According to a study reported by the Harvard Business Review, over 80% of business leaders do not know their personal purpose. They may have a vision/mission for their company, but are completely missing out on the advantage of knowing and aligning their purpose both personally and professionally.In this interview, join Jeff Blanton and his guest James Carmody in a live guidance session.

Jeff utilizes his purpose of Mobilizing Possibilities to explore the use of James’ purpose of Empowering Confidence, to improve the overall guest experience on his podcast This show offers a great insight of purpose in action, and the potential impact we can have when we proactively and intentionally do what we have been called to do. In addition, learn about the impact James Carmody is having with RiseUpSD. A podcast dedicated to getting the good news of San Diego out to the community. Tune in now into this two series podcast and join the fun. 

Dare to live differently. Dare to find the freedom to be you. Dare to be a Jailbreak Leader.

Jeff Blanton

P.S. Learn More: If you desire more meaning from work, are looking at a career transition or want to take your leadership to the next level; the first step is to bust out of the jail of your mind. The best way to do that is to join the Jailbreak Leaders Movement – Where you will get an inside look at your key to freedom of living with purpose, calling and passion.

Part 2 of the interview is here.