Best Drinks in Town? Nekter Juice Bar

Looking For a Delicious Healthy Drink? Nekter Juice Bar Has It

“If life give you lemons, make some kind of fruity juice.” -Conan O’Brien

Nekter Juice Bar

When I first walked up to Nekter Juice Bar in Encinitas, I was instantly perplexed. A juice bar? What could that mean? I was very interested, so I went inside to find out more. Once I walked in, I noticed lots of juice pre-made in a cooler, and also employees behind the counter freshly squeezing juice from all sorts of fruits. I thought to myself, “This place is awesome!!” It smelled delicious, and after looking at the menu for awhile I noticed that it is made up of entirely natural and healthy ingredients! There isn’t one thing on the menu that is “bad for you,” it’s all fruits and vegetables! I suppose that’s the difference between this place and any other place that sells smoothies and coffee. It’s really a juice bar, which is really just juice mixed up in different ways to create tasty drinks. The prices are very reasonable also. I met the owner Shannon and she had a lot more to say about “the Nekter life.” Check out our interview:

Nekter is located in one of my favorite areas, “by Trader Joes” on El Camino Real. My favorite French cafe, Isabelle Brien’s French Cafe, is also located just a few doors down from Nekter, and has crepes to die for if you’re in the mood for dessert. If you’re looking to stay thin and fit however, stay at Nekter, and don’t look anywhere else!! Nekter packs up to three pounds of fruits and veggies into every drink they make, and the second your tongue tastes a smoothie from Nekter, it knows it’s in for a treat.

Nekter Juice Bar

Nekter is six years old now, and Shannon puts an emphasis on bringing the community together to enjoy something that fits in with their healthy experience. Shannon was a customer of Nekter’s very first store, and describes how everything smelled and tasted so good, she knew right away that Nekter was something special. Her and her husband opened their first Nekter in Orange County, and it inspired Shannon to bring the juices and Nekter way of life down to San Diego. I am so glad she did! She opened this Encinitas store as the first in San Diego, and now has a total of 6 stores here in town!

Nekter Juice Bar

She explains the basic differences between smoothies and juices, and also mentions that there are acai bowls at Nekter too, for a bigger meal or meal replacement. A juice has more liquid, and a smoothie has more consistency. Smoothies are an easier option for people who want to sneak their greens in, but don’t want to really taste that they are eating vegetables. We talked for a minute in the interview about how important it is, especially for kids to make sure green vegetables are a part of our diet, and at Nekter, it is pretty simple to include them. For the more intense, health conscious person, they can opt for a “green juice” which has more of the healthiest ingredients without all of the sugar that is in the fruit of a smoothie.

Nekter Juice Bar

Nekter is all about “living the Nekter life” which means that no, we are all not perfect. We will all have days when we decide to eat pizza, or watch a movie and indulge in popcorn during the show. Nekter is here to provide you with a great alternative to caloric foods and drinks when you’re ready to jump back to the healthy side of things. Living the Nekter life means that yes, you do like to eat healthy, but it is not ALL you think about and talk about. You will have off days, and the delicious juices here will be waiting when you’re ready for an “on” day again!

Nekter Juice Bar

I tried the “Pink Flamingo” smoothie, which has a dragonfruit in it, along with pineapple, strawberry, coconut water and coconut butter. It is bright pink in color, and tastes out of this world. If you’re looking for a place to stop for a healthy drink, I strongly suggest trying Nekter. You will not be disappointed!! Also make sure to follow Nekter on Twitter and Instagram! Have you visited Nekter already? What is your favorite menu item?


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