Comic-Con Fanatics Will Love This Science Fiction Book Series Written by Rorie Still

“Change is the principal feature of our age and literature should explore how people deal with it. The best science fiction does that, head-on.” -David Brin

san diego comic con book

I recently began reading more often before heading to bed, so I’m always looking for new genres and books to read. I came across author Rorie Alexis Still and her book Flashbang: Sci-Fi Stories That Will Blow Your Mind! and immediately reached out to talk with her. She told me that Flashbang is a mind trip, and takes you on a wild ride through other worlds, while still allowing for fun in the cool breeze sun. For the permanent residents of San Diego who may never have been to the East Coast, but want to experience it, she said that Flashbang gives a taste of the historical city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania through casual mentions of important places. I was very intrigued and wanted to know even more.

I know San Diegans would LOVE this book.

San Diego, California has been the home of Comic-Con, the largest convention of its kind, for the last forty-six years. Comic-Con International was started by a group of San Diegans, and is the premier gathering for everything fantasy and science fiction. Even though I am not a huge science fiction reader, after talking to Rorie, I immediately thought of the San Diegan’s I know that would most likely LOVE her book. Comic-Con fanatics have a deep love for the weird and wondrous, as evident by the grand celebration of Comic-Con each year!

san diego comic con book

But why write science fiction?

I confessed to her that I do not read many science fiction books, and asked her why she decided to write science fiction. She explained, “Flashbang: Sci-Fi Stories That Will Blow Your Mind!, like all science fiction stories, is a both a beautiful vehicle for escapism, and a mouthpiece for the current times. I believe that right now, Trump’s America presents a frightening challenge to all the positive American ideals for which so many have fought and died to obtain. What is very self-evident, however, is that many people are still fighting to keep many of these ideas of truth and justice a reality. Sometimes we will win, and sometimes we will lose. However, any fight for good is usually long fought. Flashbang is just like that, different pieces of a long fought war, or dance that happens in sixty-five pages.” What an incredible point of view. Her thoughts on science fiction stories made me immediately want to order this book online.

san diego comic con book

How can I relate to the characters in a science fiction story?

I explained to Rorie that I was unsure how I would truly be able to relate to the characters in her book. I asked if the characters had any real life similarities. She explained, “For its characters, and their fantastically real lives, (because isn’t that real life anyway), this story is about trying to have hope in hopeless times, whether that hope appears to payoff for the protagonist or not. Some of characters are quite familiar. One of these is the Cover Bear, Teddy Ninja, grasping a bloody katana, and branded with a matching handprint. His story is one of finding yourself inside your enemy’s soul. What do we do when our hater is leading the team? Perhaps you can find yourself in Izzainyah and Matthew’s predicament throughout their three stories. They are normal people whose lives are shattered by the gift of flight. How often does a blessing come into our lives dressed as a curse or sudden unwanted change? Perhaps most familiar might be a girl named Tip, who loses her hero to hypocrisy. She learns that life is not often what it seems, but what you make of it instead. Yes, Flashbang’s characters are quite lively and very real.”

san diego comic con book

Is Flashbang a collection of similar stories?

I loved the idea of different characters going through different issues and challenges. But were all the stories the same I wondered? Rorie said, Flashbang is a self-anthology whose stories range from a comedic anti-bullying narrative to a somber haiku to a prosaic stranger-danger tale, all in strikingly vivid detail. In each of these stories, these everyday people are searching for something after having a very rough and weird day. Be it a sense of peace, confidence, freedom, each of these diverse characters need something desperately. Will they get what they want? You’ll have to read and find out!” Pretty intense right?

What was the motivation to write Flashbang?

I love the passion and excitement that Rorie has when explaining her book and how science fiction books can intertwine into anyone’s life. But, what inspired her to write this powerful book? She answered, “My inspiration was the simple fact that I wanted to write a book to completion. I have always had a fascination with fantasy, science fiction, and horror concepts. This interesting mix of genres, also known as speculative fiction, is the main genre in which I wrote this story, and still write in today.

One of the stories I wrote was “Taking Wing”, which I first introduced to the public through a speculative fiction writing contest and segment, “Octavia City”, hosted by The Black Tribbles podcast on G-Town Radio. This story became the seed from which, Flashbang, grew. During this phenomenal opportunity, I met Jason Richardson, head of J1 Studios. He offered me the opportunity to sell Taking Wing, plus a few other stories, at his J1 Studios convention, J1-Con. I then realized a grouping of stories was a short story collection! So, I pursued this path, until I had the paperback that currently has a comfortable home on!”

san diego comic con book

How does it feel to be a published author?

I was so inspired by her motivation to write, and publish her own series of stories. I was ready to go order the book online, but wanted to know her thoughts on “traditional publishing.” Her thoughts: “In the case of publishing, which I did through Createspace, I didn’t think to even try to go the traditional route. I am pursuing that now, for my first novel. However, for my first publication I just wanted to be able to get Flashbang in readers’ hands as quickly as possible. Although I was learning by doing, I had a sense that self-publishing was the best way to achieve this goal.”

This book really WILL blow my mind.

I couldn’t wait to get ahold of this book, and appreciate the work that this incredible author put in to make this story a success. Rorie’s final thoughts: “Based on peaceful escapism, written rebellion, undercover historical education, and San Diego’s immense enjoyment of science fiction and fantasy, Flashbang: Sci-Fi Stories That Will Blow Your Mind! will be just what the surf and turf San Diegans ordered!” If you’re inspired and intrigued by this series of science fiction stories, purchase a copy today on and comment here to let Rorie know what you think.