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Healthy Meals in San Diego

Last week I was searching for some delicious gluten free meals online for my friend. She has struggled finding healthy and delicious options for her family in San Diego for awhile now and I wanted to help. I found, and I was so excited! They have several gluten free and vegetarian options, and they do all the baking/prepping! All that is left to do is toss the meal in the oven, or just eat right after delivery! I contacted the site owners to find out more information, and wanted to share it with you! Here is what they said:

San Diego Lifestyle: Your site is: When did you launch?

NourishmentSD: We started about a week after we had the idea for our company…not even 5 months ago! We started our Instagram profile about 17 weeks ago, and it has really taken off! There is a need for gluten free, vegetarian, and paleo-aaproved meals, and we hope to fill that need here in southern California.

SDL: Wow, only 5 months ago that’s amazing! How did it all start?

NSD: We originally started with the “normal” person in mind. This person is hard working, but wants to eat healthy. We started to get a following from the “fitness” world, and now we offer everything from beef enchiladas to pans of chicken boobs for competitors. We literally have everything for everyone!

Healthy Meals in San Diego

SDL: So, your site provides healthy meals for everyone in San Diego. Is it more popular to have meals delivered or do many people come to pick up their meals?

NSD: It’s actually half and half! We have two pickup locations, in Tierrasanta and Chula Vista, and our kitchen is in Barrio Logan so we are pretty centrally located. Customers pick up their pre-ordered meals for the week, but we deliver a lot too!

SDL: Do you take your own photos on Instagram or is it a collaboration of others’ photos?

NSD: It’s all our own photos! I will make food for my family from our menu so that we can take pictures for the website and social media sites. I love it, it’s so fun and offers people a chance to see what the food looks like!

Healthy Meals in San Diego

SDL: What do you promote on social media besides your website?

NSD: We promote a lot of men and women that believe in us by reposting their photos on our timelines. We love helping local businesses and anyone else who has love for us by promoting the goals they are working hard toward on our platforms. We are seeing people buying our food and they are loving it!!! They are eating healthy and enjoying their lives. From time to time we will even do raffles on our social media sites for a free NourishmentSD shirt! Keep an eye out here on our profile for giveaways!

SDL: What is your ultimate goal with this company?

NSD: We would eventually love to have a physical location, and also be stocked in gyms throughout San Diego. NourishmentSD is for errrryyyybody!

Healthy Meals in San Diego

SDL: Who are some of your favorite healthy eating San Diegan’s ?

NSD: Our favorites are those who have been with us since the beginning: Kelly Grossman, trainer at Body University, and Eric Reyes, the SoCal rep for BPI supplements. These two have cheered us on from the start and are still here supporting Nourishment SD. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Healthy Meals in San Diego

SDL: Any special promotions going on?

NSD: We have plenty of samplings, but in the meantime use coupon code “eat” for $5 off your next order on .

Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to answer some questions for us! We hope to see more gluten free San Diegans’ picking from a wide variety of options and actually enjoying their meals, thanks to you!

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