Lose Weight in San Diego: Eat ‘Happy Food’

Samantha From Happy Food is Helping Clients Lose Weight in San Diego

“True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.” -Wilhelm von Humboldt

Have you ever felt like your relationship with food just, isn’t that great? Do you find yourself wanting to lose weight in San Diego? Are you craving a diet that actually fills you up, is good for you and also tastes good? We caught up with Samantha Hua, a Holistic Health Coach from Happy Food, and asked her a few questions about what she does to help clients lose weight in San Diego. Check out the interview:

Holistic Health Coach Helps You Lose Weight in San Diego

San Diego Lifestyle: Samantha, it’s so nice to get to talk to you for a few minutes! Tell us about Happy Food!

Samantha: Happy Food is a concept that our relationship with food needs to be happy, and being happy helps us treat our body better, gravitating towards better food.  When we love food and truly learn to enjoy the right food for our body, and especially in San Diego, we naturally lose weight and feel great.  Dieting does not work because it is restrictive and not sustainable.  Being happy also improves metabolism by turning on our parasympathetic nervous system which helps us digest more efficiently.  Our Happy Food plan is a complete mind and body program.


SDL: Wow that’s awesome! So people don’t have to be hungry anymore while they’re dieting! They just need to understand what they’re putting into their body, that makes sense. I’ve looked around on your website a bit, and I must say, the recipe videos are my favorite part! What is your most popular recipe?

Samantha: I think most people love EASY.  The easy ones are the 30-Second Oatmeal, Quinoa Salad, Portobello Pizza, 5-Spice Chicken, and 10-Minute Tilapia…just to name a few out of 116 videos.  They are short (1 – 4 minutes long) and most of what I cook is about 20 minutes.


SDL: That makes it easy for just about anyone to cook using your recipes for five or six months before they could ever get bored! But, how do they know if they are truly ready to start eating “Happy Food”? Does your FREE health consultation help with this process?

Samantha: Yes it does! The FREE health consultation is really where I get a chance to interview future clients.  I only want to work with those who are ready for change. My program is not a quick fix so I want to make sure that my client and I are the right match for each other.  People just need to be OPEN for change.  They don’t need to be crazy motivated or super committed; they just need to be open.  It’s my way of sharing what I do, which is understanding how the mind and body connects for efficient health.  If you want a quick, extreme diet, I am not the right fit.  I take the time to learn about you, what your goals are, what your struggles are and then I explain how I can specifically support you towards success.


SDL: Sounds like you really get down to the root of the issue with your clients! How did you get started in this business? What is your background?

Samantha: I used to be a field biologist, roaming the world chasing wild animals.  I lived in mud huts, my truck, tents, etc.  I loved it!!  Each time I came home, I noticed that my family physically got wider and wider.  I noticed the prevalence of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, thyroid disease, etc.  Nutrition was a hobby for more than 20 years but it was just for me until I realized that people needed help.  And they didn’t need help counting calories, but they needed help understanding food, diving deeper to understand their habits, and re-wiring their brains to become successful eaters.  Living in San Diego with a biology background, I decided to get certified as a health coach and started my practice in 2009. It’s been a fantastic journey helping people see themselves and life in a different light, and losing weight is a side effect.

Lose Weight in San Diego

SDL: Does your website help kids as well as adults?

Samantha: My blog applies more to adults.  I help kids and families indirectly because the adults are the ones who do the shopping and cooking.  In the office, my clients and I focus on family nutrition when it’s applicable.  I do also work directly with teens who are more apt to make independent food choices (versus younger children).


SDL: Do you recommend certain workouts or nutritional supplements?

Samantha: I don’t do much in the way of supplements.  There’s a time and place for it but I’m more focused on the whole food approach. I do focus on exercise as it’s a part of the mind-body approach.  I help my clients find love in body movement.  I tell them I last 10 minutes in the gym but I can play 4 hours of beach volleyball and would never call that exercise.  We have to enjoy how we move, how we eat, and how we live.  That’s what’s sustainable!  Torture does not sustain.  Most of us can’t wait to reach our weight goal and be done with the program.  This needs to be a lifestyle where you can just wake up and be YOU.  I never think that I have to be healthy when I wake up.  That’s exhausting.


SDL: Have you participated in or spoken at any local San Diego events?

Samantha: I speak publicly to help people lose weight all over San Diego.  Here are just a few places where I have presented, including being a Keynote speaker at a San Diego County Conference.


SDL: Do you plan on spreading your concept around the states/world eventually, or staying local?

Samantha: I already work with individuals in other states and internationally as well.  At the moment, it’s only on an individual basis but I hope to do more group events outside of San Diego. I love the success I see, not just in weight loss, but seeing people glow.  It’s not about the number on the scale anymore.  It’s about how we view life, what makes us happy, what makes us thrive.  It’s about making people see their real potential far beyond the over-obsession of weight loss.  When we focus on what really matters, the weight will drop as a side note.


SDL: What do you like to do in San Diego when you’re not helping families get healthier?

Samantha: I love beach volleyball, hiking, camping, exploring, hosting cooking clubs/events with friends, picnics, and these days…meeting new moms since I am a new mother myself.

Holistic Health Coach Helps You Lose Weight in San Diego

SDL: Oh congratulations!! I will let you get back to your motherly duties. Do you have a final note you’d like to leave us with?

Samantha: Life is so much more than body image.  People come to me to lose weight in San Diego, but they graduate my program as a changed person.  They do so much more in the world and in their lives. They’re finished being frustrated and focused on sizing themselves up to the latest air-brushed magazine models.  That’s what I love the most about my job.  It’s a ripple effect of spreading positive life purpose.  And in truth, it really balances ME.  My clients help me too.  We feed off each other’s growth, and I love that. If anyone you come across could use a program like this in their lives, let them know about Happy Food, and my philosophy. I would be happy to share information and support them towards a happy, healthy life.


SDL: Sounds great, we definitely will! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule today to talk to us. We’ll reach out in a few months for an update on how your client base is growing here in San Diego. Where can readers find you in the meantime if they want to get to know you more?

Samantha: I have lots of reviews on Yelp as well as Google.  I’m also on Facebook,  Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the healthy cooking videos on the site. There are tons! If you’re a potential client and you think you’re ready to open your mind about health and fitness, fill out my FREE health consultation form and let’s get started! The San Diego lifestyle awaits!

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