As you already know (because you’re already reading these blogs), San Diego is the BEST place to live for outdoor activities! Seriously, where else can you enjoy such amazingly beautiful weather to be outside every day doing your favorite activities? Running, biking, swimming, hiking, team sports and more are all abundant and thriving here in San Diego. I think “America’s Finest City” says it all!

If you’re anything like me, you hate not to be able to participate in your favorite outdoor (or indoor if it’s sporty!) activities. Personally, I love to bike, swim at La Jolla Cove and practice yoga. (Read my favorite yoga mat options here.)

Acupuncture San Diego

Unfortunately, sometimes being so active means getting injured. You know how it goes. You pull it, strain it or bump it, and then you expect to heal quickly so you can get back to your favorite activities right away. But what do you do when the injury doesn’t heal quickly? When weeks are going by, it’s just not getting better, and you’re still not competing at your best?

What you do in these situations is you call me. I am an Acupuncturist with a specialty in summer sports injuries and long-term chronic pain, and I can help.

Acupuncture San Diego

Over the years I’ve seen that Acupuncture can work wonders for an acute injury, meaning an injury which took place in the past six months. I always urge my patients to see me as soon as they get injured. If you come in close to your injury date, most injuries can be healed in a few sessions. No need for long treatment plans. Sprains and strains will heal quickly and you’ll be back on the court having fun!

Acupuncture can also work wonders for chronic issues, i.e. things that have been going on for over six months  . I see a lot of chronic sports injuries because most people wait, hoping their injury will heal, the meds will work, or the sprain or injury really wasn’t that bad. Then at around the six-month point, most people start getting concerned, as they should. Often they have been to physical therapy and still have the pain. This is where I believe truly Acupuncture thrives: Helping heal these long-term nagging injuries that keep us off the court, or at a disadvantage.

When a patient comes to see me I start by doing a complete intake to understand the injury. Maybe it’s simple, maybe it’s not. Once I do my intake, I evaluate the situation and provide a treatment plan outlining how many sessions it will take to get back out there.

Acupuncture San Diego

There are many theories as to how Acupuncture works. I think the main reason it helps injuries so well is that the combination of the insertion of the fine Acupuncture needles, infrared heat, and the special Chinese herbal topical formulas I use increase the circulation in the area, pull out the inflammatory exudate, and bring in new nutrients to help the injured tissue heal. The cumulative and repetitive sessions result in less pain and an increased range of motion, and get you back to where you can play hard.

Acupuncture San Diego

At my clinic I also do Cupping and Gua Sha, other forms of therapy which bring increased blood flow to an injured area to increase the range of motion and help the area heal.

I would say the biggest question I get from people who have never tried Acupuncture is, “Do the needles hurt?” The quick and only answer I have for that is no. A seasoned, practiced Acupuncturist should be able to give you a comfortable, pain-free treatment for your injury. Sure, once in a while there may be a small pricking sensation, but overall, Acupuncture is a pleasant experience where you rest, feel endorphins, and walk away in less pain.

The next most important question I get is, “What else can Acupuncture treat?” Because Chinese Medicine, the practice of Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, is a complete medical system, I can treat everything from colds and flu to difficult-to-define illnesses. Several of my specialties which may interest you are gastrointestinal issues (anything that has to do with digestion and elimination), women’s issues (periods and menopause), headaches, cardiology, and again, auto-immune type disorders that many times become ill-defined and for which Western medicine may not have the answer.

Acupuncture San Diego

Want more information? I offer a free 30-minute consultation so you can meet me and find out if this medical approach can help you. Please feel free to visit my website, look for the orange boxes to schedule yourself a consultation or session, and get yourself back on the court!

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