Blind Sailor Hiro is Inspiring San Diegans

Blind Sailor Hiro is Inspiring San Diegans

“San Diego is always sunny and always right wind you know, so as a sailor it is heaven. It’s paradise.” – Hiro Iwamoto

Hiro Iwamoto is a competitive blind sailor who was born in Japan and moved here to San Diego ten years ago with his wife and daughter. He has conquered some incredible challenges, and now helps people all over the world learn to live life with purpose and positivity.

Hiro began to lose his sight when he was 13 years old and became fully blind by the age of 16. In this video interview, he explains how he started falling when walking, having trouble putting toothpaste on his toothbrush, and eventually even running into walls when he couldn’t see any longer. He became so depressed that he tried to commit suicide. After trying to drown himself unsuccessfully, he took a nap and while napping he had an epiphany that life was worth so much more than what he had thought. He woke up from that nap and began to challenge everything in life. He was inspired. He started learning English, and came to the U.S. to learn even more English. He also wanted to learn to sail, which he did and now, 15 years after starting to learn, is a world-class sailor.

Blind Competitive Sailor

When Hiro and his family moved from Tokyo to San Diego in 2006, they fell in love with the city instantly. Hiro says, “San Diego is always sunny and always right wind you know, so as a sailor it is heaven. It’s paradise.” He loves that you can sail here in San Diego year round, and he loves competing himself, instead of with other sailors. He started competing in championships around the world, and found that he kept wanting to sail even father and farther. In 2002, he started dreaming of sailing across the Pacific Ocean! Everyone thought he was crazy to want to sail that far, but he was determined. He wanted to sail across the Pacific to inspire survivors of the Tohoku Tsunami to live unafraid of future disasters. His dream almost came true.

In 2013, Hiro began to sail across the Pacific Ocean with just one other sighted sailor and a few cameras. He wanted to prove that while his partner slept, he could sail himself blindly across such a large body of water. In the middle of one stormy night during the sailing journey, Hiro heard a loud BOOM BOOM BOOM. He knew right away, a whale had hit their sailboat. Video clips of the excursion prove that indeed the thick skin of a Blue Whale cracked their boat. Hiro tried hard to get the water out, but the boat was sinking faster than he was taking water out. A typhoon was chasing them, resulting in huge waves and fast wind. It was very difficult, but they eventually climbed from the sailboat into their lifeboat, and waited. For ten hours Hiro and his partner clung to the lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, riding the waves up and down.

Eventually they were rescued and brought back to Japan to explain the journey. Hiro was shocked. He explains, “When I bumped into the whale, I thought, why whale?! I was trying to make my dream come true, why did you bump into me?!” As we all know, many whale watching boats in San Diego go out on excursions searching for hours, and come back without any whale sightings whatsoever. For Hiro and his partner to bump into a whale in the middle of the ocean is extremely unlucky. He thought to himself, “Why me, in the middle of the Pacific?!” Through it all though, he knew there was deeper meaning. He slowly began to realize that every moment in life has meaning. There is meaning in everything that happens. “It means it will make my future success 100 times bigger, 1000 times bigger,” Hiro says, “It means I have to keep going, to make my dream of sailing across the Pacific come true. I will be able to inspire 1000 more people, a million more people, to be more passionate about life through my next trip. Life is good. I want to encourage people who have lost the meaning of their lives. As long as you have wind, you can keep going.”

Blind Competitive Sailor

After the Pacific Ocean sailing incident three years ago and learning so much in the process, Hiro has now started his own company called Positive Life International.  He provides motivational speeches and one-on-one life coaching in the Kearny Mesa area. He also can give inspirational speeches to employees of a company, to help improve their productivity and give them a new passion for work. He believes there is even meaning to him becoming blind, because he can help people in ways that sighted people cannot help. Through his motivational speaking and life coaching, Hiro hopes to change the lives of many people. (He is also planning a special week-long retreat in Japan for life coaching members, we will let you know more about this soon!) Along with his passion for life and sailing, Hiro has also added triathlons (swimming, cycling and running) to his accomplishment list, and is training for The CVC San Diego Half Ironman Triathlon on August 14th in Chula Vista.

This August triathlon is composed of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile cycle, and 13 mile run. Hiro has been training almost daily for the last two months for this race, so he is more excited than ever to compete. After that, he has dreams of doing a full Ironman Triathlon race (twice the distance he is racing in August) next year in Japan.  The people of Okinawa, otherwise known as “Miracle Island” plan to host an Ironman triathlon to raise awareness for those who lost their houses in the April 16th, 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake. Hiro wants to compete in this event and show enthusiasm and give hope to the local people who have lost their homes.

Update! Here is video footage from Hiro’s triathlon!!:

Hiro’s story is unforgettable and life changing, and I hope you enjoyed the video interview as much as I enjoyed filming it. Hiro’s journey is one to be followed, and if you’d like to reach out to Hiro, please do not hesitate to visit his website or simply comment below! What inspires you to continue on in life when there are challenges?

Finding the Right Yoga Mat

Finding the Right Yoga Mat

“The yoga mat is a good place to turn when talk therapy and antidepressants aren’t enough.” – Amy Weintraub

Maduka Yogitoes Yoga Pad

When you’re just beginning to cultivate a yoga practice, any yoga mat will work. But once you start to step on your mat daily, it is beneficial to invest in a yoga mat that will make your practice more comfortable and help you to perform better.

Make sure to check out this review of the top 9 yoga mats, chosen from 50 tested: READ FULL REVIEW

Below are a variety of options based on the type of yoga you practice and what you would like most out of your yoga mat.

To towel or not to towel?

When one of my students asks for my opinion buying a yoga mat, I always ask him or her the same question. Do you like practicing with a towel on your yoga mat or without a towel on your mat?

lululemon Yoga Mat;USwomen;accessories;yoga-mats-and-props

If you aren’t practicing in the heat or practicing a vigorous type of unheated yoga that makes you sweat, practicing with or without a towel on your mat won’t matter to you much. But if you do enjoy hot yoga, you know your mat can quickly become a slip-n-slide if you don’t have a towel handy!

If you like practicing with a towel on your mat…

Some practitioners prefer to have a yoga towel like a yogitoes.

on their mat to ensure that no slip-n-slide action occurs. Yogitoes are towels that are made with sticky grips on one side and feature a regular towel feel on the other. Once the yogitoes gets wet (either from sweat or added water), it sticks to the yoga mat. You can wash your yogitoes after each time you practice like you would a regular beach towel.

Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat

If you prefer the feel of a towel on your mat choose Manduka’s PROlite as you definitely need a towel to use this mat effectively. It is slick, especially when you first purchase it, but the quality is remarkable. Despite the quality, it is still thin enough that you can carry it with you easily if you ride your bike to yoga.

This mat is made in a dozen different colors and comes with a Manduka Lifetime Guarantee. This yoga mat is no joke: some of my yoga teacher friends who practice daily have had their Manduka PROlite for over 5 years and it is still in amazing shape.  Another very cool mat is the Maduka’s Pro Limited Edition.

Manduka Limited Edition Pro Yoga Mat

If you despise having a towel on your mat…

Select lululemon’s The Mat as it absorbs your sweat. When I practice with this mat, I usually have a towel nearby to dab the sweat on my body but never need a towel on my mat. It really does work! After practice, lay this mat out to dry until your next sweat session.

Other options

Extra leg room…

Any former basketball players out there? Manduka makes great extra-long mat options so that everyone – no matter your size – can get your practice on.

Express yourself…

If you admire Manduka and lululemon’s colors but want even more pizzazz, check out the gorgeous mats from La Vie Boheme Yoga. These mats are basically works of art! If having something pretty to glance at when you’re practicing helps to uplift your mood, I definitely recommend this company.

La Vie Boheme Yoga Mat

If you’re still on the hunt for YOUR perfect yoga mat, we are here to help! Leave a comment below or email me at

Yoga One San Diego

Yoga One San Diego

An In Depth Interview with the Founders of Yoga One San Diego

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may my thoughts, words, and actions contribute to that happiness and freedom for all.” -Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavaintu

Yoga One San Diego

As many of you already know, we love yoga here at The San Diego Lifestyle! Whenever we have a chance, we ask yoga instructors questions, and dive deeper into the yoga practice here in San Diego. We caught up with Yoga One founders Michael and Amy, and they shared some exciting things with us about their philosophy and the studio downtown. Here’s a bit of what Amy and I discussed:

San Diego Lifestyle: How did Yoga One originate, and eventually become what it is today?

Amy: Michael and I both worked in the music industry in Los Angeles prior to discovering yoga. Seeking a lifestyle change, we left the country to enjoy time backpacking abroad. Our travels took us to Australia where we picked apples to earn money, and first began our practice of yoga from the book “Fit for Life.” Over the next three and a half years, we visited 14 more countries, ultimately arriving in India where we completely immersed ourselves into the philosophy and practice of yoga while studying with some of the top yoga masters. When we returned to the States, I continued my studies here in San Diego and began offering classes by donation in Balboa Park, Downtown, etc.  As attendance grew, things organically evolved into what turned into the Yoga One studio located on 7th avenue, Downtown. 

Yoga One San Diego Amy Caldwell

Shadow Van Houten,


SDL: Wow, fascinating! How often do you practice these days?

Amy: I practice almost every day, in classes at Yoga One or home alone.  My home practice is a source of wisdom for my personal growth and understanding from which my teaching also grows.  I also take a class once a week with a senior teacher Jo Zukovich as my schedule allows. Throughout my many years of practice, the style and frequency has varied greatly. But I always come back to my mat as a place where I can take care of myself in a deep and nourishing way.


SDL: What advice would you give to beginners just starting their yoga journey?

Amy: I think its important for beginners to know that yoga practice doesn’t always have to be an hour plus, every day. Just 5-10 minutes can make a difference.  Seeking out classes with knowledgeable instructors like we have at Yoga One is also important to receive guidance and inspiration. We call it “yoga practice”, not “yoga perfect” because it’s a process, a journey, not a destination.


SDL: Have you had moments of breakthrough, where you accomplished something you didn’t think you would be able to?

Amy: For me, the practice has become less about physical accomplishments and more about learning how to live in the world with present moment awareness and an open heart and mind. Having said that, yoga has provided amazing strength and deep breathing for giving birth naturally twice. And it continues to serve me, being a mother now to an 8 and 11 year old.

Yoga One San Diego Amy Caldwell

Shadow Van Houten,

SDL: Your Yoga One studio is downtown, does that make it tough for people to come to class consistently?

Amy: We love being downtown – our students are diverse, educated and often working professionals.  Not to mention really nice people!  Our regulars attend on their lunch hour, after work, early mornings or weekends.  Being downtown we are lucky to get a lot of out of town guests – and we offer plenty of options for brand new beginners, including but not limited to Classic Yoga, Gentle and Restorative. We have a good number of students who value our services so much that they drive all the way from north and east county. 


SDL: There are a TON of yoga studios in San Diego, where are you located exactly?

Amy: We are located at 1150 7th Avenue, between B & C Streets, near the business district at the base of Cortez Hill, across the street from the Symphony and around the corner from the House of Blues.  As I mentioned, we offer classes at the studio, but also at many businesses around San Diego.  So in a very real sense, Yoga One instructors often go to the students. But, students also come from all over the city, and the world in fact. We’ve had great people come from as far as Japan, Ireland and Spain to attend our 200 Hour Yoga One Teacher Training Course, which we have been offering since 2006. We get students from the East Coast attending the training as well.

Yoga One San Diego Amy Caldwell

Shadow Van Houten,

SDL: Wow your teacher training must be a truly wonderful experience! Is it your most popular course?

Amy: Yes it’s quite popular! Right now, I’m really enjoying leading and co-leading the Yoga One Teacher Training Courses. I love teaching all of my classes though, both public and private. Our students are open and eager to learn, and are always teaching me too in the process of learning, so we are growing together. My Monday noon class also usually pretty popular, with many long-time regulars coming whom I adore and love seeing every week. Schedule permitting, I’m happy to kick things up a bit with my First Friday of the Month, level 2 and 3 classes too, which oftentimes draws more students in.


SDL: Your classes seem fun and inspiring. What are your favorite three yoga poses and how long did it take you to perfect them?

Amy: I really enjoy practicing backbends, handstands and of course savasana.  All three are constantly changing as I develop deepening levels of nuanced understanding.  I’d advise new yogis to stay away from the idea of perfection – and really see if they can practice enjoying doing the best they can in the moment.  Having said that, with consistent well-aligned practice, many seemingly challenging postures are totally achievable!

Yoga One San Diego Amy Caldwell

Shadow Van Houten,

SDL: Savasana is definitely my very favorite! Some people look at those practicing yoga and think, “There’s no way I could ever do even one pose!” (I know I did before I started!) What advice would you give to those people?

Amy: Yoga as we offer it at Yoga One is non-competitive. One of the beautiful things about yoga practiced in this way is that it always meets you where you are and supports you at your level. Although in our modern Western culture yoga has become so much about appearances, the depth of the practice lies within.  In the Yoga Sutras, Kriya yoga breaks down into three key elements:  Tapas (to heat, burning enthusiasm or conscious effort), Svadyaya (self-study or reflection) and Ishvara Pranidhana (allowing or letting go, connecting to the Big energy within and around us).  If we remove the elements of self-reflection and letting go, in my opinion it really isn’t yoga.  Yoga is not only what we do, but how we do it.

SDL: You’ve done quite a bit of traveling, and I see on your website that you’ve also been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal. What has been the most memorable experience you’ve had since discovering yoga?

Amy: Twenty years ago when we were traveling, we completed a 30-day round-trip trek to Mt. Everest base camp. With the highest point on the planet as a witness, Michael proposed.  That was pretty awesome!  More recently, we enjoyed an opportunity to travel with the kids and teach yoga on Semester at Sea, during which we visited 6 countries over a three week period.  A few years ago I helped create, with 3D4 Medical, the award-winning and top selling app, iYoga Premium. I modeled over 150 yoga poses in a body suite attached to electrodes. I went into a recording studio to do the voice over instruction and with my friend and fellow yoga expert Rachel Krentzman, we identified which muscles where contracting and stretching in each pose, phew! Also, I created all of the sequences in the app. Every year I go to Coachella with three of my girlfriends. That’s always a blast.

SDL: How cool, you are very ambitious! Have you led any awesome events here in San Diego? Are you planning anything for the near future?

Amy: I did lead the first ever yoga class on the historic USS Midway in conjunction with the Downtown San Diego Partnership and Scripps Health.  We will be offering a free class again this year aboard the ship on July 16th at 8am and we expect 600-1000 students in attendance! In 2014, I co-taught a class for City of Hope on the outfield of Padres’ Petco Park which raised over $80,000 to fight cancer and fund research.  Michael will be leading a workshop at SDSU and we both teach every year at the Joshua Tree Music Festival.  We are always open to teaching a wide variety of classes and events. (:

SDL: Where can people find you on social media if they’d like to reach out with more questions?

Amy: Always feel free to send me an email at I’m pretty good about responding within 24 hours. Yoga One is on social media at:




We’d love for you or anyone you know to come and take a class with us at Yoga One, or let us know if we can come to you!  We are honored and blessed to have the practice of yoga in our lives and look forward to sharing its joys and benefits with you and as many people as possible. We consider Yoga One a family and we’re always here to embrace new members.

SDL: Next time we are downtown, we would love to come in for a class! Thanks so much for taking time to talk to us Amy!

Amy: Thank you San Diego Lifestyle team for this opportunity. – Namaste –


Discover weekly events, take advantage of VIP discounts, explore new places and meet new people, all right here in San Diego. You’ll also be automatically entered into our prize drawing each month! Subscribe below.

4 Tips for Staying Fit While Pregnant

4 Tips for Staying Fit While Pregnant

“Pregnancy does not limit lung function, and both pregnancy and exercise improve the ability of body tissues to take up and utilize oxygen.”  -James F. Clapp III, Exercising Through Your Pregnancy

staying fit while pregnant

That glorious moment you pee on a stick and it confirms your suspicions… YOU’RE PREGNANT! An incredible parade of thoughts begin to flood your mind – and a slight bit of “holy crap” moments because now you’re officially becoming a mother (or maybe now a mom of 2 or 3) & you can’t help but start to obsess over how the next 9 months of life will change as your body grows to accommodate and produce a tiny budding human – your newest family member! Ahh, how do you stay in shape while you’re pregnant?! Here are four tips I have lived by to continue staying fit while pregnant:

staying fit while pregnant

Keep a good mindset, thinking with your brain, NOT your stomach.

Staying fit while pregnant is not easy. Nobody wants to be a fat and flabby mom. No young woman desires to wear a daily greased-back pony tail and “mom jeans.” I think we all have a little fear of losing our sexy feminine selves as we surrender our bodies to be the first official homeland of our offspring. But it doesn’t have to be that way!! You can have a fit pregnancy and grow a healthy baby at the same time. It’s all about finding a balance. If you’re having issues figuring out which foods are ok to keep in your diet, check out Happy Food, a company helping southern Californian’s create a better mindset around the kitchen and dinner table. Some moms I have spoken to talk about how they were so strict on working out everyday while pregnant and counting calories.. while other mom’s admit they “let go” completely and had the “fat and pregnant” mentality and watched many unnecessary excess pounds pack on. The truth is – you need to gain weight & you need to increase body fat, you also need to eat extra calories. However, this is not a hall pass to eat fast food and cake day in and day out. Actually quite the contrary – becoming pregnant is a responsibility to take amazing care of yourself. Keep a healthy happy mindset, and you’re sure to stay in shape while giving your growing little one all the nutrients they need.

staying fit while pregnant staying fit while pregnant

Make healthy food choices, while still allowing yourself to indulge.

Now let’s talk about healthy eating during your pregnancy. The common saying “eating for two” doesn’t exactly apply – because after all you’re not eating for 2 grown adults, you’re eating for you + your little growing fetus. In the first trimester you actually need to focus more on eating nutrient dense foods more than excess foods, unless you were already underweight at which you can ask your doctor how many extra calories per day you should consume. In your second trimester you need about an extra 300-350 calories per day and in the third trimester you need an extra 500 calories per day. And although every pregnant mama is allowed to indulged from time to time on those cravings, for the large majority make sure you are fueling yourself and your body with lots of organic fruits, veggies, nuts, healthy carbs like rice, quinoa, potatoes, oatmeal & LOTS of protein!! Protein contains the amino acids that are the building blocks for your (and your baby’s) cells so it’s important to aim to consume around 70grams of protein per day – you might not be perfect with that number daily so just try to average it over 3-4 days. Great sources of protein are fish, chicken, eggs, beans, yogurt, milk, beans & protein rich vegetables. Check out, a website with great delivery options that are healthy and cost-effective. Meal planning, even for the whole family, is a good way to know what you’re feeding yourself, and your baby. Also make sure you’re drinking lots of water through the day (aim for 8 glasses) and last but not least take a great daily pre-natal vitamin.

staying fit while pregnant

Create an exercise plan, and stick to it.

Next to talk about is exercise. Keeping active during pregnancy has been something that has been an up and down controversy through the past 50 years. In earlier times, women were encouraged to not exercise what-so-ever and just rest and be still or sitting/lying down most of their pregnancy. But over the years, new studies have shown that staying active (while always considering the protection and consideration of the belly area) is actually a very healthy and beneficial thing for both mommy and baby. Whatever activities you choose to engage in just think of picking something you ENJOY and look forward to so that you will stick to it, and continue staying fit while pregnant. Some women continue going to the gym and just modify their weight training or cardio sessions while other women experience a fit pregnancy through pre-natal yoga classes, dance classes, swimming, aqua fit or even just daily walks. (Check out this article to decide whether hot yoga is something to avoid while pregnant.) Whatever you choose, just do it consistently. That is the key – as you are really preparing your body for labor and delivery which will take strength in body, mind & cardiovascular fitness as well. Keep that heart strong and those muscles conditioned so you can be prepared for a healthy birth experience.

staying fit while pregnant

Do not deny your body rest, it’s needed in order for you to continue staying fit while pregnant!

Lastly is rest. Sleep is a very important part to a healthy, fit pregnancy. The first trimester is often a time when pregnant women feel a lot of exhaustion and it’s important they get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. If sleeping straight through the night is difficult (with all those wake-up-to-pee moments,) then always resort to some nice daytime naps to ensure your body is getting enough rest. The second trimester is often much more enjoyable as energy levels pick back up and nausea is at bay, making peaceful sleep more easily attained but it is still important to get at least 8 hours per night. This has been shown to reduce exhaustion, moodiness & lack of focus during the day and even reduce chances of a c-section and longer labor. As you enter into the third trimester you may find it more difficult to get comfortable at night and sleep a steady 8 hours straight as the baby is getting bigger inside of you & your joints have softened, making aches and pains more the normal. It’s best to sleep on your side and cuddle up with plenty of pillows, especially placing a pillow between your knees, one under your belly and one behind your back to help relieve pain and help achieve a sound sleep.

staying fit while pregnant

All in all, this combo of a good mindset + healthy eating + enjoyable daily exercise + sound sleep is the key to staying fit while pregnant. This is a beautiful part of your life – a true miracle and something to be enjoyed and celebrated! You take nearly 10 months to create this new life so don’t be so hard on yourself losing all the weight and “bouncing back” in just a few weeks.. give yourself time after the birth to heal and shrink back to your old self in a healthy timeline. But for now just focus on making yourself and your growing baby the healthiest possible!

staying fit while pregnant

Cheers to being a mommy 🙂
XO – Chels

Lose Weight in San Diego: Eat ‘Happy Food’

Lose Weight in San Diego: Eat ‘Happy Food’

Samantha From Happy Food is Helping Clients Lose Weight in San Diego

“True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.” -Wilhelm von Humboldt

Have you ever felt like your relationship with food just, isn’t that great? Do you find yourself wanting to lose weight in San Diego? Are you craving a diet that actually fills you up, is good for you and also tastes good? We caught up with Samantha Hua, a Holistic Health Coach from Happy Food, and asked her a few questions about what she does to help clients lose weight in San Diego. Check out the interview:

Holistic Health Coach Helps You Lose Weight in San Diego

San Diego Lifestyle: Samantha, it’s so nice to get to talk to you for a few minutes! Tell us about Happy Food!

Samantha: Happy Food is a concept that our relationship with food needs to be happy, and being happy helps us treat our body better, gravitating towards better food.  When we love food and truly learn to enjoy the right food for our body, and especially in San Diego, we naturally lose weight and feel great.  Dieting does not work because it is restrictive and not sustainable.  Being happy also improves metabolism by turning on our parasympathetic nervous system which helps us digest more efficiently.  Our Happy Food plan is a complete mind and body program.


SDL: Wow that’s awesome! So people don’t have to be hungry anymore while they’re dieting! They just need to understand what they’re putting into their body, that makes sense. I’ve looked around on your website a bit, and I must say, the recipe videos are my favorite part! What is your most popular recipe?

Samantha: I think most people love EASY.  The easy ones are the 30-Second Oatmeal, Quinoa Salad, Portobello Pizza, 5-Spice Chicken, and 10-Minute Tilapia…just to name a few out of 116 videos.  They are short (1 – 4 minutes long) and most of what I cook is about 20 minutes.


SDL: That makes it easy for just about anyone to cook using your recipes for five or six months before they could ever get bored! But, how do they know if they are truly ready to start eating “Happy Food”? Does your FREE health consultation help with this process?

Samantha: Yes it does! The FREE health consultation is really where I get a chance to interview future clients.  I only want to work with those who are ready for change. My program is not a quick fix so I want to make sure that my client and I are the right match for each other.  People just need to be OPEN for change.  They don’t need to be crazy motivated or super committed; they just need to be open.  It’s my way of sharing what I do, which is understanding how the mind and body connects for efficient health.  If you want a quick, extreme diet, I am not the right fit.  I take the time to learn about you, what your goals are, what your struggles are and then I explain how I can specifically support you towards success.


SDL: Sounds like you really get down to the root of the issue with your clients! How did you get started in this business? What is your background?

Samantha: I used to be a field biologist, roaming the world chasing wild animals.  I lived in mud huts, my truck, tents, etc.  I loved it!!  Each time I came home, I noticed that my family physically got wider and wider.  I noticed the prevalence of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, thyroid disease, etc.  Nutrition was a hobby for more than 20 years but it was just for me until I realized that people needed help.  And they didn’t need help counting calories, but they needed help understanding food, diving deeper to understand their habits, and re-wiring their brains to become successful eaters.  Living in San Diego with a biology background, I decided to get certified as a health coach and started my practice in 2009. It’s been a fantastic journey helping people see themselves and life in a different light, and losing weight is a side effect.

Lose Weight in San Diego

SDL: Does your website help kids as well as adults?

Samantha: My blog applies more to adults.  I help kids and families indirectly because the adults are the ones who do the shopping and cooking.  In the office, my clients and I focus on family nutrition when it’s applicable.  I do also work directly with teens who are more apt to make independent food choices (versus younger children).


SDL: Do you recommend certain workouts or nutritional supplements?

Samantha: I don’t do much in the way of supplements.  There’s a time and place for it but I’m more focused on the whole food approach. I do focus on exercise as it’s a part of the mind-body approach.  I help my clients find love in body movement.  I tell them I last 10 minutes in the gym but I can play 4 hours of beach volleyball and would never call that exercise.  We have to enjoy how we move, how we eat, and how we live.  That’s what’s sustainable!  Torture does not sustain.  Most of us can’t wait to reach our weight goal and be done with the program.  This needs to be a lifestyle where you can just wake up and be YOU.  I never think that I have to be healthy when I wake up.  That’s exhausting.


SDL: Have you participated in or spoken at any local San Diego events?

Samantha: I speak publicly to help people lose weight all over San Diego.  Here are just a few places where I have presented, including being a Keynote speaker at a San Diego County Conference.


SDL: Do you plan on spreading your concept around the states/world eventually, or staying local?

Samantha: I already work with individuals in other states and internationally as well.  At the moment, it’s only on an individual basis but I hope to do more group events outside of San Diego. I love the success I see, not just in weight loss, but seeing people glow.  It’s not about the number on the scale anymore.  It’s about how we view life, what makes us happy, what makes us thrive.  It’s about making people see their real potential far beyond the over-obsession of weight loss.  When we focus on what really matters, the weight will drop as a side note.


SDL: What do you like to do in San Diego when you’re not helping families get healthier?

Samantha: I love beach volleyball, hiking, camping, exploring, hosting cooking clubs/events with friends, picnics, and these days…meeting new moms since I am a new mother myself.

Holistic Health Coach Helps You Lose Weight in San Diego

SDL: Oh congratulations!! I will let you get back to your motherly duties. Do you have a final note you’d like to leave us with?

Samantha: Life is so much more than body image.  People come to me to lose weight in San Diego, but they graduate my program as a changed person.  They do so much more in the world and in their lives. They’re finished being frustrated and focused on sizing themselves up to the latest air-brushed magazine models.  That’s what I love the most about my job.  It’s a ripple effect of spreading positive life purpose.  And in truth, it really balances ME.  My clients help me too.  We feed off each other’s growth, and I love that. If anyone you come across could use a program like this in their lives, let them know about Happy Food, and my philosophy. I would be happy to share information and support them towards a happy, healthy life.


SDL: Sounds great, we definitely will! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule today to talk to us. We’ll reach out in a few months for an update on how your client base is growing here in San Diego. Where can readers find you in the meantime if they want to get to know you more?

Samantha: I have lots of reviews on Yelp as well as Google.  I’m also on Facebook,  Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the healthy cooking videos on the site. There are tons! If you’re a potential client and you think you’re ready to open your mind about health and fitness, fill out my FREE health consultation form and let’s get started! The San Diego lifestyle awaits!

Men’s Yoga Clothes for Spring

Men’s Yoga Clothes for Spring

Must Have Additions to Your Yoga Wardrobe for this Spring

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” – Robin Williams

I recently shared my spring yoga clothes picks for women, but I didn’t want to forget the guys! I’ve noticed a lot more stylish men’s yoga pieces popping up and wanted to share with all the yoga dudes out there my picks for the spring season.


Most of my male clients practice in board shorts as they stretch and allow you to move and they dry quickly after a sweaty session on the mat. I am really digging Vuori’s Banks shorts, especially in this camouflage print. What makes purchasing these shorts even better? Vuori is a company based right here in Encinitas!

men's yoga clothes

Banks Shorts in Camo available at

CorePower Yoga Del Mar in Flower Hill sells these shorts or you can pick them up at the Vuori store on the 101 in Encinitas.

Must-have #2: POST-YOGA PANTS

Men's Yoga Clothes

Venice Boardpants available at

Electric & Rose is a somewhat local company based right up the coast in Venice Beach that creates very unique and totally rad yoga-inspired clothing for women and men. Their Venice Boardpants are cool enough to wear to post-yoga brunch and cozy enough to continue to wear chilling at home long into the afternoon. Like your favorite board shorts, they are 4-way stretch and quick dry.


It’s no joke that some of you dudes out there can sweat – a LOT. I feel that Lululemon still makes the best tanks you can actually sweat in. I know that the Metal Vent Tech Tank is a favorite of many of my male yoga teacher friends. I’m loving the dark cobalt color as it is bright without being too obnoxious.

Men's Yoga Clothes

Metal Vent Tech Tank available at

Visit a San Diego location: Lululemon UTC, Lululemon La Jolla, or Lululemon Carlsbad.


I love my Spiritual Gangster tees and tanks because they are soft and comfy, feature the coolest designs and phrases, and are cute enough to wear with denim out on the town. Their men’s tees and tanks are no different. If you have never experienced one, you are missing out!

Men's Yoga Clothing

Men’s T-Shirts available at

Guys, what is your favorite stuff to practice in? We want to know! Share with us in the comments below.

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