Have an Egg-celent Morning at Breakfast Republic in Encinitas

A Great Dining Experience Starts From the Moment You Request a Table at Breakfast Republic

“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.” -Anna Thomas

Breakfast Republic Encinitas
There’s a good chance during busy times you’ll have to wait for a table at Breakfast Republic in Encinitas, but rest assured, your wait will be more than worthwhile. If you do have to wait, here are three ways to keep yourself occupied: 1. Take a look at the menu; the food and drinks here are top notch. 2. Have a drink at the bar. 3. Take a seat in an egg! Their egg seating area is sure to bring a smile and laugh to your day.
Breakfast Republic Encinitas
“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” -Auguste Escoffier
What factors make for a great meal? The best meals are the ones you walk away from feeling speechless, because your hunger has been satiated, your palette has been pleased, and your overall experience was gratifying. Breakfast Republic gave us all the feels during our brunch visit. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should run, not walk, to Breakfast Republic.
Breakfast Republic Encinitas
The Drinks
Whether you’re going all in and brunching hard with cocktails or sticking to the coffee, you will find the perfect beverage to enjoy with your meal. If you’re looking for your morning caffeine fix, Breakfast Republic has Cold Brew, Lattes and Mochas including some signature drinks like the Oreo Cookie Latte and Mexican Mocha. If you’re feeling indecisive between mochas and lattes, they’ve got you covered with their Caffeine Overdose flight. If you’re leaning more toward an alcoholic beverage, they serve Prosecco on draft!
Breakfast Republic Encinitas
Oh yes, you read that correctly! The Prosecco was smooth in flavor and paired perfectly with their fresh squeezed orange juice. These two factors make for a super tasty mimosa. If you’re feeling more health conscious, aside from the fresh juice, they also have a flight of antioxidant shots full of vitamins for detoxifying and boosting your immune system.
Breakfast Republic Encinitas
The Food
You know the food is good when the only words you have to describe it is “stupid good!” The menu at Breakfast Republic is out of this world good!
Breakfast Republic Encinitas
On our most recent visit we were feeling hungry and adventurous, so we ordered Shrimp and Grits and the Steak and Eggs. The succulent shrimp are dressed in their house made hot sauce, accompanying these creamy, cheesy, and textured grits (that might just change your life) alongside eggs of your choosing. If you weren’t already salivating, let’s talk about that steak! A perfectly cooked medium skirt steak arrived to our table with a healthy slathering of cilantro chimichurri with bacon hash and eggs.
Breakfast Republic Encinitas
The vibrant and flavorful chimichurri saturated each bite of tender steak that just melted in your mouth. On the side we enjoyed the crispy upgraded potatoes that include brussel sprouts, cheese, bacon, and onion. These savory dishes are true winners, but we believe in balance and had to fulfill our sweet tooth too. So for dessert, we tried the gluten free French toast and the Mr. Presley toppings (bacon, bananas, and peanut butter) on some fluffy pancakes. The gluten free bread (sourced through a local bakery) tastes good without sacrificing any of the flavor. The pancakes had just the right amount of sweetness to end our meal.
Made from Scratch
Chef Bernie, at the Encinitas location, believes in delivering quality through making as much food from scratch as possible. This element is evident and carried out in each category throughout the menu. The sourdough English muffin is served with a homemade berry compote. The thick and creamy whip cream served with the French toast is homemade. The hot sauce is their own in house blend. The chimichurri is made from scratch. The blend of antioxidant shots and fresh squeezed orange juice are homemade. The quality and integrity of each plate and drink matters and you can see and taste the difference.
Breakfast Republic Encinitas
Breakfast Republic is a truly unique place.  (Check out the cool products you can buy right there in the restaurant!) The location is bright and colorful. The atmosphere is whimsical, with fun bits of sarcasm they incorporate on napkin holders and mugs. They’re branded well with functional things like egg shaped salt and pepper shakers and Cluckin’ Good Hot Sauce. At the end of the day, when you go to Breakfast Republic, you know you won’t just be having a meal, you’ll be having a well rounded and impressive experience. What do you love best about Breakfast Republic? Leave a comment below.
*Pro tip: Breakfast Republic is accommodating to dietary restrictions.
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