An Interview with Ed Cox, CEO of EveryStory

In this interview with Ed Cox, the CEO of everyStory, he describes how the company started, what they do, and how it adds value for users of the everyStory platform.  EveryStory enables photos combined with voice-over from multiple people for collaborative storytelling.


photos with collaborative storytelling
Ed Cox, CEO of everyStory


David Keene, the founder and CTO of everyStory, was a key developer for the Sony PlayStation platform. Before forming everyStory he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Thoughts ran through Dave’s mind. Would his young son remember who he was, what he thought, or even what his voice sounded like? Fortunately, the cancer was caught at stage 2, and Dave was able to get the cancer removed, and he is now in remission. However, this gut wrenching experience gave Dave the inspiration to start everyStory.

photos with collaborative storytelling
David Keene and Ed Cox from everyStory


EveryStory is a collaborative storytelling platform in which multiple people can comment on a photo or series of photos and tell “organic” stories. It is a combination of photos and voice over. Users can listen to each individual who has commented on a single photo, or they can listen to a single person’s story over a series of photos.

Users can sign up for everyStory at no cost, and the first 500 photos and unlimited voice-over are free. There is a small monthly subscription fee for over 500 photos.

EveryStory is a cloud-based platform currently hosted on Amazon Cloud Drive servers on both the East and West Coasts with redundancy. EveryStory is a secure platform whereas many other social media platforms are more open in nature.

Ed feels that everyStory serves a niche between Facebook and text messaging, and that it is as close as you can get to story telling around the Thanksgiving table.

EveryStory is currently using targeted Facebook advertising for customer acquisition. EveryStory uses detailed analytics to target customers. Based on initial research, there is a massive market opportunity and potential widespread appeal for what everyStory is doing. Ultimately Ed feels growth will come from everyStory going viral, but this requires a critical mass of users, which Ed defines as 100,000 users.

The everyStory architecture is very secure and scalable. The intellectual property is protected by a combination of patents that are pending and trade secrets.

I got super excited when hearing Ed’s story and think everyStory could be a very big deal. Check it out! It is nice to see a company that is doing well by doing good! EveryStory is positively impacting people with their social media platform.

You can download everyStory for iOS from the App Store or for Android through Google Play by searching for “everyStory.” You can also sign up on the web at the everyStory site.

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This article originally appeared in The Consulting Masters.