – Mon – Sat: 10AM – 7PM Sun: 11AM – 6PM Share your style with #mywestelm + #westelmsolanabeach

@weddings_theinnatrsf – Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries & Vow Renewals • Celebrate here at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel • #soINNlove 💍

@bradstonerpainting – Specialize in painting homes, offices, commercial buildings and working with HOA’s. We do what we say we will do and get the job done right.

@delorinejackson – Entrepreneur | Rancho Santa Fe | Luxury Real Estate #Restauranteur @rsffoodco #Foodie @naturesfusionglow Liifestyle & Fashion #DelorineJ

@sweetblossomweddings_kat – SD Wedding planner 💕 We are a full service wedding planning and design boutique serving San Diego with an eye for detail and a passion for weddings!

The Point Business Networking

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True REST Float Spa: Like a Massage, Only Better

True REST Float Spa: Like a Massage, Only Better

Ok ok, if you don’t know me well yet, you’ll come to learn through this story that I LOVE to relax! I will do just about anything for a good massage or spa treatment. I had heard a bit about “floating” from friends, so when True REST Float Spa gave me a chance to try it out, I agreed happily. Floating is a lot like a massage, or a yoga class, and here are my main reasons why:

Preparation Involved

Like any good spa treatment or meditation class, there is some preparation involved with floating. This treatment is nothing like anything else I have ever tried! As I arrived to True REST I was greeted by the friendly owner Mandy who walked me through the process and how things would go. I am not going to lie, the process was a bit confusing. Ear plugs, close the pod, turn on/off music, float. It all seemed like a bit much at first. I was a little scared to be honest, and as someone who can’t even float in a pool, I wasn’t even sure I would be able to do it. Thankfully, I was seated in a prep room and shown a 6 minute video that explained everything. That is when I really started to relax.

The video walked me through the ways to “float” in this pool of salt water. It showed different positions you could try, and explained what to do if your mind started to wander. I thought it was a lot like meditation, or yoga where you focus on your breath and not much else. As the video came to an end, I felt a lot more excited to get into the pod room and try it out.

Mental and Physical Benefits are Similar

Just like with yoga and massage, floating is so good for your mental and physical health. Taking care of and loving yourself takes time and dedication. Many people want to dismiss it and be selfless, never getting a massage or taking quiet moments for themselves. Floating gives you a full hour to be alone with yourself and your thoughts. No phones. No screens. Just you, and your breath. The amount of epsom salts, 1,000 lbs worth, incorporated into the float pod makes your body feel so lightweight, which in turns helps with inflammation and soreness. When I first slipped into the pod and closed the door, it was so dark, I almost started to panic. I turned on the lights so that I could get more comfortable with the process, and started to lay back and feel the saltwater take over. Immediately as I started to lay back, my body lifted off the bottom of the pod and I started floating effortlessly. I almost laughed out loud thinking about how I doubted whether I would be able to float in the pod. It seemed impossible NOT to float once I was floating. It was such a strange feeling at first, like you’re floating on a cloud. After 5-10 minutes I started to really relax, and unwind for the remainder of the time. I could see how you could get used to doing it consistently for mental clarity.

Lasting Effects

Although we can all probably agree that the effects of a massage or yoga session are not endless, they are prominent after the session for awhile. Floating is no different. For the few days after I left their Hillcrest location, I felt more relaxed, and a lot less sore! I loved the sensation of floating, and definitely think that everyone should try it! True REST is a wonderful location to visit if you’re looking for a place to try floating! They are a national franchise with over 23 locations across the country including locations in California such as Chico, Sacramento, and coming soon in Fountain Valley, Fresno, Napa, and San Francisco. I am so excited about this new relaxation technique, that I wanted to give one of you a FREE session to try it out! All you have to do is join our mailing list by entering your info below and one lucky winner will be chosen on May 1st!! Good luck, and if you have tried floating before, comment and let me know your thoughts!!

Social Media Marketing World 2018: Top 5 Things I Learned

Social Media Marketing World 2018: Top 5 Things I Learned

Every spring, thousands of marketing enthusiasts come from all over the world to the convention center in downtown San Diego for Social Media Marketing World. They come to network, and attend workshops and in-depth talks from the top social media marketing experts in their current field. These speakers are well versed in areas such as social platforms, e-mail marketing, content creation, and even obscure things like chatbots and software that allows you to stream live in the best quality from multiple accounts at once. Each year I attend for my media business Triple Peak Media, and my husband attends for his business QuestFusion, and each year, my mind is blown. (Here are Patrick’s top 10 takeaways from the conference.) I always learn so many new things. It is so tough to narrow down the things I have learned, but I will try. Here is my overview video of the entire conference this year. It lasted 3 days and was filled with selfies, video blogs, and meeting new people! Take a look:

Here are the top 5 things I learned from Social Media Marketing World conference this year:

1. Find your specific expertise. You do NOT have to be an expert at everything online.

In fact, it works to your disadvantage when you try to do everything you can possibly do. If you’re on every social platform and using every different software, you can get overwhelmed quick. What I found most interesting was in the session about how to become a speaker at SMMW, Phil Mershon and CEO of Social Examiner, Michael Stelzner, were explaining in great detail exactly what it takes to be a speaker in one of these sessions or workshops.

Michael Stelzner Social Media Marketing World

One of the biggest requirements is that the person is very enthusiastic about ONE aspect. They live and breathe that part of the overall picture, and they know more about it than almost anyone out there. The requirements were not that you made a certain amount of money, or had a certain amount of followers, but that you know what you were talking about when it came to ONE thing. Although this was specifically for getting on the speaker list for this conference, I think it actually showcases a HUGE point. If you want the most amount of people to relate to you and be interested in your message, products and services, you need to be very specific.

2. Become OBSESSED with providing value.

I think this point was apparent in almost every single session I was in. From Zach King to Marcus Sheridan and so many others, every speaker was pretty excited about their topic and how their talk could help people immediately. They had become obsessed with this specific topic over the past year, and they brought their absolute best to the conference. Do this with your audience, and work every single day to bring new value in your current market.

3. Start a LIVE show!

This point was brought up over and over again. Almost every speaker has a specific time of the week that they do a live broadcast, and they train their audience over time to be prepared for that live time. Many of the speakers called it a “show” but I quickly found out that even a 5 minute broadcast from your phone can be a “show” you simply have to pick a time, and be consistent. The people who have started a weekly broadcast have risen in popularity over the past few years dramatically, and with social media marketing on the rise, I do not see this plan as being out of date anytime soon. I plan to start a show…as soon as I can think of a good title. (I’m thinking “Be Bold” or “No Boundaries” something like that?!) I am sure many conference attendees walked away with the same thought. ( will be seeing lots of live shows popping up soon.)

4. Find a way to incorporate chat bots into your business. If not now, in the next 6-12 months.

Bots are coming. In a scary and yet exciting fashion. As marketers we get SO giddy about complicated things like bots that can turn our conversion into GOLD! I am not 100% sold on the fact that I NEED a bot for my business yet, but,..yes I guess I am and fear is what is holding me back. I did not attend the workshop of “How to Setup a Chat Bot in 45 Minutes” but since as an attendee I have access to every recording from every session, I can go back and listen to it and craft a bot for myself. If you haven’t thought about bots for your business, spend one day online interacting with brands and I guarantee you will interact with at least one bot throughout that day. They are everywhere, and they are actually quite helpful! Use them, or be swallowed alive by your competition who is using them.

5. Create SHAREABLE content.

This is the most important thing I took away from Social Media Marketing World this year. (Oh, by the way, I was also involved in the SMMW choir which is always a great time! If you like choir at all, I highly suggest it!!) If you wouldn’t share your content online, why should anyone else? This was by far my biggest takeaway, and made me think about everything I post. Does it have a clear message? Is it funny or over-the-top informative. Think about the things you share to your timeline. What makes them unique? Create content that everyone feels like they cannot live without telling their friends about.

I learned 281157293746 other things this year, but these 5 will stick in my head for the next year, until the next conference! (I already have my ticket!) Have you been to SMMW? Let me know how your experience was!!

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