The Beaming Juice Cleanse is a Great Way to Detox

“I’d love to hear the details about your juice cleanse while I eat my burger.” -Anonymous

Beaming Juice Cleanse

My fiancé and I were driving home from yoga class a couple weeks ago when he asked me to look up the phone number to a place called Beaming and call to get a five-day cleanse. I called and mentioned the cleanse and the girl on the phone asked me all sorts of questions which I didn’t know how to answer at all. Did he need the Lifestyle or Active cleanse? Could he come pick up day three and four in two days so the ingredients are fresh? I started getting very curious as to what exactly this cleanse was.

When I got off the phone I asked my fiancé what this cleanse was all about. He said it would make him feel a lot better. I asked how he felt and he said bloated, fat and disgusting. I laughed but he also said he felt unfit and needed something to detoxify his body and drink lots water. He was just in a three-day golf tournament with some of his buddies, and, as usual, they did more than just golf.

We stopped by Beaming, and I went into the shop to get the mysterious cleanse. I walked in the door, and immediately felt like I was in a modern mechanical restaurant or café. Everything was simple and fresh and made right then and there for you! There were people coming in and out and waiting in line with drinks from a small cooler in the corner and other people ordering smoothies. I was the only person in there picking up a cleanse, and I still didn’t know what it was for at all.
Along with the two big bags of drinks for my fiancé, they gave me some promotional items and a T-shirt, which they had to give to me instead of my fiancé because all they had were women’s T-shirts for promotion. I was excited to be getting a free T-shirt out of his crazy idea to do a cleanse.

Beaming Juice Cleanse

When I got back in the car, I looked around in the bags and saw there was a salad along with the five drinks per day. “So all you’re going to eat for the next two days are these 10 bottles and two salads?” I asked. He explained that he can also drink lots of water and maybe eat a piece of chicken or salmon with his salad. My anxiety started to kick in as I thought about myself only drinking smoothies for two days straight. I don’t think I would live through it…my body simply cannot exist without eating bacon and whipped cream!

He started Day 1 out on the right foot and had a great attitude about it. He was determined to do all five days and feel better by the end of the week! By the morning of Day 2 he was on edge and definitely hungry, I could tell. I went into Beaming in the afternoon of the second day to pick up the meals for Days 3 and 4, and they gave me some liquid shots for him to drink. Of course they were just juice shots and not the type of shots he would do after a golf tourney.  The juice shots are supposed to be good for your metabolism, keep you healthy, and help in the few days of transition after the cleanse. He was a little irritated in the evening and looking for a few things to eat to supplement his diet. He ate some celery and almonds and went to bed pretty early. I was surprised, but more surprised that he was sticking to this diet so well!

Beaming Juice Cleanse Beaming Juice Cleanse

On Day 3 he added a piece of cooked salmon to his salad for dinner and kept drinking all of the five juice meals for the day. I was shocked that he was still so consistent, and by Day 4 and Day 5 he really had accomplished what he had set out to do. He felt a lot better about himself and he actually lost 10 pounds! Beaming sent him an email that I thought was cute. Part of it read, “You are feeling amazing and full of energy and vitality.” He said he definitely felt less bloated and less disgusting. The Beaming email recommended that he read some good post-cleanse transition tips on their website, and also get their e-book about the cleansing lifestyle. (Ha! My suspicions were right! It was some sort of lifestyle fad!) It explained how to make your own super-food smoothies at home, and it also suggested he start a yoga class, giving a free subscription to an online studio! We already go to CorePower Yoga four to five days a week, so he definitely has that part covered! Maybe I will make him a super-food smoothie at home someday and surprise him. I will make sure to follow the recipe and post my results here for you to read!

Beaming Juice Cleanse

Overall, a cleanse seems like a pretty good idea if you want to lose weight, feel better about yourself, detox, and gain a new appreciation for liquid foods. Beware however that you must have extreme amounts of self-control on this diet, as I really do not think I could start something like this. I am sitting here writing this article as I eat a bowl of ice-cream. (Yeah…I am a bit far away from the cleansing lifestyle I would say.) If you enjoy cleansing, check out Beaming and also let me know if you have tried any other cleanses! I would love to know if you’ve started cleansing and how it has been for you. Who knows, maybe I will try it?!