From Real Estate to Restaurants to Bars and More, Jimmy Langley Has a Passion for San Diego

 Jimmy Langley is an expert in many different facets of real estate here in San Diego and negotiates lease and purchase contracts for local business owners. His experience with these many real estate deals has led him to a few entrepreneurial ventures, and I sit down to talk about all of them in this video. Check out the full interview with myself and Jimmy Langley, an entrepreneur and partner at Schwartz Commercial Realty:
Jimmy’s favorite area of San Diego?
Carmel Valley. Why? Because, he believes that there is so much going on in the Pacific Highlands Ranch area, with Pardee Homes building many new homes. He explains about the new restaurants coming soon to PHR such as Wokou and Breakfast Republic. He is very excited to be a part of these new restaurants coming in, and thinks they will be helping our economy grow. He loves that Carmel Valley offers so much to the community such as access to the beach, shopping, and great restaurants. When he moved to San Diego in 2003 from the Bay Area, he loved how there were so many places to have fun and eat delicious food. He instantly fell in love with San Diego.
His favorite beach?
Ponto Beach, off of La Costa Blvd. on the edge of Encinitas (Leucadia) and Carlsbad. If he had a dog, it would be Coronado’s Dog Beach, as he thinks that is the best beach in town to take a furry friend.
Other areas he loves in San Diego?
Little Italy – If you’re a foodie, go try to eat at as many different places in Little Italy as you can. It is impossible but trying is worth it! There are so many great places to eat there!
Coronado – You can take a bike around the island, and spend the entire day enjoying the laid back atmosphere. The military neighborhoods give this area a special feeling.
North Park – With so many great food and craft drink places popping up, there’s always something new to taste. You also have great craft coffee places, so North Park really offers everything that everyone wants these days.
Encinitas – Union Kitchen & Tap is the best. The food and community there creates a great vibe, and of course, Lofty coffee is always great for coffee.
Resident Brewing

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Favorite Brewery in San Diego?
Resident Brewing Company – Jimmy is now a partner in crime at Resident Brewing, and they are now many places, including Petco Park! (Taste Resident Brewing at Phil’s BBQ!) Visit their website for more information on their locations, as they have many! Jimmy and his team at the brewery have been working on building a quality business over anything else, even if that means not making big money right away. He is very excited to be a part of this new venture and thinks it is a booming business in town!
Biggest challenges in business so far?
Real estate – Economy going so rampant right now that good deals are tough to find. You have to really change the way you do business so that you can procure opportunity.
Restaurant/Bar Scene – So much opportunity, that people are taking chances, leading to so much saturation. Jimmy thinks quality really will help people stand out in the future. He can’t afford to take many risks with businesses now a days because he needs to make cautious moves. Some people want to move fast, so that’s challenging for him and his real estate team.
It was so nice to sit down and talk to Jimmy about what is coming soon in Carmel Valley, and some of the other really great things that are happening in town! If you would like to contact Jimmy, connect with his real estate website page here, and make sure to check out the Resident Brewing page here.