So, you’ve got the day to yourself and don’t know what to do. Time is dragging on to the point where every five minutes feels like an hour, your Facebook feed is filled with memes you’ve seen a thousand times, and your usual hobbies have lost their ability to keep you entertained. Face it, you’re bored.

Boring Day San DiegoBefore slipping into a dark night of the soul, text your friends and get ready to play fifteen awesome games that are guaranteed to liven your mood. Whether you order a pizza and stay in or strap on your shoes and hit the streets of San Diego, give these boredom killers a try.


1. Overcooked

Have a game system or PC? Of course you do, and you already know that playing video games with friends is one of the best cures for boredom. Head over to your online store for consoles and pick up Overcooked.

This fun filled title will have you and your friends rushing in a mad-dash to cook as many orders as possible within the time limit. It takes some fine-tuned teamwork and cunning to beat the obstacles you’ll find on various levels, making this something you can play from dawn until dusk.

Boring Day San Diego2. Fun in Balboa Park

If the thought of sitting inside for another second has your skin crawling, then head over Balboa Park where you can get active with these three games. The first is capture the flag.

You can pick any object as your flag and any place in the park to call your base. The goal is, of course, to capture the other team’s flag, but the real fun is requiring players to remain frozen until tagged by a member of their own team. You’ll get a tun of funny looks, and the time will finally begin to pass like normal again.

The second is an obstacle course, which is easier said than done. Find anything that could make running more difficult on the 1,200 square acres that the park covers and utilize them to make a course worthy of a challenge. Since the park is so enormous, you can probably do this a few times over before it gets old.

Boring Day San DiegoLast is freeze tag, a timeless classic. There’s nothing quite like strangers staring awkwardly as you and your friends run around tagging each other, or the strange looks you might receive while frozen. Plus, running around on a beautiful San Diego day is great exercise.

3. Nerf War

It doesn’t matter how old you are, engaging in a nerf war with your friends is a ton of fun. You can pick up cheap toy guns and foam ammo on the cheap at nearly any store that sells toys. This game can be played with teams or having every person out for themselves.

Boring Day San DiegoIf you’re playing teams, give each one a starting point in your neighborhood or at a local park. As you all sneak around corners as if you were tactical insurgents, it’s only a matter of time until the darts start to fly. If it’s dog eat dog and everyone is on a one person team, have everyone run for cover as they count to a minute in their heads before starting.

4. Go Snorkeling

Boring Day San DiegoEver been to La Jolla Cove? It’s sort of a hidden gem in San Diego where you can go snorkeling and diving. The calm waters harbor an ecologically protected ecosystem of fascinating aquatic life, which are sure to give you and your friends something to talk about over dinner. The game? Try to name all of the fish you saw afterward.

5. The Floor Is Lava

This one is a great way to warm up for a fun day ahead or keep the games going when you all return home. Best played in the kitchen, you have to find a way across without touching the floor. Best of luck!

Boring Day San Diego6. You Can’t Tell Me What to Do

Have you ever seen those images of people standing on the grass next to a sign that clearly says not to do that? Now, this article isn’t recommending that you go to the automotive museum and do something similar with the cars there. It would make a for a fun game that could put an end to your boredom, just saying.

Boring Day San Diego7. Don’t Do Number Six

Reverse psychology is a lot of fun. Telling someone specifically not to do something often makes them want to do, which is why you should go to the automotive museum and get your friends to try and touch the cars instead. It’s more of a personal game, but you’ll still have fun when they make the employees angry.

8. Beachy Things

Do you like volleyball, boogie boarding, skim surfing, or any other beach-themed activities? Have you thought about heading to Windansea Beach? People have been killing boredom there since at least the 1940’s when it became a surfing hotspot.

There’s also Torrey Pines State Beach. The waves aren’t excellent for surfing, but you can do pretty much anything else there.

Boring Day San Diego9. Race Down the Mountain

Bike races are a ton of fun, and even more so when the trail head down a mountain. If you and your friends are adventurous, make a game out of the trails at Mt. Soledad and see who can get to the bottom first. Last one there buys pizza.

Boring Day San Diego10. Grab Bag

Head to your local supermarket or dollar store and give everyone a cart/bag. You all have five minutes to fill the bag with items and meet back at the checkout line. Once you’ve left the store, find a an activity that involves using each and everything you and your friends picked up. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. Good luck, MacGyver.

Let us know which ideas you chose for your boring day, and if you post pics, use hashtag #thesdlifestyle on Instagram to be featured on our story!!