In San Diego, eating healthy is a big priority. We are right next to the ocean, and the weather is nice enough to consider every day a beach day, so we have to have our beach bodies ready at all times! We are also a very expensive city, and I have noticed most working professionals have a side job, or a full family, or some combination of stress and additional workload compared to other cities. This leads a lot of us to a huge problem, TIME!! We have such little time that things like eating and sleeping get thrown right out the window. Well, this company is looking to change that! Eat Clean Meal Prep is a great way to order your meals ahead of time, saving you precious moments you can never really get back. Here are the three reasons why I love Eat Clean Meal Prep over other meal prep companies:

1. The Food is Delicious!
I know, I know, every company’s food is delicious right?! WRONG! Some companies focus completely on being “healthy” while forgetting that hello…we are supposed to actually be eating this beach mixture. Eat Clean Meal Prep is the most delicious meal prep company I have ever tried (and believe me I have tried a few!) Here are some of the sample lunches:
-Ground Turkey + Roasted Roma Tomato + Roasted Garlic + Green Beans
-Power Bowl : Roasted Butternut Squash + Charred Carrots + Quinoa + Red
-Bell Pepper + Kale + EVOO & Balsamic Vin


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and here are some dinner examples:
-Wild Alaskan Salmon + Quinoa + Sweet Pepper & Corn Succotash
-Garlic & Tarragon Turkey Meatballs + Button Squash + Marinara
-Black Bean & Corn Turkey Chili
They take care of the grocery shopping, the meal prepping, and the cooking so you can save that time in your life for things that matter more, and come together with the family after you pop the meal in the oven (or microwave if you’re working late) for a few minutes to warm up!

Eat Clean Meal Prep

2. They Have Variety in Their Meal Plans
Their signature meal plan is the “work week meal plan” which includes:
• 5 Healthy Lunches
• 5 Delicious, Hearty Dinners
• 5 Crave-curbing Snacks
• Optional 10 egg whites cups for breakfast
• Optional protein packed vanilla overnight oats
all for under $200! But they also have other options, like the office plan, vegetarian plan, and overtime plan, that gives you more options for your specific lifestyle. They also have the family plan, so you can share your great meal with everyone! I love this option for the nights that our whole family is home to enjoy dinner! I am the worst cook, so having a meal I know the kids will actually love makes the WORLD of difference!

Eat Clean Meal Prep

3. They Have Additional Products!
Yes, their meal prep service is great, but what about those nights when you actually want to cook dinner for the family? Here is a little video clip of why I love their other products!:

Their spices give me the option to cook dinner at home, while still bringing that full flavor of taste that Eat Clean Meal Prep provides. Along with spices, they have containers, kitchen tools, and supplements! Basically everything you need to make cooking easier for your family is here on the Eat Clean Meal Prep website! They have sales here and there so check back often for your favorite products!

Eat Clean Meal Prep

Overall, eating great food is tough to do in this city unless you are going out for a dinner on the town and spending, well, let’s just say more than you would making food at home! With Eat Clean Meal Prep, you can create tasty dishes at home, or order flavorful meals for you to enjoy at work and at home! Have you tried their delivery service yet? I would love to hear what you thought!