A Continuous Debate Between Baby Boomers and Millennials

“Don’t judge couponers for ‘wasting time’ with coupons, and we won’t judge you for throwing your money out the window.” -Anonymous

One of the many things that Patrick and Amanda have noticed when working together on The San Diego Lifestyle is that although they see a lot of things the same way, they have very different views on a number of topics. This can be challenging, especially as they work through the creation of a virtual guide to San Diego for visitors and locals. Some of these differences are a result of the fact that he is a man and she’s a woman, and that he has a lot more life and business experience than she has. But at a more fundamental level, some of their different views are a result of the fact that she’s a Millennial and he’s a Baby Boomer. Baby Boomers and Millennials have a lot in common, but tend to also disagree on, well, a LOT. They have decided to start a new segment on The San Diego Lifestyle where they will discuss some of their views on a variety of topics. Check out this week’s debate on coupons.

Amanda wanted to insert a coupon in the weekly TheSDLifestyle.com newsletter, and was designing one the other day, when Patrick started asking questions. “How would someone print this coupon out? It doesn’t have a code, how will the company know this coupon is real?” he asked. Amanda explained that you just have to show your phone to the store and they would see the coupon on the screen. Patrick disagreed with this approach, saying that a coupon needs to be printed and cut out. They looked up the definition and found that technically a coupon is a discount that is printed. Amanda and Patrick debate this topic in the week’s Baby Boomer vs. Millennials. Do you think coupons need to be printed? Are they confusing if you call them coupons but don’t need to cut them out? We’d love your opinion!