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San Diego Lifestyle’s Top 300 (Insta-LOVE!)

Over the past few years we have been writing and blogging about all of our favorite San Diego people and places. We now have finally come to our 300th blog story, and for this special story, I wanted to do something exciting. I wanted to introduce you to (or remind you of) my absolute favorite 300 people and places here in San Diego! I have …

True REST Float Spa San Diego Wedding Planning

How You Can Dance to Get Fit For Your Wedding Day

There is nothing more special to a woman than her wedding day. My wedding was August 12th, 2017, and I will never forget that day in Coronado. (Watch the full wedding video here!) My fiancé and I looked around all over San Diego to find the best location for our ceremony, and I spent over a year planning every little detail. It was one of …

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These Customized 8 Minute Elev8d Fitness Workouts Will Kick Your Butt (Into Shape!)

When I first met Brian and Haley from Elev8d Fitness, I thought it was going to be another “get skinny quick” fix they were telling me about. I quickly learned that this was far from that! While it is a website that customizes 8 minute workouts for you, it truly showcases the power of being focused and consistent. (Need some fitness inspiration?! Check out my …

san diego fitness Race Guards Andy V

Race Guards is Making Running Safe for All

Interview with Andy Voggenthaler, the CEO of Race Guards Race Guards was established in 2012 with the mission to provide “In-Race” race aid assistance to race participants from start to finish. Our team of medically trained professionals runs the entire race, in pairs, from start to finish providing support to runners who may be in distress, injured or needing medical attention. Race Guards are the …

San Diego Low Intensity Interval Training

Low Intensity Interval Training: Better Results by Doing Less?

“No pain, no gain,” no more — here’s why the bright future of fitness will be smarter, more effective, and far less demanding than you think.  Irony alert: The things you think you need to do in order to be fit are actually making it harder for you to achieve fitness. The modern view of fitness, simply put, is that you have to suffer in …

Skinny Confidential San Diego

5 Consistent (& Classic) Ways to Win at Life in 2018: Video Chat with Lauryn, Creator of The Skinny Confidential

I recently had the opportunity to video chat with Lauryn, creator of  The Skinny Confidential ( about her brand, style and life here in San Diego. I learned so much about business, not letting others get to you, and I even learned a bit about Michael, Lauryn’s husband! Watch the full video interview to learn about Lauryn’s entrepreneurial business and blog turned podcast turned fitness …

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