My friend Keara has such a great inspirational attitude, I wanted to share a bit from her about her new series!!:

Hey! My full name is Keara Christine McCullough, but most people know me as Keara Christine since it’s my IG handle.

Background & Goals

I’m a personal trainer and holistic nutritionist on a mission to make healthy living accessible.  I moved out to San Diego from the east coast about 5 years ago. My background was in event planning but I had a passion for all things health and fitness, so I knew my calling was to blend the two I just didn’t know how. 

Babes Who Sweat

After a few years and many certifications under my belt, I founded Babes Who Sweat, a community for those passionate about health and fitness to come together, make new friends, get in a good workout, and have a great time doing it. What started out as small outdoor boot camps with friends soon became so much more. Check out this video from our YouTube channel!

Nationwide Events

I always had this dream of putting on HUGE events. I thought it would take me years to get there but our community grew fast. I was able to put on our first ever Sweat Series event here in San Diego last July and made it national by taking it to DC in November. Our Sweat Series is a half day fitness event comprised of a 75-90 min workout of different modalities (HIIT, pilates, yoga, meditation, etc) followed by a wellness happy hour with all of our favorite brands and sponsors. The goal is to highlight different trainers/instructors that are doing amazing things in all the cities we go to. So no two events will ever be the same! We had over 90 women at our event in here San Diego and are looking to double that in 2019. 

YouTube Channel

After our DC event, I realized we needed a way to connect all the cities we are planning to go to in order to truly build the community nationwide. That is how The Sweatwork (our YouTube Channel) was born! It is basically my version of a podcast. First, we sweat then we network… get it? The Sweat(net)work! 

Each episode will feature one or two boss babes doing amazing things in their community and consist of a 15-30 min workout you can follow along with at home. After we sweat it out, we sit down to chat  about what they’re up to, how community has helped them get to where they are, and some of their best tips and tricks for living your healthiest life. 

Kickstart Monthly Guides

Along with our YouTube Channel, we just launched our monthly KICKSTART GUIDES for the busy woman. They come with a couple workouts and recipes to help you start off each month strong as well as guide you in making simple changes that have a HUGE impact in the long run. I saw so many fitness guides and challenged out there but none were targeting the busy ass woman who doesn’t have much time to dedicate to herself but is ready to START making a change towards healthier living. 

Most of us have all the tools we need to reach our goals, we just need some guidance and accountability to get us there. So that is why I created these simple monthly guides complete with a weekly planner. A new KICKSTART comes out each month with a different focus. This month it is goal setting and getting in enough water throughout the day. It may be simple to some but to the busy mom or female entrepreneur on the go, it is exactly what they need to keep themselves accountable. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram!

-Keara Christine

If you’re looking for a great place to connect with other babes who sweat in San Diego or nationwide, check out Babes Who Sweat, and join their private Facebook community. I absolutely LOVE what Keara is doing here in the SD community and can’t wait to see this grow as the year goes on! Are you trying the workout from the YouTube video?? Let me know how tough it is!!