Shopping in Del Mar with Easy Parking and Quite the Variety at Flower Hill Promenade

“I could give up shopping. But I am NOT a quitter!” -Anonymous

Flower Hill Promenade Del Mar

The Flower Hill Promenade in Del Mar, California offers a wonderful duo of shopping and great eateries. It is a small shopping center right off the I-5 freeway and has entertainment as well as a variety of boutiques. There are always fun activities to partake in like ping pong and there’s also a small playground for kids to enjoy. Here is a full list of all the stores at Flower Hill Promenade. I love all of the stores, but I certainly have recommendations for the top 5 places I visit most.

Flower Hill Promenade Del Mar

1. CorePower Yoga. CorePower offers beginner and advanced yoga classes, hot yoga, and sculpt yoga; I love them all! You can also purchase a variety of yoga clothing here. When I attended my first Sculpt class at CorePower I was pleasantly surprised how well it toned my body and pushed my mental limits. Everything taught in this studio is easily transferrable to real world situations and I find peace and serenity easy to connect to there. It is my favorite place in Flower Hill by far and if you haven’t tried yoga at CorePower, they offer a week free for new students!

2. Cafe Cantata. After a yoga class I head right next door to cure my hunger pains at Cafe Cantata. There are always happy people inside sipping hot tea or snacking on a muffin or sandwich. My favorite thing to eat there is the chocolate chip muffins, but the chef doesn’t always make them. This makes is even better when they do have them because I am so pleasantly surprised. There is also a Starbucks at Flower Hill, and if you’re in a hurry download the app, and you can order right on your phone and stop in the 15-minute parking spots to pick up your drink! If you’re not in a hurry, you can go to Miltons and order from their pastry collection or off their deli menu. If you’re just getting groceries to make dinner at home, you can get in and out of Whole Foods in the promenade pretty quick.

Flower Hill Promenade Del Mar

3. Geppettos. This is the best known toy store around! Need help picking out the perfect gift for your grandson or granddaughter? Geppettos is the place! They have interactive toys and games that are fun for all ages. Even I get excited about going in this store, and if I am not careful I will end up at the counter with a few items ready to be built and then explode or melt or turn colors, just for me. My son loves getting his friends toys from there on their birthdays, and if you are heading straight to the party, staff will wrap the presents up right there! How convenient?!

4. Sun Diego. For teen fashion styles and clothing, check out Sun Diego. They have nine store locations in San Diego, but this Flower Hill location is one of their best! Their attention to detail along with their incredible customer service makes them a well sought after shop. There are a few other boutiques at Flower Hill that sell interior design projects and products, athletic gear, formal evening wear and more! Patrick James is a men’s clothing store and Van de Vort has mainly bohemian clothes and outfits to feel comfortable.

5. Cucina Enoteca. This is one of my fiancé’s top 10 favorite places to eat dinner. They have a lot of different delicious menu options, and have community tables in the front so you can eat while you meet new people. It is a modern American restaurant with hints of Italian recipes, and I must say, the Pappardelle pasta is mouth-watering! Other great restaurants at Flower Hill are Burger LoungeChipotle, and Sea and Smoke. Oh and don’t forget to stop by Yogurt-land for dessert! Everyone loves ice cream!

Flower Hill Promenade Del Mar

If you’re in the Del Mar area and want to focus on your fitness, diet or just sip some tea, come down to the Flower Hill Promenade and see for yourself why it has such a wonderful atmosphere. Have you been to Flower Hill already? What is your favorite stop and what isn’t on the list that should be? Thanks so much for your input!


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