My Top 3 Yoga Events of Fall 2015

“Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.” ― Amit RayMeditation: Insights and Inspirations

An amazing thing about yoga is that the practice not only connects your body, mind, and spirit but is a great way to connect with your community. We are really lucky to be a hotbed for yoga here in San Diego; there are constantly opportunities being offered to grow your practice, meet new people, and give back.

These 3 yoga events are on the top of my list this season. Mark your calendar!  

San Diego Yoga Events Fall 2015

STRETCH FOR VETS (November 21, San Diego)

Amy Opieowlski, senior manager of Classroom Experience at CorePower Yoga San Diego, has organized what is going to be one of the most memorable yoga events in San Diego thus far: Stretch for Vets. Taking place the weekend before Thanksgiving, 100% of ticket funds from this one-hour class on the USS Midway go to serve the San Diego disabled and homeless veterans.

Sonny Bagsic, who is co-teaching the class with Opieowlski, is a 14-year United States Navy Hospital Corpsman Combat veteran and senior teacher at CorePower Yoga. He has experienced first hand the healing benefits of yoga after serving overseas. Mindful.Yoga.Health reports that veterans are increasingly using yoga to regain mobility that may have been lost during combat, build trust again in their physical and mental capabilities, and ease the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

There is nothing more rewarding than sweating for a good cause. To learn more about Stretch for Vets or to purchase tickets to be a part of this special day, click here.


San Diego Yoga Events Fall 2015

THE ART OF SITTING (November 7, Rancho Santa Fe)

If you want to try meditation but don’t know where to start, check out Josh Blatter’s “The Art of Sitting” at Rancho Valencia in Rancho Santa Fe. At this introduction to meditation you will learn what meditation is, how to practice it, and how to easily incorporate meditation into your daily routine to reap a plethora of benefits.

Increasingly professionals in not just health and wellness but in business and science as well are incorporating meditation into their lives to increase performance and reduce depression and anxiety. Steve Jobs, for example, was ahead of his time in his dedication to mindfulness. Blatter states, “My goal is to utilize the tools of yoga, conscious breathing and meditation to support individuals in their pursuit of health, well being and happiness. It is from this place alone that we have the opportunity to better serve ourselves and all beings everywhere.”


San Diego Yoga Events Fall 2015

To invest in your health and spend the afternoon at Ranch Valencia with Josh, sign up here.


San Diego Yoga Events Fall 2015

Photo courtesy of: Vuori

FREE YOGA AT VUORI (throughout October, Encinitas)

Vuori is a new yoga and performance apparel company that has opened their doors right here in downtown Encinitas. Founded by local pro-skateboarder Chris Miller and good friend Joe Kudla, Vuori celebrates yoga, surf, art, music and the active lifestyle of North County San Diego.

Throughout the month of October teachers from your Encinitas community will lead FREE yoga classes every Thursday evening at the shop. Join in for a free sweat and to enjoy 20% off Vuori goods. 

San Diego Yoga Events Fall 2015

Photo courtesy of: Vuori

What yoga events are you excited to attend this season?

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