7 Tips to Help Teens Save Money in San Diego

7 Tips on How Teens Can Save Money Efficiently in San Diego

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We all have our wants and needs, and sometimes fall victim to buying all our wants when we need to save up for our needs. This tends to happen to me a lot, especially while strolling through the malls here in San Diego. I am the type who will make money and spend it right away when I have the desire of saving it. As teens, sometimes we find ourselves splurging too often and spending our money on things elsewhere, when we should be spending it on something that we actually need. I am not the best at saving money, but here are 7 tips on how to save money as a teenager in San Diego. I use these tips in order to help myself save money more efficiently.
1. Make a list of your wants and needs. There are so many things such as gas for your car, concerts in Del Mar (such as this summer concert series), and great food, to spend your money on in San Diego. (Make sure to visit these top 10 places for breakfast!) As a teenager, you must learn how to differentiate your wants and needs into a list so that you know what you really need and what you want. When you save a certain amount of money for things that you need, reward yourself with a want, but do not overspend your money on all your wants. Shopping tip: If something is final sale, try it on and make sure you love it before spending your money. I know I have spent way too much on clothes that don’t even fit when I get home to finally try it on

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2. Dedicate a percentage of the money you’re making to savings. Every time you make money, even as a waitress at George’s at the Cove, or a Legoland amusement park operator, dedicate a percentage of what you make to savings. For example, If you make 100$ a week and decide to put 10% towards savings, then you would put 10$ per week into your savings. Over a 6 month period, you would already have $240 in your savings. This goes a long ways when it comes to trips with friends, or gas money!

3. Ask yourself if it is worth it. Ask yourself if you really need it and if you are really going to use it. Is it just a want in the moment or is it something that you will put to use and will benefit you over time. Teenagers tend to go through “fads” in such a short time, so you need to be careful to ensure that what you’re purchasing now won’t just be useless to you in a few months.

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4. Dedicate a certain “bill” as your savings bill. If you deal with cash a lot, from babysitting gigs or tips at your job, dedicate one type of bill as your savings bill. For example, every time you get a $5 bill, set it aside for savings. You will soon have a very large amount of money, and over the course of one summer, you can rack up enough to buy that one big thing you’ve been thinking about all year.

5. Give your money to someone that you trust, and keep track of it. If you really just are not that good at saving your money for a goal, find a trustworthy friend and tell them to keep your money in a secret, safe place until you have saved a certain amount. Review your savings with them monthly, and if you’re surprised at how much you’re able to save by this tactic, keep it up! Sometimes it’s easiest to ask yourself what is really needed versus whats not when someone else is holding the majority of your savings for a specific goal.

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6. Have a big goal for yourself once you save enough. Always try to keep a balance in your budget, but try to find and eliminate things you spend money on most. For example, if most of your money goes towards lunch at all these quick convenient places, then try and just eat at home for a month, to see how much you can save for your big goal. If most of your money goes towards gas, try and carpool or ride your bike more often when you can. You can also use Uber as a cheap way of getting around if you’re planning a fun weekend with your teen friends.

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7. Take advantage of coupons and discounts. There are discounts for teens all around San Diego. Sites like Living Social and Groupon constantly have great deals on fun things to do or places to go here in San Diego. Try and find the cheapest versions and best deals of things before immediately purchasing. Make sure to look around for sale and clearance signs also. Make sure to look for consignment stores, where you can  get rid of unwanted clothes and get new ones for great prices. A great consignment store to shop at is My Sisters Closet in Encinitas.

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Saving money is one of the most challenging things to do as a teenager in San Diego, but it is something that we all need to train ourselves to do better. Treating yourself of course should be done every once in a while, but there is no need to splurge on everything. I hope these tips on how to save money help you out with saving money. Let me know if you come across any other great deals for teens in San Diego, as I am always on the look out!
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