Having a pool in San Diego is more than just a luxury. It is a great place to bond with the family, relax, and get proper exercise. A pool deck is an essential part of a pool area. It needs to be in good shape to make sure that it is safe to walk on it, even with bare feet. However, a concrete pool deck can acquire damage due to exposure to outdoor weather changes, foot traffic, and pool water. Before long, cracks and other surface blemishes will be evident. Replacing the slab may be a possible solution but it is not the most practical one. There are concrete pool deck repair solutions that can be done to restore the deck and make it functional again. If you’re thinking of doing your own concrete pool deck repair, here are some things to keep in mind:

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Signs that Yell “Must Repair!”

There are some concrete issues that can be ignored but there are those that require immediate attention. Looking at the pool deck, there are tell-tale signs that will let you know if repairs are needed or not:

  • A crack is always indicative of damage. There are two kinds of cracks: working and non-working. A working crack is a recurring crack caused by something that happens regularly, like subgrade movement. A non-working crack does not recur and, thus, much easier to repair.
  • Uneven slabs are dangerous as people may trip on the raised concrete. Any sign of shifting would indicate an improperly compacted subgrade underneath.
  • Potholes are not only ugly, they can be uncomfortable to walk on. This is a sign of a weak and brittle top concrete layer.
  • Concrete is a very porous material so it has a high tendency to stain and discolor. While this is not that serious and urgent, it could totally ruin the aesthetics and value of the entire pool area.

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Concrete Pool Deck Crack Repair

Cracks are common on any concrete surface. Wide and deep cracks must be assessed by a pro because it might be a symptom of a deeper, worse issue. For smaller, surface-deep cracks, crack repair methods can effectively correct them.


  1. First, the crack is opened up further, cutting an inverted V space where the filler will go.
  2. It is then cleaned of any dust or debris using a brush. This will make it easier for the filler to adhere to the insides of the crack and stay intact for a long time.
  3. The filler is applied inside the opened crack and way above it to make sure that it does not leave void spots.
  4. Excess filler is scraped off the surface.

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Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing

If it involves several hairlines cracks in one area, which is common on the deck around the corner of a pool, filling each one would be tedious and time-consuming. The best method for repair is to resurface the area with a pool deck coating or overlay. Not only will the cracks be covered, the deck will also acquire improved aesthetics and function. The basic installation process is:


  1. Clean the pool deck surface, wash and scrub off dirt, if necessary.
  2. Prepare the overlay or coating to be used and apply it on the deck, through pouring, spreading, or spraying, whichever is called for.
  3. The new surface can be stained or stamped for decorative purposes.
  4. A layer of concrete sealer is highly recommended to keep anything from penetrating the porous concrete.

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Discolored Pool Deck Refinishing

While stubborn stains and discolored concrete are not necessarily hazardous, it can be very disconcerting having to look at them every time you lounge or swim. These can be caused by a lot of things but the most common is the concrete’s natural tendency to discolor when exposed to water and extreme heat. Food and drinks that spill on the deck can also create stains that are impossible to scrub off.


Resurfacing pool decks is a possible solution since the coating or overlay would be able to cover up the entire surface. If the slab is still structurally sound, refinishing it can make the appeal more pronounced and flawless. Concrete stains are effective in transforming a plain-gray concrete deck into a luxurious-looking lounging area. Here’s a brief look at the concrete staining process:


  1. The current concrete pool deck is cleaned of dirt and debris. Any existing coating or finish must also be removed.
  2. The stain is sprayed on the surface, making sure that no spot is missed.
  3. If using an acid stain, it must be rinsed thoroughly with water. If using a water-based stain, it can be immediately sealed after it has dried.


While doing pool deck repairs DIY style is popular in San Diego nowadays, it is best to have the concrete deck assessed by a professional decorative concrete contractor first. Any serious issues should be handled by pros to make sure that the proper solutions are applied and that any deep issue is addressed.