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The National Association of Realtors just published survey results showing the top six home buyer concerns this year. Homeservices Lending and our Berkshire Hathaway affiliate loan officer Michael Campos and I will help you alleviate all of these headaches. This week’s concern is, ‘I need to sell a home first.’

Worried about this? Let the INDRA Group help!

Talking to a good loan officer is the first step. We have great officers here at Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Lending that can seamlessly lead you through the sale or purchase of a home from beginning to end. If you need the cash from the sale of your home to go toward the purchase of your new home, you may need to sell first. Many times the selling process can be very quick, and some homes never even make it to the market before they are sold! Based on desirability, location and price, your home could be one that a buyer that I have been working with is looking for! You could have your home sold within 30 days and be ready to finance your new home right away! 

If you have plenty of income or cash in the bank, you may qualify to own two homes at once. A good Realtor can help you determine the real value of your home, and a loan officer can help you determine the equity in that home. You can then see the full picture and begin to create a plan to get moved into your new home. There are several options available and each depends on your personal situation. 

The INDRA Group can assist you with looking at properties for sale, and we can help you write an offer on a home you love, all while listing your current home for sale. We can also talk about renting your home out for a few months while you get situated in your new place, or even transforming it into a rental investment home. 

Watch the video clip to hear more about how we can help you if you need to sell a home first in order to buy another home. Hope you enjoy!