Encinitas- Surfer’s Paradise and Much More

A simple life is good with me. I don’t need a whole lot. For me, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I’m happy. -Yanni

Encinitas San Diego

When I moved here to San Diego two years ago, all I wanted to do was get to the beach as fast as I could and relax. I drove down different roads until I could see the ocean, turned onto Pacific Coast Highway, and headed right through Encinitas. A few minutes later, I had my toes in the sand and a big smile on my face. If you haven’t been to Encinitas, you should go to this beachfront community. There are shops, restaurants and the beach of course! Here are some of my favorite places in Encinitas:


Encintas Moonlight Beach
There are several wonderful beaches up and down Encinitas. Here is a list of them, and a little about each. Moonlight Beach was the very first California beach I ever visited, and I instantly fell in love! Moonlight Beach has easy parking, and basically defines California at its best. It has a big grassy area for any festivity you may be celebrating. It has many volleyball courts for those beach volleyball players, and warm, soft sand for anyone looking to just be a beach bum for the day. It’s quick and easy to get on and off the sand, and you can splash in the waves with your whole family without the risk of scratching yourself on a rock. It really is the perfect family beach, so make sure to check it out, but check all of the beaches out, they are the main attraction in Encinitas!

Encintas San Diego

Coffee & Drinks

Union Kitchen Tap Encinitas
Coffee is a serious thing in Encinitas. (Isn’t is everywhere?!) One any given day, you’ll see a line out the door (and even around the corner sometimes) at Lofty Coffee. The coffee is delicious, and something about the 101 (or Pacific Coast Highway as some may call it) just feels busy enough to always need coffee, no matter what time of day you’re down there. If you don’t want to wait in line at Lofty, you can head to Better Buzz Coffee, which is also very tasty, and in Encinitas.
Another reason a lot of people come to Encinitas is to enjoy the night life. There aren’t a lot of bars, but Union Kitchen & Tap (also right on the 101 highway) is popular enough not to really need too much competition. People come from all over to enjoy sitting at the indoor/outdoor tables and drinking their favorite cocktail with friends.


Swamis Encinitas
What would Encinitas be without restaurants?! Have no fear, there are plenty around this little town. A few small cafes I really like are Lotus Cafe, Swami’s Cafe, and Native Foods Cafe. After you spend the day surfing with your buddies, make sure to grab a quick bite to eat at one of these eateries. For date night with your honey, or just a good night out with friends, try the 101 Diner, or Blue Ribbon Pizzeria. Another good pizza place is Leucadia Pizzeria, which is where most people in Rancho Santa Fe like to order their pizza from, especially in our country club community The Bridges, because they will deliver! (And because it is delicious pizza!) If you’re looking for a full dinner experience, make sure to try East Village Asian Diner. It’s an incredible Asian restaurant that features very hot stone bowls that they mix ingredients of your choice in. I had a chicken bowl and it was one of the best dinners I’ve ever eaten.

East Village Asian Diner

Encinitas is an amazing place where you can grab a coffee, surf, swim, and enjoy a fantastic dinner all in the same day, without even having to get back in your car! Make sure if you come to visit San Diego, that you head over to Encinitas and see all it has to offer! Have you been there already? What is your favorite place to eat?

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