One kind word can warm three winter months. -Japanese Proverb

These five crafts you can do right at home, by yourself: fake snow, winter slime, a winter wonderland, snowflakes, and a snow globe. Try them today!

Fake Snow

Five DIY Winter Crafts

First, put as much baking soda as you want. Then, add water slowly until you get the mixture to a snow-like consistency. If it gets too watery, add more baking soda. It is really fun to mold, and even feels like snow! You should definitely make this one at home!

Winter Slime

Five DIY Winter Crafts

What you need for this one is borax, water, Elmer’s glue and sparkles. Food coloring is optional but I didn’t use it this time. Mix together a half of a teaspoon of borax and half a cup of water and let that sit. (It should look like cloudy water when it is ready to be mixed in with the other ingredients.) Meanwhile, pour 4oz. of Elmer’s glue in another bowl, and add a cup of water, along with the sparkles. Then, mix it together. Slowly add the borax mixture. Right away you will see it become a slime-like mixture. Keep mixing until it doesn’t stick to your hands. This stuff is really really cool! You can use it for a lot of different things, or just play with it by itself!

Winter Wonderland

Five DIY Winter Crafts

My winter wonderland has an ice skating rink, a snowman and a Christmas tree. Use the slime to make an ice skating rink, spreading out a ball of slime and letting it “melt” into its shape on the paper base. For the snowman, I got foam balls at Michaels. First, stick toothpicks in the balls and connect them together to build the snowman. It holds together really well with toothpicks! Next, add beads for eyes with hot glue, and a nose. (I got the nose at Michael’s also.) Finally, add a ribbon for a scarf, and glue the whole snowman to the winter wonderland base. For the tree, get a foam base (I got mine at Michaels) and decorate it with pipe cleaners!


The first snowflake I created uses one foam ball and Q-tips. First, cut one end off the Q-tips. Then, poke the Q-tips into the foam ball all around evenly, then sprinkle some glitter on the entire snowflake!

Second option, glue cotton balls to the ends of popsicles. Then, add Elmer’s glue to popsicle sticks and stack them together so that they create a snowflake look. Sprinkle sparkles on, and let it dry. Once it’s dry

Snow Globe

Five DIY Winter Crafts

Glue any item you would like inside a mason jar. (I got a cute Christmas tree with a snowflake at Michaels.) Then, put sparkles in the bottom of a mason jar, and add some water. Put the lid on tight and shake it to see your creation! I love this one so much!

Five DIY WinterCrafts

I had so much fun making these crafts. Comment below to tell me which craft I should do next!

(Oh, and don’t forget to check out the bloopers at the end of the video!)