While I haven’t been to every single dispensary in San Diego (yet), I can say that March & Ash, a new licensed dispensary in Mission Valley is the most beautiful marijuana facility I have ever visited!

March Ash Cannabis Dispensary

You know those high-end, luxurious hair salons that you see on Instagram in fancy towns where celebrities are getting blow outs? Ya, this is sort of like that, for weed. Modern, sleek and inviting AF! On their very first day open I could barely find any parking (although on any other day I am sure their large parking lot will be more than enough space for customers!) and I walked up the street to find a big party going on! Here’s a glimpse of my first few minutes there!:

As I walked up, I found many local food companies collaborating, and company representatives from the cannabis brands sold inside the store meeting customers outside at booths. I am always surprised how excited and passionate cannabis entrepreneurs are about their businesses.


Each company had no problem explaining how each ingredient in their products usually affects people, and sharing stories of their struggles with the new laws and growing their company in San Diego. We talked about different ways to use cannabis, different products in the store, and of course, the highlight of the opening day party, Tommy Chong! Everyone said I should head inside to meet him, so I headed for the line at the door! Check out this highlight video of my full experience at their opening day party just before meeting Tommy!:

To get in the dispensary during regular business hours all you need is your ID (proving that you are you 21) and your payment method (if you plan to buy anything!) Other dispensaries only take cash, but March & Ash takes credit card also! Inside, it is a comfortable, fun atmosphere almost like an ice cream parlor or your favorite boutique clothing store. All of the employees are very knowledgable and can explain all of the various options for you to choose from, which are a lot. From actual plants you can grow in your home, to flower to grind up for a joint, to CBD vape pens, edibles, concentrates and more. After looking around at everything inside I finally got to meet Tommy Chong!:

Overall, it was an amazing day at March & ash celebrating their grand opening! When I usually go to a dispensary, I like to grab some pre-rolls so that I don’t have to do any work getting the cannabis ready to smoke before enjoying it, and I usually try a new edible each time, just out of curiosity. Edibles are great for a Sunday afternoon of relaxing. Recently I have found some great THC granola that is great for hiking, and some wax for my vape pen that I love! March & Ash also has Tommy’s Choice products, a line recommended by Tommy Chong himself! If you are 21 and want to stop by March & Ash, please don’t be afraid! It is so nice to see marijuana come out from the darkness and be more normalized in society. Have you been to March & Ash since they have opened? What do you think?