Legoland Water Park is a Blast

Legoland Water Park Offers Tons of Excitement for Kids in San Diego

“Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun.” – Brian Wilson

Legoland Water Park

When one moves to southern California there are just so many things to start checking off the list. LegoLand wasn’t a huge priority for us the first year. But after we had gotten our “ears” at Disneyland, been wowed by the dolphin show at Sea World (read about our Seaworld experience) and snapped countless pictures of exotic animals at the San Diego Zoo & Zoo Safari Park (check out our awesome safari pics), LegoLand found itself ‘up next!’

My friend Amanda had given me her recommendation of the top 6 things to do at Legoland, so when my niece and nephew were in town visiting from Canada (both HUGE Lego fans), we decided to go ahead and make it a true family outing. I gotta say the season pass, if you’re a local Southern California resident, is a STEAL of a deal! $90 for a day or $189 for season pass that includes both the LegoLand park AND the water park – basically a no brainer! So we got day passes for our visitors and season passes for myself, our 4 year old daughter and my husband.
Legoland Water Park
First impressions are always important and both the kids and myself enjoyed all the “Lego People” and “Lego Letters” on the drive into the park. Not to mention the fact the parking lot and entrance to the park being super close was really refreshing from the Disneyland commute & tram you have to take just to park your vehicle and reach the main gates. Another score to Legoland over Disney (I can’t help but to compare) is there are way shorter lines and the rides / sections of the park are much closer together. I had heard Legoland was a great place for younger kids and all those people who had been saying it… were RIGHT! The height requirements are typically lower so my 43″ 4 year old can ride nearly everything! We spent a couple hours in the actual Legoland park and then the kids were wanting to get wet & swim in the sunny SoCal day so we headed to the Legoland Water Park, which can be accessed by just walking through the normal park.
Legoland Water Park
The Legoland water park has lots to offer but can be in general divided into two main sections – the newest being CHIMA water park which has a gorgeous wave pool and other fun areas. There are splash pads for really little tots who just want to run around and get wet, a shallow wading pool with short but fun slides & then bigger tube style slides for better swimmers. But if you’re nervous about your kiddo in the water there are free life jackets all over the park you can simply click one onto them and rest assured there are also tons of life guards to keep everybody safe.
Legoland Water Park
 We found the wave pool really fun to relax and play in as well as the lazy river! The best part about the lazy river is you get a clear tube to float in and there are big lego blocks in the river you can grab and build onto your raft, making it a unique and creative floating river experience.
Legoland Water Park
My daughter and niece and nephew also loved the build-a-boat station in CHIMA Legoland water park. There are Lego racing boat bases and a huge vat of lego pieces the kids can build whatever crazy Lego boats their mind can dream up and then race them down a river with twists and turns.. seeing if their creation can make it down the course or it will flip and sink is a thrill in it’s own!
Legoland Water Park
If you & the family strike an appetite with all the fun of swimming and such at the Legoland water park, they have a couple great restaurants (you can also pack your own food which is a great budget friendly option or if your kids have food allergies.) The restaurant in there that we ate at had great pizza & quesadillas for the kids and wraps or burritos for adults. Another score of getting the season pass is you get 20% off all food in the park – AND free parking!
Legoland Water Park
We had such a great time that we went back 4 weeks in a row and each time ended up spending a huge part of the day at the water park! With a second baby on the way (and babies enter the park for free) I can see this as a wonderful place for us to relax as a family, it’s safe, clean, full of friendly other kids & parents and there is plenty of shaded areas and even cabanas you can rent for a peaceful afternoon.
Not gonna lie…Legoland water park is  MUST!
XO – Chels
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Chels Lin was born and raised in Idaho where she fell in love with dance & art. She moved up to Canada after falling in love with her now husband who lived there. They spent 10 years together in eastern Canada, where they built multiple businesses & started a family before moving to San Diego. She now is a health and wellness coach, stay at home mom & model but most importantly a beach bum!