Helping Business Professionals in San Diego Play Their Best Round of Golf Using Trackman Technology

“As a Former Touring Professional, I know how challenging golf can be playing for a living.  I am happy to offer my clients a coaching experience that will lead to more self-confidence, improved Golf IQ, lowering anxiety on the course and providing many ways to get the ball in the hole in the least amount of shots.  I share with each of my clients that their best golf is right ahead of them.  Now, we must commit to getting better, embrace the wave of awesome technology and enjoy the journey to better golf..” -Geoff Goldstein

What is Trackman?

Trackman. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It is the newest cutting edge technology taking over the game of golf, and now you can find Trackman wherever Geoff Goldstein is. (Watch the video above to get a feel for how it works.) Geoff Goldstein is a luxury golf coach in San Diego who turned pro in 1996. He has competed in PGA Tour Qualifying and U.S. Open qualifiers, four times reaching the U.S. Open Sectionals. Geoff holds course records at seven courses, including 60 at Eastlake CC and 59 at Salt Creek GC both in Chula Vista, Ca.

Geoff Goldstein Golf San Diego

How Does it Work?

Geoff currently coaches C Level executives, entrepreneurs and business professionals here in San Diego and also hosts traveling getaways to Reno, Nevada. You can easily see how Geoff’s coaching style is different by watching some of the testimonial videos on his website. His biggest advantage however, is the use of Trackman 4 technology integrated into his lessons. This technology allows him, within 90 seconds, to calibrate the software with a target in front of the ball. After it is synced, Trackman captures tons of information as the player swings the club and hits the ball. Geoff can break down every single swing into many different aspects, and truly enhance your skill level faster than ever before. From club speed, to spin, to “smash factor” and more, this technology (that is about as big as a laptop), can diagnose it all.

Geoff Goldstein Golf San Diego

How Can I Get Involved?

Geoff gives lessons at Barona Creek Golf Club and also travels to a few other clubs to give instruction from time to time. You can visit his website to get in contact with him and book a lesson time. He offers packaging on pricing so be sure to take advantage of that. If you are a serious golfer looking to improve your game, a session with Geoff and Trackman will surely get you fired up!  Barona also has a casino and hotel, so you can come visit Geoff and stay the weekend to practice your game outside of your Trackman sessions.

Geoff Goldstein Golf San Diego

Business professionals from all over San Diego county travel to Barona frequently in search of Geoff’s instruction and new Trackman 4 technology. His passion for the game of golf is unparalleled and his knowledge is enough to make any golfer seek his valuable coaching time. Have you played golf at Barona Creek Golf Club? Let us know how your experience has been! If you’re looking to tryout Geoff’s Trackman 4 technology, learn more and contact him via