Robert Ortiz, otherwise known as DJ Mister.E, grew up and lives here in San Diego, and has risen from working with “no name speakers” he borrowed from his dad, to his elaborate DJ booth, multiple setups, mixer, turn tables, and more that he has now a days for his professional DJ business. Not only is he an incredible DJ, he is a former wide receiver and played for San Diego State in college, and for the Chargers, the 49ers, and the Patriots in the NFL! Watch my full-length interview video with Rob to learn more:

DJ Mister.E
His name “DJ Mister.E” is short for Mr. Everything, not because he thinks he is Mr. Wonderful, but because he can play every different genre of music, from oldies, to country to hip hop and beyond at your next event! He prides himself on his ability to mix all genres across the board, as well as read the crowd, and play the best track at the perfect time. He is at Casa Ranchero for Taco Tuesday every week, so if you’d like to check out some of his music and vibe, head there on a Tuesday. (It is about an hour away from North County San Diego!) He says some nights there are only a few people, but some nights get very popular. His average parties range from 200-300 people, and his largest crowd? A stadium of 70,000 people!

Football Lessons for Business
What is the biggest lesson he has learned from his football career that he has taken into his professional life? Hard work. He walked onto San Diego State University’s football team, and earned a scholarship within a year. He had to turn down a scholarship at another school in order to create this opportunity for himself, but he has no regrets about this decision and knew it would be the best decision for him.

Current Business
Currently Robert is working on a project called Ballerz World, which is a basketball show that started on ESPN, and is now signed on for distribution to millions of markets! This role came to him when ESPN needed needed a DJ for a show, and although he wasn’t receiving any pay for this, he did it, every single week, for as much time as it took. Eventually he started to get paid, but he says you truly have to know your value, but then realize opportunities. “You can look at it like you’re working for free, or you can look at it like this is an opportunity and it’s worth something. The opportunity is worth something,” he says. Now he looks back and realizes this show is everything he wanted it to become. He owns the content, and loves that he can repurpose it again and again, while still having control.

Robert Ortiz DJ Mister.E

Life in San Diego
When Robert is in San Diego (which is most of the time) he likes to eat, listen to music, and dance! Little Italy has amazing restaurants and cool vibes. Now a days, he thinks it’s more about the food and the vibes here in America’s Finest City. He likes to take his kids to trampoline parks, Chuck E Cheese, and the beach! He loves San Diego’s sunshine and has only felt two Earthquakes in his entire life! He thinks that tornadoes happening every year in other areas is not something he would want to trade this sunshine for, EVER! (I asked him about Michigan also, of course, since that’s where I am from!) He played football against Michigan in the Big House, and was very proud of the type of game that he had there. He says that game “put him on the map,” so he will always have a special place in his heart for Michigan.

Getting into the NFL
At about 10 years old, he was playing football for a few years, and he was doing very very well. “It was a natural high,” he explains. He was also very good at playing baseball and basketball through middle school, and he knew he would make it one of those sports. In high school, he really stood out in football. “Did I know I was going to play in the NFL? No. Did I think I could work hard enough to potentially do it? Yes.” Slowly but surely he made that dream a reality.

Robert Ortiz DJ Mister.E

Difference between college football and the NFL
He explains how there are different levels of football. In NFL, it is more of a cerebral game. Everyone is athletic, fast, strong, just all around good athletes, so it’s about, how do you separate yourself from that? It’s mostly “from the neck up” as his dad taught him growing up. For some quarterbacks, if they can’t think fast during the game, people can get hurt badly. And on defense? These guys watch so much film, and they can get to where they need to get to and that’s how they can blow up the play. Guys are reading, they know things they didn’t know in college, so that’s a game changer in the NFL.

Chargers Leaving San Diego
Rob grew up a Chargers fan, and his family, after the Chargers left, was pretty bummed, but they still watch the Chargers. He himself, is not a Chargers fan as of the moment the Chargers released him. He explains how the fan side of football goes out the window once you start playing professionally, and there is a whole business side that unravels. You are basically just a number, and if you don’t perform, you can be cut immediately. Once that happens, there is just not much you can do to keep a good taste in your mouth for that team.

Favorite Football Team
“The Patriots organization was the best organization I played for. I loved how the owner was into his employees. I would be eating in the cafeteria, and the owner would walk in and start a conversation with the cleaning ladies. They knew personal things about these people, and that was truly touching, and something I wanted to bring into any business I create.” Rob will always appreciate how football has changed his life, and the business lessons he has learned from playing the sport.

Robert Ortiz DJ Mister.E

Booking DJ Mister.E
How can you get ahold of him for corporate or clubs or private parties? His website is and he has a booking page there that makes it easy for you to contact him! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any specific questions. He is one of the most inspirational people I have met in San Diego, and he has so many exciting new ventures he is working on, we will check back again soon to see where things have gone! If you have any questions, don’t forget you can always comment below!