There are Options to Fix Your Gummy Smile

When you ask people to name the first thing they notice about another person, they most likely will say their smile. It is true that a lovely smile is the best part of your look that you can wear every day. In 2016, Americans spent close to $1.4 billion on products sold over-the-counter to whiten the teeth.

Next to hair care, maintenance and proper care of an individual’s smile are the top money makers in cosmetic and medical procedures today. With a new generation comes a fixation of having the perfect smile with pearly white teeth.

Just take a look at the hottest celebrity list, and you will notice as their Hollywood status grows, so does their expenses to maintain the appearance that helped them become famous. On the way up the ladder of fame and fortune, it is not uncommon to see a new and improved smile appear in their transition.

Other than straighter, whiter teeth, another issue people complain about it the appearance they have when they smile due to their top gums revealing too much in their smile. In the medical world, this is called having a “gummy smile.”

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What is a Gummy Smile?

The term “gummy smile” has only lately entered the dental world as a means of describing the condition where the patient has a larger amount of gums visible when they smile or open their mouth.

Gummy smiles appear, well, overly-gummy, when the teeth, gums, and upper jaw are not flowing in harmony with one another. The top lip position plays a role in this conditions as well. The combination of the following attributes to gummy smiles:

  • The shape and size of the teeth
  • The gum tissue amount on display
  • The degree of movement and length of the upper lip
  • Positioning of the teeth and upper jaw with the skull

Those who suffer from this condition could have the prettiest teeth in the world, but with the overexposure of the gums, no one rarely notices them.


A gummy smile is when the ratio of gums exposed versus teeth is higher. If when you look in the mirror and smile you see a larger amount of the top gums than you do your teeth, you have a “gummy smile.”

An aesthetically “correct” smile is when no more than one to two millimeter of gums show when the teeth become exposed. Of course, as they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

What matters most is how the person views themselves when they look in the mirror. If you are self-conscience because when you look at yourself, you see more pink than white in your smile, you may want to consider seeking a solution.

What Causes abnormal visible gums?

The esthetic zone, also known as the smile line –the teeth that show when you smile is due to several factors, these are:

  • The Abnormal Development of Teeth: Teeth hidden under excessive amounts of gums may appear to be too short when the teeth are the correct length; they just seem short due to the amount of tissue that overlaps the actual tooth.
  • Overactive Upper Lip: When the muscle that controls movements of the upper lip is overactive, this can cause the lip to rise higher than it would normally. When this happens, more of the gums will be exposed when you laugh or smile.
  • Upper Jaw Misalignment: If the bone in the upper jaw grew and developed incorrectly, this could cause a gummy smile. Protrusions in the gum tissue can be reasons of a gummy smile.
  • Grinding or Clenching Teeth: Most people are aware that grinding and clenching their teeth can cause damage. However, what they may not know is by doing so, this also can lead to a gummy smile down the road.
  • Excessive Tooth Wear: Wearing down your teeth can cause the gum-to-tooth ratio to shift. The teeth move but so do the gums with the loss of bone structure, making them protrude and take over your smile.

Is Botox an Option for Gummy Smiles?

You probably already know that Botox is a successful treatment plan for many different cosmetic and medical purposes. Botox injections are safe, efficient, and effective for everything from wrinkles in the forehead to ridding migraine headaches.

So, what does this have to do with restorative dental procedures and gummy smiles? Well, would it surprise you to know that Botox is one the leading methods used in correcting a gummy smile?

Botox injections are an effective treatment for people hoping to diminish the appearance of their gummy smile.

The procedure is easy and quick and often referred to as the “gummy smiles reduction technique”– where Botox injections are given in the upper lip, limiting the gum tissue seen when the person smiles.

If you are interested in learning about Botox injections for correcting your gummy smile in San Diego, consider contacting Dr. Alex Roher at San Diego Botox.

Common Questions About your Gummy Smile

How do I know if I am a candidate for Botox if I have a “Gummy Smile”?

If when you smile you see more gums than you do teeth, you are probably an excellent candidate for Botox injections into the gums.  A quick consultation will make this determination!

Who should I trust to do my Botox injections for my Gummy Smile?

The most important thing is that the person doing your Botox injections is a trained professional that specializes in Botox injections. With there being many nerves around and in the mouth, it is critical that you choose a professional with great online reviews.

Is Botox permanent?

Just like with other treatments Botox is used for, the results are not permanent. Botox is a temporary procedure that freezes the muscles that are responsible for lifting your lips when you smile.  The results can last up to six months.

In Closing

Having a gummy smile is not the end of the world, but some people are self-conscious and are hesitant to smile. Now you know, there is an option to fix this issue!

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