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Podify is Solving the Challenges of Running a Sole Proprietorship for Wellness Professionals: An Interview with Bryan Renaud and Matt Eeles, the co-founders of Podify

In this interview, the co-founders of Podify discuss their backgrounds, how they came-up with the idea for Podify, and the unique value proposition that Podify offers for running a personal training business or other wellness professional business, such as a massage therapists, and their clients.

Bryan Renault and Matt EeelesBryan Renaud is an elite personal trainer with over 15 years experience in personal training business. He currently trains over 75 high net-worth clients.   Bryan has reached the pinnacle of the personal training business. Bryan and his co-founder, Matt Eeles, who has nearly two decades of marketing, sales and business development experience, started Podify in 2014.

Matt Eeles Co-Founder Podify
Matt Eeles, Co-Founder of Podify

Bryan and Matt formed the idea of Podify one Wednesday evening while shopping for dinner at Whole Foods. Bryan has a deep understanding of the challenges of being a sole proprietor of his own personal training business. He highlighted to Matt many of the challenges faced by wellness professionals in building their businesses. Over the next several weeks they fleshed-out the concept for Podify.

The Podify platform is a Software as a Solution (SaaS) that offers a complete business solution for wellness professionals including solving their administrative and management needs. Podify also has exclusive marketing tools, including a referral engine, for helping wellness professionals grow their businesses through collaboration with other wellness professionals or “Pods”. Podify is a trusted community marketplace allowing professionals a seamless interact with their clients, and offers them an integrated scheduling and billing platform.  Podify is currently in incubation at EvoNexus in downtown San Diego.

Brian Renaud Co-Founder Podify
Brian Renaud, Co-Founder of Podify

In the US alone, there are 300,000 personal trainers, 45% of whom are independent business people, with the remainder working at a gym. The Podify platform has value for this entire group, and there network of other wellness professionals.

The Podify platform is transactional, and revenue for Podify is generated by a per transaction fee.   The Podify app is free to download, and scheduling free to use by clients and wellness professionals. Trainers can decide if they want to use the billing feature for one, some or all of their clients.

The Podify web-based app is in beta and the mobile app will be released in the coming weeks. Bryan and Matt feel that Podify can hit profitability by the end of 2016.

This is an exciting company with a unique solution to a real problem in a potentially large market. I’m super excited about the prospects for Podify, and hope you enjoy this interview with its energetic founders. Please let us know what you think!

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This article originally appeared in The Consulting Masters.

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