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Join Our Team

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Although our blog is written mostly from our family and friend’s point of view, we do like to give other bloggers an opportunity to share their San Diego experiences with the community.  Know someone that is perfect for this?! Make sure to send them the link to this page! We only take in one blogger per category, so that none of our content is overlapping and it is always fresh and exciting! See how you can become an official blogger for The San Diego Lifestyle today!

Interested Bloggers:

We normally like to plan 12 articles, based on specific keyword phrases before you even begin writing, and refine them a bit along the way.

We usually help you plan out 12 stories over 6 months, (due on the 1st and 15th of each month) and then we evaluate at that point, and if you’d like to continue writing, and we do not have a waiting list for that blog position, you may continue with another 12 stories.

Here are the positions we currently have available: (once they are filled they will be removed from this page)

  1. Concert / Festival / Live Music Blogger : You would attend concerts, festivals or live music every other week and write a story about it either beforehand (preferred) or after about the experience and how others in San Diego can have experiences like it. (If you cannot attend, you need to be very descriptive so that readers feel like they need to go!) You would bring high energy, an edge, and passion to your writing. At least 3-4 high quality photos to accompany most articles is required.
  2. Outdoor Fitness / Water Sports Athlete : You would write about surfing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, boating, fishing, etc. Write about what you feel most comfortable with, and maybe try something new to document for a story?! At least 3-4 high quality photos to accompany most articles is required.
  3. Health Expert / Nutritionist : You would write about the latest in San Diego health, and what people in this city can do to improve their overall health locally. (Examples: exercise, low-energy workouts, hikes, juicing, eating gluten free, being vegetarian) holistic health. Acupuncture, alternative medicines At least 3-4 high quality photos to accompany most articles is required.
  4. Personal Trainer: You would write about the latest in San Diego personal training. Gym, workout, instructions, etc.
  5. Repeat Events Blogger / Hotel Visitor (Near Repeat Events) : You would cover San Diego’s main recurring events, and try to find new ways for San Diegans to connect and get excited about attending these events every year. You would also mention hotels nearby that San Diegans could stay at while attending these events. At least 3-4 high quality photos to accompany most articles is required.  (Examples: Del Mar Racetrack, Opening Day Parties, San Diego County Fair, Carlsbad Flower Fields, Golf Courses, Big Bay Boom 4th of July, Individual Town Festivals, Charity Events, Horseback Riding Facilities, New Year’s Eve Parties, etc.)
  6. Beauty Expert : You would write about beauty tips, makeup, fashion, shopping, etc. You could write about special events, weddings, red carpet events (critic).
  7. Cars : You would write about fast and exciting cars, car shows, and how maintain your luxury car.
  8. Home Improvement Blogger : You would write about how to keep your home looking great on the outside and inside. You can include landscaping, interior design, handyman work/referrals, DIY projects, etc. At least 3-4 high quality photos to accompany most articles is required.
  9. Local Business : You would write about how your business has grown in the San Diego market, where it’s heading and the details every other week along your working journey. At least 3-4 high quality photos to accompany most articles is required.

Andaz Hotel San Diego

In each of our articles, we also try to always include these things, although they are not required:

  • 800-1500 words
  • Creative, catchy title that makes readers want to click
  • Informative Tagline that explains further (if needed)
  • Funny/inspirational quote on the top
  • Location map (just need address) in each relevant story
  • Tags that help categorize the story (separated by commas)
  • 3-4 High quality photos
  • Video is even better, but not required, just awesome if you have any!
  • Easy to read words, bulleted, numbered, etc. so readers can follow along
We also like to include an author bio for you, which includes a headshot and a few sentences that describes who you are.
 Torrey Pines State Reserve

So, what I need from you, via email: (send to

  • Headshot
  • Author Bio (can be short or even just a name for now)
  • Your Ideal Blogging Position
  • List of any stories you have an interest in writing (Can be a short list or bullets for now, such as: Mission Beach, Oceanside Pier, Coronado Beach, etc)
Once I get the list of ideal articles you’d like to write about in the category you’re interested in and you’re officially accepted, I will sort through the topics and choose those that have the highest searched numbers, (and also give you other options) and then you can feel free to start drafting some stories! We can always go back and forth with ideas, and help to make the stories really awesome before they go live!
**Once the stories are posted on for one week, feel free to post the words, links, photos, etc. on any other site you wish, crediting back to the original story at the beginning or end, using, “This story originally appeared on” Thanks!! 🙂