Dolce at the Highlands Serves Delicious Cuisine, Great Wine and Artisan Cheeses

“There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food.” – Elisha Cuthbert

Dolce at the Highlands

Dolce at the Highlands is a new “farm-to-table seasonal California/Italian” restaurant located within 5 minutes of any home in Pacific Highlands Ranch, a community in Carmel Valley, San Diego. Even though it on everyone’s “favorite” list around our neighborhood, I’m sure people come from all over San Diego to experience the atmosphere and cuisine! My family and I have been going to Dolce Pane & Vino in Rancho Santa Fe (their original restaurant) for the last two years, and we have loved every single visit. That restaurant was about 15 minutes from our home in “The Ranch” but now we are delighted to have this sister restaurant just two minutes from our new home! We stop in for lunch, drinks and dinner often, and each time it is a completely delightful experience! To make a reservation, call (858) 847-2740. Here are three great reasons to head on over to Dolce at the Highlands today:

Dolce at the Highlands Dolce at the Highlands

Perfectly Close Location

Dolce at the Highlands is most definitely the new neighborhood hot spot for Pacific Highlands Ranch community members in my opinion. It is located just off Highway 56 and Carmel Valley Road in the Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch shopping center. This center, which includes Trader Joe’s and Starbucks, is a mixed use retail and lifestyle center that includes some terrific restaurants, Baked Bear (my son’s favorite store) and many cute boutique shops. This plaza also includes Crunch Fitness, which is always packed full of active people getting in a quick workout. The Village is a perfect place to come after work, or on the weekend with the kids, and Dolce at the Highlands is a great spot for a delicious meal. It is always busy with business men and women, casual girls nights out, family parties, and more! This California-Italian restaurant is a favorite place to eat of mine on week day or weekend evenings. It’s just so close to everything. Home, work, even the sea lions in La Jolla, you name it, it’s probably less than 20 minutes away from Dolce! Like I mentioned earlier, if you live in Rancho Santa Fe, you’re probably thinking it’s a bit too far, but always keep in mind that their sister restaurant, Dolce Pane & Vino is located on San Dieguito Road, and it’s as close as the nearest grocery store now a days. Both restaurants are incredible, and if you haven’t been there, I highly recommend trying one (or both) of them next time you’re looking for a place to eat nearby.

Dolce at the Highlands Dolce at the Highlands Dolce at the Highlands

Quick, Delicious Bites

I cannot say enough about the food here at this restaurant! The dinner items such as the pizzas and pastas are to die for. (And moms-they have a kids menu, don’t fret!) My favorite dinner menu item is the House Made Black Pepper Pappardelle pasta. It is made with mascarpone cream, english peas and pea greens, prosciutto, and an egg on top! When you cut the egg open it drizzles down into the pasta dish and creates something out of this world. The dishes “from the sea” as I call them since I don’t eat too much of them, are very fresh and tasty, my fiancé says. The plating is precise and professional each and every time and the starters so good they could be eaten all by themselves! Definitely try the Heirloom Tomato salad, it is my absolute favorite thing on the appetizer menu, and it’s a full meal when paired with the daily soup! The bar menu here at Dolce at the Highlands includes everything you could possibly enjoy, not to mention they have a world-class wine list with over 200 selections, so you can always find a great bottle to pair with your meal. (Even the chicken wings at the bar with a margarita is a good combo, trust me!) All in all, the food here is high quality and the service is wonderful. 

Dolce at the Highlands Dolce at the Highlands Dolce at the Highlands

Dolce Formaggeria

In a rush? Have no fear, “Dolce On The Go” is here! The formaggeria attached to the restaurant is open daily at 11:00am and has housemade pasta sauces, pesto sauces, sandwiches and other specialty food ready to grab and go! Next time you’re thinking of going to the corner store to grab a quick sandwich, head here instead! You won’t regret it. They also have a large selection of Artisan cheeses and imported salamis and prosciutto. The aroma of the formaggeria is delightful and makes you want to come back time after time to every cheese they have!

Dolce at the Highlands

So let’s recap. Dolce at the Highlands is a convenient restaurant that serves delicious food and wine, and also has specialty foods to go! If you’re looking for somewhere to meet a client for a drink or quick lunch, look no further! They are open from 11am until 10pm and the bar is open until midnight. The signature cocktails are fun and fruity and I love the atmosphere of the entire restaurant. The flatbread pizzas are off the charts, and the Heirloom Tomato salad is by far one of my most favorite dishes! Is Dolce already one of your favorite restaurants? What is your favorite menu item?!