Welcome to The Meal Prep Company! We’re excited to be able to share a little bit about our company, our program, and our vision for making San Diego a healthier place!

The Meal Prep Company San Diego

Starting our company

A few years ago Jimmy had his own thriving BBQ business. Everyone loved coming in and filling up on all kinds of Mac and Cheese, ribs, rolls, and all the other delicious food, but there was something missing. As fulfilling as the comfort food was, it wasn’t helping people in the long run. There would be San Diego Chargers who would come in to eat his food for a cheat meal, but Jimmy wanted to help them and all his clients eat delicious food that made you healthier without sacrificing the flavor that he was so well known for. So Jimmy started going to school to learn even more about nutrition, and he started a company that would evolve into The Meal Prep Company.

Why we do what we do

Eating healthy is the first step to any goal in life, yet it’s the one that’s pushed to the back of our minds the most. People who are studying to become a lawyer need the right food to fuel their brains. People who want to run a half marathon need the right food for proper recovery, new moms need proper nutrition for their babies, and the list could go on all day. So we decided to make a meal prep company that would take all the hard work out of eating healthy. All you have to do is eat your meals on the correct day, and that’s it. Or, if you want more options, we launched Meal Prep To Go where you pick your perfectly balanced meals, and they’re delivered to your front door each week.

The Meal Prep Company San Diego

Making health easily accessible for everyone

Every day we’re wondering “what’s for lunch” or “what’s for dinner”? Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love food. And unless we meal prep at home, putting in all that work to shop, cook, measure out portions, and count calories, we’re probably going to be eating something quick, delicious, and something that involves a drive through. So, we made all of that into one easy company serving San Diego. We have different locations all around the city where you can stop in a grab a quick meal. Or, go in and grab several for the entire week. If you want to plan ahead, you can order at those shops or through our website and have your meals delivered to your home, or have them dropped off at that shop. If you really want to take your health to the next level, we’ll work with you to get you customized meals that are delivered to your door each week. All you have to do is grab those meals labeled for that day!

Our clients

Our clients have ranged from NFL players to the moms of flag football leagues. We have the best athletes in the world to the unhealthy, overworked person who just doesn’t have the time to even try to get healthy. Our program not only works for everyone, it’s the best, most simplified program to get and keep people on track for their health goals. And since we don’t pay for any advertisement, our success is measured by how many people are referred to us.

We have major athletes coming to us from all over the US, and from all different sports and teams. They use us because our meals are healthy, whole foods that work together to give all the best nutrients so that the athletes can perform at their best. We break down their workout schedule with them and go into detail about when and what they’re going to be eating, supplements they’ll be taking, and even about their sleep habits. Our program will tell them what protein to eat first thing in the morning, what to take during and after their workouts, what their cheat meals will be, and how many hours they will be sleeping. Since it’s such a detailed program that is extremely specific for them, their sport, and their lifestyle outside of the sport, we’re one of the only companies that handles this much variety of sports nutrition. With years of experience and excellent results, it’s no wonder that our program is popular just by word of mouth.

It’s pretty awesome to be able to say that you’re using the same meal prep program as professional athletes, but other than bragging rights, what does our program offer the regular person? The answer is simple: our program is easy, simple, and affordable. We go back to the basics; when your body is fed whole foods in the correct portions, your body will start responding quickly. It’s the same with anything else; if you give your pet unhealthy foods, their body won’t respond well. If you give them healthy food, they’re going to be at their peak performance. It’s the same with humans. You know what your body will do if you eat Taco Bell. But, what about if you just eat some processed foods that are a healthier option than fast food…. Your body will just start slowing down. You’re not going to be able to function at your peak. You’ll be tired, your mind will be foggy, you won’t want to workout as hard, and your attitude might be a little less than awesome. The sad part is that’s what we’re used to. We’ve been eating “regular” food for so long we don’t even notice it until we get on a program like ours, where you’re eating healthy, whole foods that are perfectly balanced. Our clients get that taste of what their bodies can do, and they’re addicted. Their work performance increases, their relationships become better, and their overall quality of life increases! All because of an easy change in their habits.

The Meal Prep Company San Diego

So now that you see how easy it is to start having a healthy lifestyle, what are you waiting for? Go book your free consultation so you can be on your way to a happier, healthier lifestyle!