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 “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own
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Minxi is a food blogger who has her own website Since she started Jinxi Eats, a San Diego food blog, nearly 7 years ago, she’s made her way across the country from Carolina to Berkeley, and eventually down the coast to San Diego. Minxi feels that San Diego has such a large diversity of restaurants and cuisines, and she loves trying out new things and writing about them. She also occasionally posts recipes, and recently she’s started working with different brands for food-related product reviews. I was so excited to find out more about what it’s like being a food blogger. Enjoy this interview with Minxi and never experience a hungry night in San Diego again!
San Diego Lifestyle: Welcome Minxi, I am SO excited to talk to you today! How did you create a San Diego food blog?
Minxi: Thanks I am excited to be here! During my last summer in college in North Carolina, I had been eating out a lot, and my friends kept asking me for recommendations. I thought, why not start a blog about what I eat? – And it grew from there. I have written a lot of different food blogs over the past 7 years, but in every story I try to stick to what I started with – what I ate, what I thought about the food, and how it made me feel.
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SDL: What do you think is the most challenging aspect of keeping up with a food blog?
Minxi:​ Getting the photo that I want! I’ve learned a lot about photography through my food blogging journey, and it has become another passion of mine. Food photography, especially in a restaurant setting, can be challenging because you don’t always have the lighting and conditions that you want, and sometimes even the most delicious of foods just don’t photograph well. I’m always learning new tricks on how to make a plate of food look visually appealing – and this has helped me with presentation in my own cooking as well.
SDL: Where is your all-time favorite place to eat over and over in San Diego? What about your favorite “special occasion” spot?
Minxi:This is such a difficult question for me, since I love so many restaurants in SD! I think my all-time favorite has to be Coop’s West Texas BBQ, though. I pretty much grew up in the South and have family in Texas, and Coop’s Barbecue just hits home for me. A couple of really memorable special occasion meals that I’ve had were at Sushi Tadokoro, where I had an amazing “omakase” – chef’s choice – meal, and at George’s California Modern, which uses wonderful ingredients and has such a creative menu.
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SDL: You have a ton of restaurants on your San Diego page, do you have a secret list of places you want to go still?
Minxi:Yes! I have a (very long) list of restaurants that I still want to visit – I depend a lot on my readers and friends for recommendations, and it’s probably the reason why my list is so long. There’s so much in Little Italy that I haven’t tried yet – I’d say that it’s probably the neighborhood with the most number of restaurants on my list.
SDL: I see you have a few other locations on your site where you’ve lived previously that you write restaurant reviews about, do you plan on reviewing restaurants all around the states/world eventually, or staying local?
Minxi:I do like to write the occasional travel post – I know that it doesn’t necessarily apply to readers who are just looking for food recommendations in San Diego, but I like to document my meals in other places, too. I feel like it provides more perspective into what I enjoy, and how I choose what to eat when I travel.
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SDL: One of our favorite places to eat pizza is URBN in Encinitas. I see you wrote a story about URBN in North Park, is that your favorite pizza spot in San Diego?
Minxi:​ It’s been so long since I’ve been to URBN! My favorite pizza in San Diego is a toss-up between Blind Lady Ale House and Regents Pizzeria, hehe. I haven’t been to the Encinitas location of URBN yet – it’s now on my list!
SDL: It looks like you’ve eaten in almost every place in San Diego, do you always eat out or do you make your own food/use recipes at home sometimes?
Minxi:​ I do try to cook once or twice at home each week – mostly Chinese dishes, but I have a ton of recipes on Pinterest that I’m hoping to get to… eventually.
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SDL: How often do you eat out, and how do you stay healthy if you’re always reviewing tasty meals?
Minxi:​ ​I eat out probably 5 times a week. I maintain a pretty regular exercise schedule (my other hobby is competitive badminton!), and of course, portion control – bringing half of my dinner for lunch the next day is a great way to save a bit of money and prevent myself from overeating.
SDL: Where can readers go online to get to know you, and your San Diego food blog better?
​​​Minxi: Definitely check me out on these following social media sites:
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SDL: What else do you like to do in San Diego when you’re not eating delicious food at wonderful restaurants?
Minxi:​ Well, I’m a chemistry graduate student by day, so most of the time I am in the lab… haha. I also love badminton and play at Balboa Park Activity Center with San Diego Badminton Club, where I’ve made some friends who share my passion for eating! I’ve also mentioned already that writing the blog has gotten me into photography as well, and there are a ton of great photo spots around town.
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SDL: Thank you so much for your time! It was great talking to you today and we’ll be sure to check out Blind Lady Ale House for pizza soon!
​Minxi: Thank you for your readership! I’m really overwhelmed by the kind responses to my blog. And if anyone has recommendations for barbecue/fried chicken/Southern/comfort food, let me know!
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