Newpark Town Center, Redstone, and Tanger Outlet Make Up One Great Area in Park City

“I enjoyed my time in Utah. It was a different area to what I was used to. The people there were very nice and it was a great organization and city. I have only good things to say about Utah.” -John Starks

Kimball Junction Park City Utah

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There is an area tucked away from the busy Main Street in Park City, Utah. This magical area, just minutes from Park City Mountain, (where they have the best ski school for kids, read all about it here) is called Kimball Junction, and is well-known spot for locals and visitors to have some fun and grab lunch, dinner or drinks with friends or family! Kimball Junction is comprised of three mini areas, Newpark Town Center, Redstone, and Tanger Outlet area. All within a minute or two of each other, these three areas make up one unique Park City experience. Here are our top 10 places to visit within Kimball Junction:

1. Newpark Town Center is one area of Kimball Junction that offers a lot to do, see and taste, including Maxwell’s. Maxwell’s is a pizzeria that also serves pasta, sandwiches and other delicious meal items. Maxwell’s includes a full bar and is one of Kimball Junction’s most popular restaurants. Their chocolate chip/peanut butter pizza-cookie that is offered for dessert is delicious and HUGE, so make sure not to order more than one unless you have a ton of people with you. Our family has seven people, and this one dessert fed us all!

Cafe Rio Park City

2. Cafe Rio is just a few doors down from Maxwell’s. (Check out this interactive map of nearby businesses.) Cafe Rio provides the most delicious Mexican food I have ever had anywhere! This restaurant prides itself on fresh, delicious ingredients, and I support them 100%! They make their tortillas right there in the restaurant, and heat them up on a Comal, (or what they describe as a “magic tortilla spinner”) before serving them to you. The Barbacoa Pork I suspect is the most popular meat on the menu, as I always here people talking about it, and I order it every time myself.

3. Jupiter Bowl is a bowling alley in Newpark Town Center that provides families with hours of entertainment and fun! We love to go to Jupiter Bowl and have some snack foods while we enjoy quality time together. Prices are very reasonable here, and there is rarely a wait for lanes, so no need to call ahead.

Kimball Junction Park City Utah

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4. Redstone is a business and shopping complex in Kimball Junction that has unique personality and vivacity. Check out all it has to offer here and make sure to plan some time in your day to shop around many of these local boutiques and eateries.

5. Redstone 8 is a cinema located in Redstone that’s always alive with the most recent feature films. Grab your family and head to a movie here after eating next door at RedRock Brewing Company.

6. RedRock Brewing, next to Cold Stone Creamery and Redstone Cinema, offers sliders, wings, pizza, sandwiches and more! They also have craft beer, which is gaining more and more popularity in Park City!

Kimball Junction Park City

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7. If you’re renting a vacation house in Park City, you’ll most likely need to go grocery shopping. This is made easy in Kimball Junction as there is a Smiths and Whole Foods! Both are located close to each other so you’re sure to be able to get everything you need to make delicious meals at your home away from home!

8. Kimball Junction also includes a Jimmy Johns which is a quick and easy sandwich shop. They have locations all over the U.S., but their sandwiches are made fast, and they are extremely fresh and delicious. Grab something from there quick on your way to ski the mountains all day!

Loco Lizard Cantina Park City

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9. Loco Lizard Cantina offers Mexican food in more of an official, sit-down setting than Cafe Rio! If you’re looking for somewhere to have lunch before or after shopping at the Tanger Outlet Mall in Kimball Junction, consider this great restaurant that’s just across the road.

10. The Tanger Outlet Mall, is about 2 minutes from Newpark Boulevard (where Maxwell’s and Cafe Rio is) and offers wonderful shopping. With stores such as J. Crew, Coach, Rue 21, Talbots, Volcom and more, you’re sure to find a store that suits your shopping needs. See the full store directory here.

Park City Mountain Resort

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There are so many great places in Kimball Junction, I have just scratched the surface in this article, but I wanted you to get a good feel of what is available in Park City, outside of the typical Main Street experience. If you’re skiing at Park City Mountain or just looking for a new adventure in town, you may want to stop in the Kimball Junction area to have a bite to eat or enjoy some time with friends and family. Have you been to Kimball Junction? Where is your favorite place to go? Let us know!