Little Italy Lovers: There’s More to Ballast Point Than Beer

Luxury Beer and Food Pairings Available at The Kettle Room

“Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer.” -Stephen Beaumont

The Kettle Room Ballast Point

If you’re a San Diego beer lover, you’re already familiar with Ballast Point Brewing Company. But what you may not know is that tucked inside the Little Italy Restaurant and Tasting Room is a private dining space called The Kettle Room.
The Kettle Room is a brand new and exclusive experience featuring fine dining and beer pairings. If you’ve looked at their menus before, you may have seen their beer suggestions which are fantastic, but The Kettle Room is a Prix-Fixe Four Course dinner that specializes in pairing the perfect beer to complement each dish. Each course is paired with a full eight ounce glass so it would be silly not to add on the beer option.
The Kettle Room Ballast Point
When you arrive for your reservation, you’ll be seated in a private dining room with its own private bathroom. Whether you choose the Prix-Fixe menu or go à la carte, each item has a beer pairing. If you’re a bit picky about your beers like me, you have the option to forego the suggested pairing, but keep in mind the chef and brewers have worked closely together to choose the perfect pairing.
My personal favorite beer at Ballast Point is the Red Velvet, which they also serve on Nitro. (Read more about my favorites from Ballast here!) The color is a beautiful bright red and it tastes delicious.

“Liquid dessert” in the form of beer, yes please! Prominently displayed inside The Kettle Room is a large mural which also happens to be the artwork for the Red Velvet beer. The same artist has done the artwork for each Ballast Point beer.
The Kettle Room Ballast Point
Chances are you won’t have the same menu that we had since they will be changing it up frequently, but if you’re lucky enough to have caviar and wagyu in the same meal, then you’re definitely winning at life! I have to say for my first time having caviar, I rather enjoyed it. It smelled fishy, but plating it with stone fruit carpaccio definitely balanced the flavors.
The Kettle Room Ballast Point
Since it’s officially Fall, it’s that time of year for pumpkin everything and Ballast Point is no exception to this trend. Here for it’s seasonal debut is Pumpkin Down. This Scottish Ale has just a touch of spice and all the flavor of roasted pumpkins. It’s definitely a beer you’ll want to try.
The Kettle Room Ballast Point
My Wagyu entree was my first experience with this cut of meat and it definitely impressed me. The roasted onion puree and spring onion chimichurri was EVERYTHING for this dish!
The Kettle Room Ballast Point
We couldn’t end the night without dessert. I may or may not have had a lot of fun making my Sea Rose Panna Cotta dance, haha.

The Kettle Room Ballast Point
 The Kettle Room is a fun new option if you’re looking to switch it up from the more popular wine pairing dinners. Ballast Point is really making way for this new dining experience for all the craft beer lovers out there.
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  • C4C SD

    Best meal in San Diego – not cheap, but definitely worth the splurge.