Inspired by the bright colors and sassy designs of her native Brazil, FeelFitWear founder Veronica strives to instill this sense of fun and passion in her active wear line. FeelFitWear fitness clothing is not only functional, it’s also versatile. Online or in select stores, you will find fitness tank, sports bras, athletic jackets, yoga pants, workout crop pants, fitness shorts, and one–piece fitness suits that are designed to make you look and feel great from the inside out. FeelFitWear fabrics do not fade or shrink so if you are looking for fitness clothing that is easy to care for, you will find it here. Veronica says that her mission is to provide high quality fitness clothing that combines attitude and comfort.

FeelFitWear Fitness Clothes
Veronica’s crazy busy life juggling her career, two kids and a husband inspired her to design a clothing line that allows her to get her workout in, and wear the same clothes before the gym to drop her kids off at school or run errands. She loves looking good while doing it all. All of the FeelFitWear active wear is made of cutting edge fabrics that will be gentle to your skin, providing superb comfort with a fashionable look.
FeelFitWear wants you to look fabulous even through the toughest workout. “From the time I wake up, I need to put on workout clothes. I need to work out,” she says. “If I put on workout clothes that means, no excuse for the day. It will happen.” FeelFitWear has taken off in Seattle and now Veronica is starting to build awareness in the San Diego market and it has been a very successful effort so far.

I got to sit down with Veronica at Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla, Ca. where they teach arial yoga classes, along with many other classes and also have delicious food and drinks! Veronica brought all of the new printed and colored FeelFitWear pieces to Trilogy for a photo shoot just days before our interview and Veronica was very happy with the end result. When I asked her about it she lit up and explained about her new products hitting the website very soon.

FeelFitWear Fitness Clothes
She believes every woman is beautiful regardless of shape or size. “We do believe at FeelFitWear that from the time you start to get dressed to go work out, that’s when you should already be motivated and inspired and in a good mindset. When you do have some amazing clothes on, that’s like half way there already! You look good, you feel good, and you just want to get to the gym.” The outstanding high performance fabrics that FeelFitWear is made from will slim up and accentuate womens’ body shape to make every one of them feel even more gorgeous.

She believes you should have a healthy lifestyle, incorporate some sort of workout into it, and if you can do that as you look good?! That’s even better! She believes every woman should feel good in their own body shape, their own skin, and be healthy!

Watch my exclusive interview with Veronica and learn more how FeelFitWear can transform your workout attire and overall attitude.